If you need more content for universal time, you are not al1. Fans often need resources to find more information about their favorite Roblox games, and there are many ways to do this. We have useful links for Aut Trello, Wiki, Discord, YouTube and Twitter.

What is the Trello link with a universal time?

Trello is an access point for Roblox games that provides a joint and transparent game planning process. You will find universal codes, tips, guidance and updates settled here on Trello boards. Find both AUT TRELLO boards from the links below:

Australia-Trenglo *
AUT-backup TRELLO *

What is a wiki link at a universal time?

Aut Wiki is a great place where you can find additional information about the game. You can find pages about characters, game skills, maps and much more. This is very useful for further acquaintance with the game. Follow the link below to view Aut Wiki:

* Australia-Vicki

What is Discord link for universal time?

There are two different Discord for AUT, one of which is the main server, and the other is the place where you will go to appeal the prohibitions on the game. The main Aut Discord is a place where players can find other fans and directly contact the game developer. Check Discord links below:

AUT-Discord *
AUT-prohibit the appeal in Discord *

What other sites are there for AUT?


There are several other sites that you can use to get more from universal time. YouTube is a great place to search for trailers of updates and demonstrations of the gameplay. Twitter is the best option for fans who need real-time updates on AUT. Check out these additional resources to pamper yourself with AUT:

Australia-YouTube *
Auto-Twitter *

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