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Blizzard has fallen. IT magnifier]

[Diablo Moon Young -soo] Blizzard is attracting the attention of game fans by releasing a number of game lineups at the same time. Thanks to such a step, it is also interesting to see if the recent slowdown has rebounded.

According to the game industry on the 2nd, Blizzard is scheduled to showcase or launch new works using major intellectual property rights (IP) such as Diablo, Warcraft, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. All IP -based works, except for StarCraft, are about to be released.

First of all, Blizzard will release the first mobile game developed using the Warcraft worldview at 2 am on May 4th. Through the announcement, the company will showcase a new Warcraft -based game that allows the company to play on mobile devices from the development stage. In the foreign press, the game is similar to the strategic game ‘Clash of Clan’, which is interested in the facts.

Evolution of Blizzard Games 1991-2018
The next expansion pack of World of Warcraft (WOW), a signboard MMORPG, has recently been unveiled. Blizzard unveiled ‘WOW: Yonggundan’ on the 20th and ‘WOW: Rich King’s Rage Classic’. The Yonggun Corps set up a new adventure with dragons who played a major role in the WOW worldview. The Rich Wang’s anger classic, which was foreseen within the year, is a version where you can experience the anger of the expansion Pack Lich, which led the WOW attraction.

The new work was also disclosed to the genealogy of Diablo franchise. Blizzard launched the remastered version of ‘Diablo 2 Leisure’ last year, and this year, ‘Diablo Immortal’ will be launched in the global market, including Korea on June 3rd. Diablo Immortal, set in the background between Diablo 3 and Diablo 2, has been trimmed over the years and has now succeeded in diluting the disappointment of the first release. It also supported cross play through the PC version, and the news was delivered.

Overwatch’s sequel to Overwatch 2 also started PVP beta tests on the 27th of last month. This allows you to experience the PVP content of Overwatch 2, which is still unpaid. 33 heroes are provided and you can experience various contents that are different from their previous works. Overwatch is a game that has been hit by a unique character and skill, away from the existing monotonous FPS (first -person shooting) game.

It is also interesting to see if Blizzard, which foretells a multiple new work at the same time, will be able to rebound. According to the earnings announcement released by Activity Blizzard on the 25th of last month, Blizzard plunged 43% year -on -year to $ 274 million in the first quarter of this year.

During the same period, MAU (monthly activation user) fell to 22 million, down 19% from the previous year. This is also the lowest since the second quarter of 2016, when the Activity Blizzard began to release the indicators. Activity Blizzard cited Blizzard’s earnings and cited the product cycle of Warcraft Franchise, the core lineup.

The company is looking forward to the Warcraft IP -based mobile game and Diablo Immortal, which is about to be released next month. In particular, Diablo Immortal has secured more than 30 million global pre -bookers and has a successful expectation.

[Interview] 2022 is the era of priests? The Sea of Has Stone Hydra, which developers speak

Has Stone has been launching an expansion pack, centering on the normal power every year since Kraken in 2016. “Ancient God’s whispers” in the first or vertebrate “Ancient God’s whispers” expansion packs or “a summer night Carlacer”, “In a summer night, each card pack, each card pack is an individual charm, and a scenario that is a skeleton like the year of 2019 for 2019. There was a card pack release along the line.

The year of Griffin in 2021 goes and the newly announced normal power in 2022 is the “Sea of Hydra”. I was interested in changing the core cards and major content changes to a new card in a new expansion pack, which is a new expansion pack, which is interested in changing key cards and major content changes.

In the context of a massive balance and meta change, in the confirmed situation, what would have prepared a new normal power? In addition, what is the content to be shown through the normal power this year? Hauston General Director Nathan Lyons-Smith, Executive Director (Nathan Lyons-Smith, Executive Director), Financial Designer Video Interview with Edward Goodwin, Associate Game Designer, Final Designer, I brought a chance to share.

Q. The new normal power is the solution of Hydra. Usually, the symbol of the normal power is a lot of implied themes of the appropriate year, is there special meaning?

If Hydra’s sun is the biggest sense that was selected as a normal power this year, it seems to be related to the first expansion pack. The navigation expansion pack to the sinking city will show a very large sewer, such as the number. It is anticipated that the new expansion pack can meet a wonderful sewage of Hydra’s spirit.

Q. What is the biggest change in the player in Hydra’s year?

Once it focuses on the form of Daejeon. The main goal in the Daejeon mode this year is to play a field-oriented game play. The three expansion packs to be presented in the future are also focusing on this part.

There are many new mechanisms such as throughout the navigation to the navigation to the sinking city, which is ahead of the release, and there are many things we are preparing. It is not possible to disclose all of this place, but in the next few months, these cards and mechanisms are played, and I am interested in how to enjoy it.

This flow is expected to be fun and a fairly fierce fight centered on the field.

Q. If you have an improvement in the ability to improve the features and client performance, but have a recent achievement, random hero skin, and improvements in addition to random hero skin, and reporting functions?

This week revealed the relevant video, but the biggest change is the change in the UI. In particular, it has been conveniently convenient to separately collect achievements by signing a recent company separately and collecting achievements more easily. There are a lot of preparations in addition to this, but it is still early on the public. You will be able to expect a variety of improvements overall this year.

Q. There was a unique theme of events or one adventure content for each phase, and what can I meet in the year of Hydra?

While we are not preparing as much as the previous one, the events of the same level as the grave of fear will be fully expected. In addition, this year’s special event is preparing a variety of special events and other expansion packs can enjoy this content.

Q. The reporting system is scheduled to be applied, but it seems to be virtually a bot (Bot) report. What are the items or processing types that are reported else?

As a game of Blizzard, a lot of benefits is the system. can take advantage of customer service organization’s public technologies, which can be supported related to reporting. Detailed technology forms are hard to be mentioned, but they are also able to report chat through reporting, but will be able to report forward for players that give or aggressive speaking.

You will be glad to introduce these reporting, and you will be able to enjoy a better game environment through reporting if you are discovered, and discovering inappropriate behavior.

Q. Looking at the new core cards, most of them are composed of original or each expansion’s favorite card. The core set will be updated more appropriate to a particular goal, and what is the key set with any direction?

When the development team discusses a key set, it will be greatly on the three goals. The first goal is to enable new inflows or returners to be easy and enjoyable Hasstone experience in addition to the player who enjoys the existing Hasst1. Even if you start with a deck, you can organize a powerful deck via a key set, and you can easily learn the Hasstone and easy to learn. A legendary sewage for a job is added, which is the case for a keywreck that was incorporated into the core set, but it was adjusted to 9 mana, but it is a compliance with the keywords that are discovered.

The second goal is that the core set design should be consistent with a particular arch type. In the past, but in the future, when you configure a key set, you will try to configure the card for each arch type. In the case of a specific form of play, such a core card, such a core card has been configured to support related arches.

Finally, Has Stone has a goal that allows you to make it pleasure enough. If you play Hauston, you have a specific experience that you have to enjoy when you play this, so you can save these things.

There is a priest, a priest, a brilliant play, a brilliant play, such as a priest, and a festival, and this experience is a continuous play motive. If a warrior is a pleasure to override the enemies that were damaged in a finishing strike, it is an expression that turned to one mana again that it was nuffed with two Mana to save this experience. Through this change, warriors become more enjoyable game experience.

Q. Among the added cards, the card that delays the turn to the latter half of the game through the wall deck or field control (the destruction of the preheat, the madness of the madness of the madness, etc.) is noticed. Field Fight and Long Turn Play Meta?

As this year, the precinctors this year, as they answered in the previous question, focus on the field fighting, and it will be a theme that the normal power penetrates.

Nevertheless, however, certain deck styles do not want to keep advantage. I do not want an aggro deck or control combo to be excessively powerful, and I hope that all Has player can enjoy according to your own style. The fireworks of the destruction of the prehistor or madness will also act as one tool for these plays.

As the specific deck shows the strength, we look forward to the direction of trying to attempt to deck as each style.

Q. As a key card, explorer federation heroes come back, and Pinley also emerged as a new card with a navigation to a sinking city. Does other heroes appear different in the next craftsmanship?

It seems to be difficult to do the spoiler of the expansion pack to be released in the future. (Laughter) In addition to the player, it is true that the development team has a big affection for the explorer federation.

Finley, which appears in this expansion pack, will be able to have a quite interesting experience, and if you have a chance, you will notice that other explorer federations will be presented.

** Q. The core set card of the priest is full of really useful things. Is it a compensation for the card of the existing Miracle priest, such as the Nazmani Blooming, Sedeck,

The goal of penetrating when designing a key set was falling well with the priesthood. The core card of the priest thinks that this occupation is well configured well with the archetype of the job. Especially, you will be able to enjoy a deck that utilizes the dramatic via this core set.

It is difficult to use this priesthood archipelago how to use the best performance, but it is difficult to say that secret, but in the new expansion pack, it is also effective to link to the new expansion pack and link to 1 mana orders. I can say that it is just a good time to make a joyful experience overall of Hydra.

Q. Reno Jackson returned, but can I see the highlander-related support card later?

It is unfortunate, but it would be difficult to make a spoiler about the content. As a developer and player who makes Hasston directly, affection for highlander cards such as Reno Jackson or Great Zephers, is not only players, but also in the development team. Rather, it will be strange if these cards do not emerge.

I think that this loved highlander mechanism will continue to meet in the future.

Beware of 3 Attacks in 2022 | Perry Stone

Q. Finally, let’s comment on Korean fans?

[Edward] Thank you for playing Has St1. I am looking forward to having a pleasant experience in the new expansion pack, and I wish to play with the draw and play of those who participate in the Asian Games National Certification.

[Nathan] I also wish the play of players participating in Asian games. I hope that all players who play Hasston will be able to meet all of the city confessions. I hope you have a new card, a core set.

US Megatalent Kristian Fletcher plays at BVB

Kristian Fletcher is considered one of the largest US football talents. For some time, the 17-year-old midstorm stands on the piece of Borussia Dortmund, now he was even allowed to play at BVB.

According to information from the “Ruhr news”, Fletcher played at the 4: 2 test match win of the U19 of the BVB against the SC Paderborn on Friday evening. The megataler knew promptly to convince and contributed a hit.

But a fixed obligation is currently still difficult. Since Fletcher, according to the report, has only one US pasFletcher played, the BVB may take the attacker, which is currently trained in the Academy of Bethesda-Olney Sc, if he is 18 years old. Fletcher will only become grandy on January 1, 2023.

Have a look around at our Youth Performance Center!
Already in December of the past year, the journalist Keith Costigran from “Fox Fletcher playeds” brought Fletcher with a change to Dortmund.

Previously, however, the US football expert had spread, the jewel strut a change to the German record champion FC Bayern Munich. A few hours later, Costigan corrected. Fletcher has already completed a trial training at the U19 by Manchester United.

Kristian Fletcher chosen the best college player

Fletcher showed outstanding achievements last year. In 17 games he achieved 26 results and prepared nine more goals. From the “Washington Post” he was chosen to the college player of the year.

With talents from the US, Borussia Dortmund has gained the best experiences in the past. Christian Pulisic, who came to the Revierklub in 2015 by PA Classics, was sold four years later for 64 million euros to the FC Chelsea. Giovanni Reyna moved from the NYCFC Academy to BVB in 2019 and is now an integral part of the profite team.

We played Elden Ring and here we think

We've Entered Hogwarts... MAX PLAYS: Elden Ring Full Playthru - Part 7

Elden Ring is already one of the candidates for the game of the year despite it just comes out. In our test, you are explained why we appreciate this game from Software. Elden Ring is a good way to learn how to handle our anger because he teaches us not to get angry when we dies abusively. \ + The visual appearance \ + Controls \ + The world that stands before us \ + Very diversified bestiary \ + Service life \ + Experience in general \ – some bugs \ – Multiplayer mode

MACE is now available in multiplayer in Modern Warfare

The list of operators to play as in the modern “multiplayer mode has become bigger with the addition of MACE, a brand new operator whose players can take control in their quest for victory.

MACE has been added to the game via an update as part of the second multiplayer season that was launched on February 11, joining the long list of playable agents. Agents are the characters that players can choose to play as during the games. The choice of different operators does not give players of the benefits or unique skills; All operators are the same, it’s just a cosmetic decision for the game. Mace had been announced as part of the new season when he started, but did not receive an exit date.

There are two factions that each team is part of every game, and each agent belongs to a certain faction, allegiance or coalition. During multiplayer games, these two factions compete, for the game Spec OS mode, they will team up as part of the Global Taskforce Armistice.

In honor of MACE live in the game, Activision gave us all a list of allegiance agents to refresh our memories about each character and stories, as well as the way you can unlock each. Some can be unlocked by performing campaign missions, some can be unlocked by performing some multiplayer actions, and some, like MACE, must be purchased in the game shop as part of a set.

With Mace, Infinity Ward added the favorite fans character, Ghost, to the game Ghost was a character of modern 2_ in 2009. While the character has experienced a premature disappearance at the end of this game, his recognizable skull mask., as well as sharing the voice actor of another favorite fans character, gas, have made Ghost an immediate star in the distribution of the game..

The update notes for the entire update can be found on the official Infinity Ward website.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Mace multiplayer profile

UserRe modern is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Accident with bus: Bernal suffers Thoraxtrauma and breaks

Vernal has suffered a thigh and pile glass and a thoracic trauma during a training accident. Vernal has already been operated after the delivery into a clinic as a result of a collision with a bus.

The procedure was successful, Vernal should remain 72 hours in the intensive care unit. The nearby Bogotá university clinic La Sabina shared. You have immediately started with the rehabilitation process.

Columbia President Tuque, Cacao and Co. press Thumbs

Many athletes like the Colombian cyclist Near Quinton and footballer Rafael Cacao expressed their sympathy in social networks. Also, Colombia’s President Iván Duque wanted Vernal Via Twitter a speedy recovery. Vernal has been a national hero at the latest since his tour victory 2019 in Colombia.

Vernal’s British Ineos-Grenadiers team had still referred to the state of his star after admission to the hospital as stable. In the corresponding message, the blessings of the Giro d’Italia winner were designated only as space and cut wounds.

Further information on the accident in the Gachancipa, which was about 30 km from the capital Bogotá, Ines Grenadiers had not yet mentioned in his communication. According to the local transport authorities, however, the tour winner bounced on a bus from 2019 as the vehicle stopped at a stop.

In social networks circulated photos of the accident site. On the pictures Vernal is lying on the ground and surrounded by his teammates as well as a bump in the tail of the bus.

Vernal recently prepared with parts of his team in his homeland on the upcoming season. Just a few days ago, the South Americans and his colleagues were just under a misfortune during a training ride, when a vehicle apparently absorbed out of control was tailored to the driver’s powder and the group had to escape with difficulty.


Vernal return is still completely open

The crash at the beginning of the week raises Vernal in the objective for the upcoming competitions. When he can sit again in the racing saddle, is initially open. Vernal had announced great goals at the beginning of the year. He wool to return to the tour, he said after the extension of his contract with Ines Grenadiers by 2026.

Vernal was in 2020 a year after his surprise success for the recently last time at the France tour. However, because of a back injury, he had to give up prematurely and thus buried his hopes for successful title defense. Last year, Vernal renounced a start at the Grand Bouclé, instead started at the Giro d’Italia – and won this for the first time.

His focus wanted to go back to the big loop until his accident. I signed for the best years of my life, said Vernal in the announcement of further cooperation with his team. Of the three major tours in Italy, France and Spain, Delta (start on 19 August) will take place in the latest in the year.

[Reporter Notebook] Two people are required

It is plainly showing that the game is incredible, pleasant, revitalizing and also fun, not alone, but it was clear sufficient to be funny and outstanding, as well as that it could be amusing. It is a game that gives a well-made, as well as an excellent experience that does not do not have the title of Got.

Although the New Year was currently bright in 2022, it was not far too late because it was just 7 days. Nonetheless, there is one, not one, no. Allow’s ensure that ‘somebody’ familiar with the game pad, and the someone that does not respect each other,

▲ Cheerful Take with deal with coworkers
Soon after completion of the year, the game came to the game that is common, or if it involved the game, sometimes people, and my more youthful brother, who had only a world, and also a mobile game. This Mugel more youthful was so swelling with the game, Biohazard, Biohazard, and Biohazard, which he had actually seen, however it was the finest game that is the most effective game that is the most effective of this year, but it has actually been forced to take the trend.

Inside Pakistan: A Reporter's Notebook
If you play, mostly alone, in the home, in the house, the picture of a leisure activity that takes pleasure in sitting in front of your computer system or TV is hardened.

Whether you are raid, or when you fire a weapon, or when you fight, on the internet games are definitely not played with others in the game.

As well as the initial day with a cell phone, a TFT, and for a while, the sister that yelled a little while, and he activated the Xbox prior to me, and keep the controller, ordered his eyes. And also up until the last day I saw the ending, I spoke with her sibling and a great deal of (games) and laughed (eliminated) and also laughed.

I can refrain from doing anything alone, but if the program of two individuals will live, the ideal result will be derived. It’s an easy cooperation with the Take. Duty, target, and also process need to be both two individuals.

However, uncertain is ambiguous. I am worked together with a joint goal and delighting in the game, yet every little thing needed in the procedure ought to continue with people.

The advantage of the game that you can do alone, and the disadvantages were completely struck. Obvious, it is a game that is worth that even if you obtain a close friend, or even if you get a good friend, you can simply obtain a game friend.

I was the very first to concentrate on my brother as well as one theme. In order to return to the initial body, to go back to Rose to the Rose, I will support up with a bird without a bird, as well as in some cases I blame each various other, and occasionally it is stunned by the ending debts were going up.

And also this Sol pic element is stronger if you go to the package game. There are several games that give neighborhood plays or online plays, however many of them are in the concept of added choices. It is not a game that I can not play alone, and also the game is not funny. It is a percentage of the game that is not a mandatory material that is not a required component.

Furthermore, it is not alone, yet a normal gamer has a significant barrier, so it is tough to enter any type of game, but it leads any game, and also numerous work of arts games this year are in advance of the release, however if you have time, What regarding? There are a great deals of games that you can do, however the games that you can make with both individuals will certainly make a function together. If you have a blank, you are much better, the game is much better.

It is not a game that I can not play alone, and also the game is not amusing. Evident, it is a game that is worth that even if you obtain a friend, or even if you get a good friend, you can just obtain a game companion. It is not alone, but a typical player has a significant obstacle, so it is hard to go into any kind of game, yet it is ahead of any game, as well as lots of work of arts games this year are in advance of the launch, yet if you have time, What concerning? There are a lot of games that you can do, however the games that you can make with the two individuals will certainly make a role with each other.

The game has actually understood the assumption of ‘Sol pup’ leisure activity. It is not a wrong word, yet it is also outstanding that it is an ideal word. Whether you are raid, or when you shoot a weapon, or when you battle, online games are certainly not played with others in the game.

It is real that acknowledgment is changing, however if you are not an individual who is still alone, it is true that when you play a game, you will see a parent’s notification, a fan’s notification, and a partner’s notification. Lately, the game is close to the leisure activity that the game is to play safely after doing another thing to see about how to make it through with the gamest of the wedded gamers composed by the players.

And also the younger brother tosses a word that was finally hall. A word better.

Even though there are numerous strike teams under the goal of dealing with boss monsters, their roles and also goals are various. It is loaded as a group for success, each kill/ doses ought to be managed. Clearly, I assume the play itself is alone.

And also the very same relates to the start. To play your pals that will certainly be together locally, you have to discover one of the others, or anything else, or anything else. The majority of participating games are now much longer than to sustain solo plays in some way.

Actually, it was an excellent one, but it was a brother that had a great deal of generations that can not go beyond a great deal of age. Yet the Take took the wall surfaces so normally, I remembered it. I was able to feel the play of the game. When using the voice program with each other to make use of the voice program to roll or people, it was an extremely different genuine communication with.

As opposed to leading the cooperation of two individuals via challenging procedures as well as issues, the Take made the activity and also actions as it streams. The magnet’s N poles and S play each, or when one of them shoots a sap, it was equally equivalent to the equivalent position of the all-natural season, such as the light, as well as the 2 is equal to the comparable setting, yet it was caused.

It is unique. There is certainly reason that it is one of the most effective games last year without covering the plain and public. The work as well as enjoyable, certainly, and I took the search phrases called ‘together’.

Let s Challenge English Test in this year s game news English pickled in the game 85

Alaina Lady Dimitrescu (Japanese: オルチーナ ・ ドミトレスク in Japanese) is a personality in the 2021 survival scary game Resident Evil Village, developed and also released by Cap com. One of the significant hostile numbers of Village, she is offered as a massive noblewoman with vampire-like traits that stays with her 3 little girls in Castle Dimitrescu, her fortress within the location of the titular Eastern European town encountered by protagonist Ethan Winters. Dimitrescu controls the town alongside three mutant lords under the oversight of a superior leader understood as Mother Miranda.
Complying with initial sneak peeks of Village, Girl Dimitrescu unexpectedly climbed in popularity and has come to be based on a considerable quantity of fan-driven labor, consisting of follower art, cosplay, memes, and erotica. Reporters as well as analysts remembered of the trend, which started well before the launch of Village in Might 2021, attributing the quick rise of fan rate of interest in the character to various facets of her look and sex appeal.

The combo of I Hate You from I Love You is too large from the morning… And somehow, I will leave my impression somehow, but the 2021 series was the last time this time. That’s why the 85th will make an English reading test while looking back on the game and events of this year. Some you need to check it, but try to challenge even a little of time.

Answer The Questions.

1: Chichi Fujiyama, The Composer of Dragon Quest and Popular Songs, Passed Away in October. How Old Was He When He Died?

2: AT The Opening Ceremony of the TOKYO2020 Olympic Games, Which Company DID Not Play Any Music?
A, Square Enix B, Banzai NAMC C, Nintendo D, INAMI

3: Sort The Following Games of this Year in Order of Release Date.
Tales of Arise, Bravely Default II, Ratchet & Clank: RIFT APART, R-TYPE FINAL 2

4: Which Game Won The Game of the Year Award this year?
A, Death loop B, IT Takes Two C, Resident Evil Village D, Metro id Dread

5: How Many Songs Were Played for Parade of Nations?

6: How Many People ARE Required to Play It Takes Two?

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game Review - The Final Verdict

7: WHO IS The Actor Starring in Lost Judgement?

8: What is the Format of Services Such AS Xbox Game Pass and Ea Play?

9: Choose the Different One From The Following and Give The Reason.
A, Resident Evil Village B, Battlefield 2042 C, Far Cry 6 D, Return

10: In The Plot of Neo: The World Ends With You, Where is The Place The Came From?

11: How Many Targets Colt Must Kill to End The Loop in Death loop?

12: What is the Thing That Mono Is Wearing on His Head in Little Nightmare II?

13: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Was Released in 2021/11/11. How Many Years Have Passed Since The Original Version WAS Release?

14: The Arranged Music of the Game Was Nominated for the Grammy Award This Year. What is the Game?

15: What is the Name of the Tribe Which Is Good At Working with Wood in Timber born?

Read The Passages and Answer The Questions.

Long Ago, A Young Girl Went with Her Mother To Pick Berries for Her Father Her WHO WAS Hard at Work.
But The Forest Greeted Them With A Dark, Cold Silence, The Bush WAS Empty.
Yet, DETERMINED To Find The Berries, The Rascal Broke Free From Mother’s Grasp and Vanished Into the Trees.

16: WHO WAS with the girl?

17: WHY DID They Go to the Dark Forest?

18: Why Did The Girl Rush Into The Forest?

19: What is this Game?

ITS FACE Her Exudes A Fearsome Malice, And Its Hide Her Is As Tough As Armor, As IF IT Were The Physical Manifestation of the Grudges of Fallen Warriors.
The Purple Gas That Rises from its Body Her When It Eats Other Monsters is Called Hellfire, and It Makes —– is Already Ferocious Attacks Even More Destructive.

20: WHEN DOES Hellfire Appear?
A, hunt b, rage c, fear d, be exhausted

21: What is the Nature of this monster?
A, Fearful B, Passive C, Contrary D, Aggressive

23: What Does This Monster Look Like?
A. Brutal B, Brilliant C, Gentle D, Gorgeous

24: What is This Game?

Answer The Question.

25: What is the Most Favorite Game You Played This Year? Give The Reason.

The problem of the test is painful, but if it is the topic of the game, there are many people who feel that you can read. Overseas game articles should be some extent if they are the story of the title you know.

If the end work is over and get a breath, let’s search by SNS, even when you are going to go to the SNS. You may find a surprising lover story that doesn’t turn in Japan.

Rorthin already took his first recognition to Goty

The Games Awards 2020 are prices that are given to the best video games of the year 2020. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the ceremony will be held for the first time only on the Internet and will virtually be presented by Geoff Keighley.

We are barely at the end of October, but anyway, Returnal Ya took home your first (and maybe not last) recognition to game of the year, or Goty. The prizes develoop : Star were carried out at Brighton last week, and the roguelike of Housemarque was considered the game with better visual art, as well as the other previously mentioned recognition.

The Develop: Star Awards 2021 Game of the Year is @Returnal from @uusemark & ​​@playstationuk! Congratulations! Developstars


Maybe the competition was not as difficult this year, since among the other games nominated a Goty we had Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope and The Lost Campfire, But the achievement is certainly worthy of admiring.

On the other hand we have to Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, who took the prize for Best Audio, and Sumo Studio, authors of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, The prize was taken as the best study.

If you have not played RURNAL lately, then remember that it is already possible to save your progress at half a departure and here we tell you more details about it.

Fans Boo Konami for Banning Hideo Kojima from The Game Awards - The Game Awards 2015
Editor s Note: More that deserved this recognition for Returnal, and surely it will not be the last one. With The Game Awards In December, it would not surprise the new proposal of Housemarque to take many other more prizes.

Via: Pushsquare

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