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How to get free Valorant glasses from Riot Games

As in any other multiplayer game in the market, Riot Games has a special in -game currency system for Valorant in the form of Valorant glasses. Valorant glasses can be used to buy any intra -game items, such as banners, skins for weapons and graffiti. The only way to get Valorant glasses is to buy them in a game store for real money. But sometimes you can also get free Valorant glasses from Riot Games via gifts or Participation in the Valorant community.

How to get free Valorant glasses from Riot Games

As mentioned earlier, there are two legal ways to get free Valorant glasses from Riot Games. One way is to participate in the draws, and the other is to contribute to the Valorant community.

Participation in the Valorant * community: The most common and well -known way to get free Valorant glasses is to contribute to the Valorant community. You can contribute by creating songs, videos or drawings about Valorant. Raise the ticket ( General game and feedback ) from the support center and share your art by link to them. Do not ask for more than 50 VP.
draws *: Riot Games often gives its viewers a lot of gifts in the form of Valorant banners or Valorant glasses during international official e -sports tournaments such as Masters or Championship. Follow the official descriptors of Twitter and Twitch to receive such notifications.

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To find out more about Valorant, read the section “The Best Settings of the sight for Valorant” or “How to get a point sight in Valorant.” In professional game guidelines.

Rating G2 Sports Presume Refuverzos for the next season

G2 ESPORTS began with the renovations in its squad of Valorant. After being absent in the first Champions, there were three reinforcements to not have to go through the same in 2022. As a result, José Luis Kolkata Orangutan Herrera, Passim Keloid Vista and coach Neil Fabinho Finlay will not be in the globalist campaign next season.

The ad was given on social networks, almost a month after the farewell of Boldly. It is not the first change in the titular template of Valorant: the coach Lucas Logo Red He finished his stay with the Samurai on November 8. The same happened with Jacob Path Mourujärvi Five days later. Since then, there were no updates about the team that will play in the renewed 2022 circuit, which will have regional leagues. What changed on December 23.

Welcome Meddo, hoody, and pipsoN | G2 Esports VALORANT Roster Announcement
Aaron Hood Peltokangas and Johan Med do Reborn Lundberg will come as active players, while Daniel pip son meshcheryakov will take the coach reins. The case of pip son deserves to stand out. Before going to Valorant as a player, he was in charge of Pro100 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the Riot Games circuit, he had professional game with a pair of teams before moving on to Giants Gaming. There he passed from the Template of Players to the Technical Body, playing LAP circuits in recent months.

Med do is also an ex-player of CS: Go that passed to Valorant in 2020. He was at Fun plus Phoenix before moving to Giants Gaming, competing in minor circuits and an EMEA Challengers. On Hood, he played the First Strike Europe of 2020, where he lost against G2 Esports. He went to Giants Gaming in 2021 to dispute the same circuits of Med do and Pip son.

As regards Keloid, he will remain in the inactive group, but he has the possibility to listen to offers from other organizations. At the time of publishing, there are no details about the next destination of him.

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