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WWE Supercard: Here you explain how to get a Bianca BanAir Valhalla card for free

WWE Supercard recently introduced a new level, new cards and more improvements in the game, and now they are giving away a sweet Valhalla Tier Bianca Belair card! To add it to your SuperCard list, all you need to do is take a screenshot of the image below (focusing on the QR code) and then open WWE SuperCard. Once opened, go to the Options menu and then click on QR scanner. Click on the scan button at the bottom right to choose your screenshot and then you should pick it up and reward you with some SuperCools and Bianca BELAIR VALLALLA card. You can see the image in the publication below.

The first screenshot was only of the general image and that did not scan, but it was accepted that I took where I approached the QR code, so you may want to try that method if the first does not work. Even if you already have this particular card, you should still redeem the offer, as you can upload level and combine it in a pro version or, if you already have a pro, you can still fortify it.

Other recent and upcoming special publishing cards include an Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) card, a Triple H D-Generation X card and a remastered Bayley card, and hopefully, more free releases like this will also be in the mix. WWE Supercard is available on iOS (12.0) and Android (5.0) devices, and you can find more information about season 8 below.

Season 8 introduced new updates in the main game, including Champion’s Boost, Pack Battle Rewards and Manager Cards. Champion’s Boost is a new statistics modifier that will be correlated with what happens in the real world, as it will automatically apply an impulse to the card of a superstar after winning a WWE title in real life. Meanwhile, the new levels of aggregate cards are Look, Maelstrom and Valhalla, and will be unlocked as players advance at the levels. The new levels will include a variety of new superstars in the game, including Rick Boogs, AFA and Sika, Julius and Brutus Creed, Mansoor, Molly Holly and more.

Will you be jumping to WWE Supercard’s most recent content? Let us know in the comments or, as always, you can talk about everything related to wrestling and games with me on twitter @mattaguilarcb!

WWE Undefeated reveals the trailer of Bobby Lashley exclusive

Wek Invicto has built a great list, with a mixture of legendary stars from the WWE past and the stars of the current era that impress on the ring and out of it every week in Raw or Smackdown. Now Nway and WWE have revealed that one of the most powerful current stars joins the unbeaten alignment at The All Mighty One, the same Bobby Lashley, and you can get your first exclusive look at the new trailer right here. LASHLEY will be a force to take into account in undefeated just like it is in raw every week, and you can see the new game of it in the video above before you can play this Friday.

The trailer begins with a pose and then goes directly to the action, with Lashley delivering a reverse Power Slam to Randy Orton that has dust flying everywhere when Orton meets the ground. Then we see Lashley lifting Drew McIntyre as if nothing and hitting him with a slam.

Then we see Lashley cross Miz, Orton and McIntyre with a Yokozuka Cutter, and each one seems more powerful than the next. You can see all the new images in the video above, and you can play like Lashley in the game this Friday.

For those who are not familiar, WWE Undefeated is a new game for mobile devices that presents superstars facing face-to-face in iOS and Android, and is now available. The game combines action moment at the moment with strategic elements that promote you to know the skills of the chosen superstar, and the list has grown to include Roman Reigns, McIntyre, Undertaker, The Rock, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, Stone Cold, Triple H, Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, and now Lashley, and more superstars will probably arrive soon.

You can check the official description below.

«Play the first WWE face-to-face game in real time on your phone. Designed from scratch for mobile devices, WWE Undefeated presents quick session items that combine rapid action to arcade style with the strategic depth of a collection card game. and improve the letters of fighting movements to build the arsenal of your WWE superstar and dominate your opponents. Experience an exaggerated action with scandalous attacks, exaggerated poses and incredible movements. Connect with a barn to share movements and struggle strategies. You are in your search for the WWE championship «.

What do you think of Lashley s gameplay? Let us know in the comments or feel free to talk to me about everything related to games and the WWE on Twitter @MattaguilarCB!

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