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Black Fridays ball: Xbox Series S for just over 200 euros

Jumping to the new generation w never so cheap. Microsoft h thrown the house through the Black Friday window with a reduction in the price of Xbox Series S that allows us to get the console in half of what a series X and 300 euros less than a PlayStation 5. Although less powerful although less powerful That the aforementioned, series s are able to run any exclusive game of them and also do so with great performance, partly because of how it is costing them to start the new generation games and the consequent lack of technical references.

With Xbox Series S we have a console for many years (only digital, yes, since series S h no reader) and a golden opportunity to discover and take advantage of the benefits of Xbox Game Ps (for sample, all the games that are added in November service). We leave you the price of the console in the different stores, in which it ranges between 229 and 249 euros, being able to fall even more in the next few days if they were to commit them.


  • Xbox Series S for 229 euros at Amazon
  • Xbox Series S for 249.90 euros in El Core Singles
  • Xbox Series S for 249.99 euros in FNAC
  • Xbox Series S for 229.99 euros in Game
  • Xbox Series S for 229 euros in Media Market
  • Xbox Series S for 242.98 euros in Components
  • Xbox Series S for 229 euros in Strife

Best video games for Black Friday

But Microsoft is not the only one who is betting strongly on discounts on this Black Friday. Do not miss the following news full of offers and sales.

  • 25% discount on PlayStation Plus subscriptions for Black Friday
  • Black Friday on Amazon: The best video game offers for PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox
  • Xbox offers: This Black Friday shakes your console with great discounts
  • Nintendo Switch sales: 10 offer that you can’t miss at Black Friday

Amazon offers to celebrate Gamer week

It is officially August 29 and if they wonder, it is not another day in the calendar, since we are officially celebrating Gamer’s Day, in which all players join to share their experiences with the industry. And for that reason, stores like Amazon are releasing offers so that this week is celebrated as it should be done.

Here some interesting discounts:

Nintendo Switch Lite-Standard Edition-Turquoise Blue-Standard Edition : From $ 5,799.00 to $ 3,867.00 **

PlayStation 5 Standard Edition + Spider-Man. Thousands Morales Standard Edition PlayStation 5: of $ 15,298.00 A $ 15,094.00.

Xbox Series X: of $ 13,999.00 A $ 12,464.00.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe-Standard Edition-Nintendo Switch: of $ 1,399.00 A $ 1,049. 00 **.

Mario Party Superstars-Standard Edition-Nintendo Switch: of $ 1,399.00 A $ 1,049.00.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Standard Edition-Nintendo Switch: of $ 1,399.00 A $ 899.00.

Pre-sale God of War Ragnarök PlayStation 5: of $ 1,699.00 A $ 1,529.10.

The Last of Us Part 1-Paystation 5-Standard Edition: of $ 1,699.00 A $ 1,529.10.

Horizon II: Forbidden West-Standard Edition-PlayStation 5: of $ 1,799.00 A $ 999.00.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection for Xbox One & Xbox Series X: Of $ 999.00 A $ 899.10.

IT Takes Two Xbox One-Standard Edition-Xbox One: of $ 999.00 A $ 499.00.

Alan Wake Remastered Xbox-Standard Edition-Xbox Series X: of $ 799.00 A $ 599.00.

It is worth mentioning that there are different payment options and also includes months without interest. So we recommend you move on to the official website, to see if your cards have any agreement for juicy discounts beyond what we already show.

Way: Amazon

Cult religious horror action THE CHANT PC/Overseas console version will be released on November 4. Follow the cosmic fear with the power of meditation

PLAION (formerly KOCH MEDIA) game label Prime Matter has announced that it will release the horror action adventure game The Chant on November 3 (Japan time November 4). Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The PC and overseas console version will be released on November 4, and the domestic console version will be released this year.
[Update 2022/8/19 18:40]
Adjust the description of the release date in conjunction with the domestic press release

THE CHANT is a horror action adventure game from a third-person perspective. The stage will be the remote island GLORY ISLAND. The protagonist Jessica is invited by her friend and participates in the retreat (training camp) of the religious organization PRISMIC SCIENCE on the island. Believers who arrive at Jessica who arrived on the island. However, the failure of the Prismic Science ritual has opened the darkness dimension that feeds negative energy. The purpose of this work is to persuade the survivors while rejecting the mysterious creatures released from the darkness and solve the truth hidden on the island. It is a work that combines the elements of Cosmic Horror, represented by Cthulhu mythology and the elements of the 1970s New Age Cult.

In order to survive, the protagonist is exploring the island while collecting and crafting items. In this work, a spiritual weapon and abilities are prepared as a means of attack, instead of a modern firearm. In the battle with dark creatures and believers, the protagonist also uses special power. To protect yourself from threats, you need to increase your concentration with meditation and get psychic abilities.

The development of this work is the BRASS TOKEN studio in Canada. This is the first development title of the studio. The studio seems to be focusing on game development that makes full use of various shooting technology. In the cast introduction video of this work, the motion shooting of the cut scene in the work is released. In addition, it is said that it incorporates techniques such as 3D scanning and photo glametry (technology for creating a 3D model of the subject from multiple photos) in the game development. I would like to look forward to the graphic of this work that was influenced by the psychedelic horror of the 1970s.

The THE CHANT PC/overseas console version will be released on November 3 (Japan time November 4).

Person 5 Royal heads to Xbox Series X: New trailer and first gameplay

Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC will soon receive one of the most acclaimed JRPGs of the lSeriest decade: Person 5 Royal , the improved and extended version of the original PS3 title that reached PS4 In 2020. Its launch is scheduled for October 21, and to celebrate that there is less, Atlus hSeries shared a new trailer that you can see on these lines.

In addition, you can enjoy the first gameplay of the game running at Xbox Series X . If you pay attention, the characteristic interface of the game, with the buttons, colors and other visual elements adapted to the command of Xbox. The title pays to 60 frames per second , because we must not forget that beyond reaching other platforms, the new generation consoles version brings graphic improvements.


Person 3 Portable and Person 4 Golden will also reach PC and consoles

Beyond the premiere of 5 Royal person, there are two more deliveries of the Atlus franchise on the way to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In 2023 they will do the same person both Person 3 Portable, Series a person 4 Golden , although no exact launch date hSeries been specified. In the cSeriese of Microsoft consoles, both are confirmed at Xbox Game PSeriess from day one.

Person 5 Royal, the best version of one of the most beloved JRPG

The Royal version arrived with two great claims Series a novelty: Spanish translation and a new quarter that expanded the story with new characters, dungeons and bosses. A good handful of extra hours to put the brooch of gold to a very dear game that reached a note of 10 out of 10 in this house : One of the best JRPG that we can find in the history of video games both if In his day he chopped the bug Series if he generated doubts, now is the time. Maybe-Series many have happened to them-you get a pleSeriesant surprise, we said of him in our analysis.

Local Wickedness, Far Cry & A lot more: Big hits now cheap to dirt off the Xbox Store

But bear in mind that the testabo immediately converts itself into a typical subscription for EUR 12.99 a month, provided that you do not terminate in time prior to completion of the month.

Some of the games that you can obtain less costly in the Xbox Store are likewise consisted of in the Xbox Game Pass or EA Play. The very first month in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which consists of both the Video game Pass for the Computer and Console as well as EA Play and also Xbox Live Gold, presently obtains for simply one euro.

In the Xbox Store or in the Microsoft Shop you get a whole lot of video games for Xbox Series as well as Xbox One less costly. There are some games from the Far-Cry-Sowie from the Residen Evil collection. You can locate a summary of all the just minimized games for Xbox Series and Xbox One in the Xbox Store here:.

The duration of the deals discussed is really different. Some just apply up until Monday, but the majority of them run for greater than a week. You can locate a summary of all the just minimized games for Xbox Series and also Xbox One in the Xbox Store right here:.

In the Xbox Store or in the Microsoft Shop you obtain a great deal of games for Xbox Series and Xbox One less expensive. There are some video games from the Far-Cry-Sowie from the Residen Wickedness collection.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1st month for 1 EUR __.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1st month for 1 EUR.

Some links constructed into this web page are affiliate web links. Depending upon the supplier, Pass Ultimate obtains a little commission without an effect on the rate when purchasing on these links. More information.

Some of the video games that you can obtain less costly in the Xbox Store are additionally included in the Xbox Game Pass or EA Play. The first month in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes both the Game Masquerade the Computer and Console along with EA Play and also Xbox Live Gold, presently obtains for simply one euro. So this might be the far better alternative if you just desire to play through the video game in inquiry anyhow.


Xbox Store: Over 300 video games for Xbox Series & Xbox One on offer __.
| Local Wickedness Town rather of EUR 39.99 for EUR 29.99 | Resident Wickedness 3 as opposed to EUR 39.99 for EUR 15.99 | Resident Evil 2 as opposed to EUR 39.99 for EUR 15.99 | Far Cry 6 as opposed to EUR 69.99 for EUR 27.99 | Far Cry Renaissance as opposed to EUR 44.99 for EUR 11.24 | Adversary May Cry 5 + Vergil rather than EUR 29.98 for EUR 9.89 | Required for Speed Warm rather than EUR 69.99 for EUR 13.99 (additionally in EA Play) | FIFA 22 (Xbox One) rather than EUR 69.99 for EUR 10.49 | FIFA 22 (Xbox Series) instead of EUR 79.99 for EUR 23.99 | Greedfall as opposed to EUR 34.99 for EUR 13.99 | Chorus as opposed to EUR 39.99 for EUR 17.99 (additionally included in the Xbox Game Pass ).| Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Emerged rather of EUR 24.98 for EUR 3.74 .| Unravel Yarny-Bunzle (Unravel & Unravel 2) rather than EUR 29.99 for EUR 5.99 .| OKAMI HD instead of EUR 19.99 for EUR 9.99 .| 11-11: Memories Retold rather than EUR 24.98 for EUR 3.74 **.

Horror game Kuary -Nightmare Summer Camp released today. The end of the previous reputation and the ending of 186 that changes depending on the selection

Publisher 2K released Quary-Nightmare Summer Camp on June 10. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Qualy-Nightmare Summer Camp is a teenhorror game designed by Supermassive Games, known for UNTIL DAWN-Tragedy Sanso-. You can enjoy a story that changes in your hand, which changes depending on the player’s choice. With the latest facial capture technology, gorgeous casts active in Hollywood, such as David Ark out of the movie Scream series and Lance Henrixen of Alien, appeared. It also supports Japanese dubbing.

The stage of this work is the last night of a certain summer camp. As the darkness begins to wrap around, the campsellers at Hacket Kohakobo decide to hold a farewell party. The only one left in the campsite, and there are no more rules to bind them. However, the situation goes in an unexpected direction.

In this work, the player will be one of the nine campsellers. And you will be chased by bloody hunters and more terrible something. In the night of an unreadable fear, the pranks of friends and the summer love will eventually transform into a choice to separate life and death. In the pressure of unexpected choices, the relationship between young people sometimes deepens and sometimes collapses.

Would you like to check the secret door? Do you check the true identity of the screams heard from the forest? Choice. Everything affects the story and the ending. Who survived to the end?

There are 186 types of endings where players will arrive after branching (related articles). It is said that there is a very variety of ending, not just the difference between which characters survive or die. This work, which has a variety of branches and ending, seems to be highly replay.

In addition, this work has an online mode that can be played with up to seven friends. Invited players can participate in voting in situations where important choices are needed while watching the game, and form a story in all opinions. In addition, a party-type offline co-operation play mode, in which each player is in charge of a different character and determines the action, is also included.

In addition, all play elements of this work can adjust the difficulty level. In addition, there is also a movie mode that allows you to watch this work as a horror movie that holds your hands without playing gameplay.

The evaluation of this work is that the PC version of meta score at MetACRITIC on the review accumulation site is highly evaluated at 80. According to each Media Review, there are some voices that are somewhat dissatisfied with QTE, which reduces the poor viewpoint and tension of the search part, but the story that shows the twisted development has been well received. It seems that the changing story has been valued for being nervous about the choice of players.

Quary-Nightmare Summer Camp is released today for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. According to the store page, Steam will be able to play around 15:00 Japan time.

Halo infinite | The study admits that they have not “fulfilled expectations”

Halo Infinite multiplayer hsuffered numerous suffered numerous problems since its launch. 343 Industries hsuffered numerous delayed sesuffered numerouson 2 to May and some usual game modes will not be made available to the players until time later. The community hsuffered numerous responded with indignation, although from the study they comprise the reaction. Moreover, they recognize that they have not fulfilled the expectations of the community.

343 Confirm Even MORE Halo Infinite Season 2 Development Issues... (Halo Infinite Season 2)
In response to a REDDIT thread, the communication director Brian Jarrard hsuffered numerous highlighted the problems that have led to 343 Industries to delay his roadmap.

“A complex situation that requires time

“There is of course a lot of challenges and constrictions,” he answered. Certainly, we are not happy with not being able to meet the expectations of the community. It is a complex situation that will require time of work by the team. ” The communication manager hsuffered numerous added the following: “At this time the focus is sesuffered numerouson 2, so we will have more [information] to share in the coming weeks.”

Meanwhile, the study traces “production plans” , costs, hiring and other matters related to the internal functioning of 343 industries. “All this is happening, which does not lend themselves to detailed updates of a regular nature.”

Jarrard hsuffered numerous suffered numeroussured that they understand that the patience of the community is exceeded. “Frankly, I think is understandable that you are tired of words . We just need more time for the team to have the details and so that we can share them suffered numerous far suffered numerous possible. ” The reaction to these comments hsuffered numerous not been excessively positive, rather quite the opposite. They blame the absence of forging mode and cooperative multiplayer at the launch. The Plan of 343 Industries is to add the forge mode during sesuffered numerouson 3. On the other hand, the cooperative hsuffered numerous been delayed again.

Halo Infinite is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The multiplayer works under a model free-to-play, so anyone can download it for free. The campaign, on the other hand, is sold separately, although it is included in the Xbox Game Psuffered numerouss catalog.

The CUB: Postapokalyptic platform appears for Xbox

The Cub Announcement Trailer | PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox
Developer Demagog Studios (Golf Club: Wasteland) and Publisher Untold Tales introduce the platform game The Cub for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 | 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.
The Cub is a story-rich, bang-hard platformer of the old school, which inspired by Sega classics, but was made for today’s time.
In the game where the jungle book meets Armageddon, you are on platforms of your way through the remains of humanity, which are stored with gentle apocalypse melodies and stories.
Announcement Trailer
“Son of No One” Soundtrack-Preview

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga reveals an incredible royal-sized millenary hawk kiosk

During the weekend, the Brooklyn Nets party attendees against the Charlotte Hornets could see an impressive exhibition for Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker. While the game will not be launched until next month, fans were able to play it early in an Xbox Series S contained within a real-size version of the Millennium Falcon’s cabin! Apparently, the kiosk was made with more than 200,000 LEGO bricks in total, and the configuration also included an elegant Custom Xbox Series S console, specially designed after the game. Unfortunately, this version of the console does not seem to be available for sale!

You can find a video that shows the kiosk on the tweet embedded below.

At this time, it is not clear if the kiosk will be at the Barclays Center for additional Games of the Brooklyn Nets, or if it was only there for Sunday’s game. It is an incredible screen, and it seems a great way for fans to see the Ska Skywalker before it is released. The Nets have two more games at home this week, so Star Wars fanatics who plan to attend will want to see if it is still there.

Lego Star Wars Games have found passionate followers over the years, and Saga Skywalker_ seems not to be an exception. The game will cover the three Star Wars trilogies: the originals, the precurs and the sequelae. Players can choose to enjoy movies in any order and there will be more than 300 playable characters, as well as multiple planets to explore. The Saga Skywalker seems the most ambitious offer that TT Games has released so far, but remains to be seen if the developer will keep the landing. Fortunately, Star Wars fanatics will not have to wait much more to discover it!

Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker will be launched on April 5 at PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

E3 2019: Crowd Reaction to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Reveal Trailer | Xbox Briefing

Are you planning to take a look? Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker? Would you like to play the game in a natural-sized version of the millenary hawk? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

“HALO” series multiplayer lead designer leaves 343 industries

343 INDUSTRIES Affiliation ** revealed on his own Twitter that he had left the same studio.

Witts involved as a Multi-player lead designer in the “Halo” series for many years, and I am grateful to fans while he honors the team in the tweet. In addition, about the future, it is to take a break for a while for relaxation and charging.

He has ever had a career of “Rainbow Six He Sid” and has a career game play designer, so it’s a good idea to involve the game in the industry in the industry.

343 Industries Versus The World

Historic FPS “HALO” series latest work “Halo Infinite” is on sale for Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store) (Xbox Game Pass compatible). In multiplayer, the battle path of the season 1 “Reach Hero” is delivered until May 2, 2022, and the new season “LONE WOLVES” will be released from May 3rd. . Concept images etc. should be checked from Halo WayPoint (linked English).

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