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FIFA 23: These are all the news of Ultimate Team, with all about the new chemistry system

The most anticipated content of FIFA 23 is already here. For several seasons, Ultimate Team is the star mode, thanks to the fantasy soccer options it offers. Each season, EA Sports continues to add new functions so that we spend hours in front of the screen and weekend giving cane to Fut Champions . And this time it will not be different.

In the presentation video you can see all the New News , but then we summarize them so that you are clear that you are going to find when the game comes out on September 30. With more than interesting changes, such as the redesign of the chemistry system that will change the approach when making our template in Ultimate Team

All the news of Ultimate Team in FIFA 23

New Simplified Chemistry System for FUT

EA Sports has changed the chemistry system for our Ultimate Team teams, something that had already been rumored during the last weeks. According to account, it is now intended to give more flexibility when building fantasy templates. With a more simplified system, we can make players share chemistry regardless of their position in the field.

Thus, players will be paired for their shared combinations of club, league and nationality, and the need for direct links between neighboring players and that lead to negative impact on the attributes of chemistry links will be eliminated.

As indicated in their Pitch Notes, it is thus intended that in Ultimate Team there is a broader selection of players by eliminating the barriers created by professional links. From a certain level, the teams are practically identical and this will change with this modification. The loyalty system has also been eliminated.

With the elimination of the general chemistry of the team, now the approach is to increase the chemistry of each individual player in your initial eleven. Each player can win up to three chemistry points, allowing an individual player chemistry score of 0-3 . To do this, there will be several adjustments to make, such as putting the player specifically in his favorite position.


It is a new game mode for a player based on Ultimate Team that will offer us more options and challenges. EA Sports indicates that they are gambling experiences with party durations and flexible template requirements . In addition to completing inspired and thematized challenges with the real world, with seasonal events and campaigns.

Completing the challenges you will gain stars that you can use whenever you want throughout the ** fut 23 season to unlock rewards dedicated to future moments, including players, packs and much more.

Cross game on all platforms

Now, thanks to crossplay in FIFA 23 , it will be easier to find matches in FUT, as it will look for players from all platforms. Of course, this mechanic will be available to users with systems of the same generation (PS5, Xbox Series and PC on the one hand; PS4 and Xbox One on the other.

There will be a global transfers market , so the matter will also be easier and disputed when trying to acquire a specific letter. Cross game is available at Fut Rivals, FUT Friendly Online, Fut Champions, Fut Play A Friend and Fut Online Draft.

new heroes and icons

Although they have not yet specified too much, EA confirms that there will be new mythical players, both in the categories of heroes and icons. All these players will also adapt to the renewed chemistry system.

World Cup

To celebrate the World Cup and squeeze the EA agreement with the FIFA that is about to end, there will be different thematic and dynamic content that celebrate the largest sporting event in the world, including the special articles of FIFA World Cup players, with special cards when the event arrives.


Fut Stadium improvements increase visual effects so that your club’s game is even more spectacular. A new roof, together with the improvements in the visual effects, increase the variety when creating a unique field, while the iridiscent and emissive designs of the equipment or the trophies of the countryside and the great animated typhos They offer you new ways to make your futy stadium between the crowd.

Game Pass: Raffle: We are giving away eight times Xbox Game Pass Ultimate until Sunday

From now on you have the opportunity to win one of eight Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Codes for a test month. The codes only work if you had no Xbox Game Pass Customer before. So if you should win despite subscription, you can give the code to your friends and acquaintances.

We would like to thank Game Pass-User @Buimui, who provided us with the codes for this raffle.

So simply you take part in the raffle:

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Start at least five comments on Game Pass until Sunday and you will automatically take part in the draw.

Closing date is the 27th of March 2022 at 23:59. The general terms and conditions apply. All winners will be informed about your profit via private message.

Note: In addition, you may have the opportunity to improve your winning opportunities via Twitter, Facebook and more.

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We wish good luck to all participants.

How to fix Persona 4 Arena Ultimate before matches

Persona 4 Arena Ultimate reached the Steam on March 17 and first introduced a crossover-fighting game from the Persona series to the PC. But together with the release several bugs appeared. One of them leads to a fear of the game immediately before launching matches. So how to fix the Persona 4 Arena Ultimate failure in front of the matches?

The problem of failure before matches seems associated with full-screen settings in Persona 4 Arena Ultimate. As a result, if you try to run the match, the game will fly away. To prevent it, you need to use Options Section in Main menu .

In the “Options” menu, go to Screen Settings and scroll down to Display Mode . Switch the display mode to any Full screen or window mode instead of the full screen . What permission you choose, it seems, will not affect the failure, but will affect how clearly the game looks like. Press Return To save the settings.

If it does not help, perhaps the problem is related to your computer. Double-check your installation by right-clicking the game in Steam and selecting Features . Next Go to Local files and click Check the integrity of the game files . If you still have problems, try to completely reinstall the game.

Finally, if problems still arise in the game, check your graphics drivers and the DirectX version twice. Sometimes similar failures can be associated with hardware problems, so make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Ultimately, this is a well-known problem with the game in full screen mode, and we hope it will be fixed soon.

5 Helpful Tips For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
For more information and manuals on Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, read the full staff of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and the list of characters in the Pro. game manuals. **

Razer presents the Overwatch Nani helmet with Lucio theme

With regard to game helmets, the Ultimate Helmet Razer Nani is one of the best devices in the world. And if you are a fan of the success of Blizzard overwatch, there is a model on which it may be worth jumping.

The device manufacturer presented a new Nani headset at the Overwatch theme, available for purchase. here. It has the theme the character of Lucio, featuring his very elegant color creations: yellow, red and blue. In addition, its official frog logo is included on the atria, with the overwatch logo on the top of the helmet itself.

“Wherever the battle is taking place in overwatch, the support is just a song away. Bring the noise and enter the rhythm with our exclusive set of high-performance devices inspired by Lucio – the Brazilian DJ and the Freedom of Freedom, which wants to change the world for the better, by its music and its actions, “read on the official product page of society..

“As a hero of support, Lucio excels to maintain his teammates under optimal battle conditions during long battles. Similarly, this helmet aims to keep you at the best of your shape during overwatch marathons, with its comfortable refreshing gel infused cushions and its automatic adjustment headband with swivel heads. “

The headset is designed to work with a PC, even if it works with certain consoles because it plugs easily.

In addition, Razer presented a mouse pad Goliathus medium on the theme of Lucio, including the signature character at the front, as well as his traditional works of art. It is available at a lower price of $ 29.99 and can be purchased here.

So for all those overwatch fans, or those who are eager to play Nintendo Switch next month, make sure to mount the volume with this headset and mouse pad!

Overwatch - NEW SOMBRA
Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It should also make its debut on Nintendo Switch on October 15th.

FIFA 22 Totw 25: prediction of the team of the week in Ultimate Team with Bruyne, Modric and more

After a week with a glorious with madness players for Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, now we have another time equally exciting to get letters of light for our Fantasy Ea Sports game teams.

As you know, players who appear on the team will receive a special letter for their performance in real football, which will significantly improve the statistics of your Base Charter and that will appear in * FUT ** envelopes.

The tradition sends that on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular Schedule) we will have the new Totw, with letters that will appear for a week in Envelopes of Ultimate Team and the one we can also face through Squad Battles.

The years do not go through it and Luca Modric has many ballots to be one of the headlines in the totw after the goal that scored the weekend before the Royal Society. It will be one of the most attractive letters, like that of another “pure class” as is the Belgian Kevin de Bruyne , who scored a double in the scholar of City to the Red Devils in the Derbi of Manchester. Lautaro Martínez or iago ASPAS There are two other attackers that sound very good for our template.

FIFA 22 Totw 25


  • Schmeichel.
  • Celik.
  • Schar.
  • James
  • Renato Sanches.
  • From Bruyne.
  • Felipe Anderson.
  • Berardi.
  • Lautaro Martínez.


  • Consigli.

TOTW 25 PREDICTIONS | FIFA 22 TEAM OF THE WEEK 25 PREDICTIONS | FT. Barella, Reece James, Martinez

  • Lees.
  • Bodiger
  • To usually do
  • Morgan.
  • Faivre.
  • The edge
  • Karlsson.
  • TONEY.

Do not forget that in our FIFA content section 22 you will find all the current football game at EA Sports. From tutorials to guides and advice, going through SBC challenges solutions, as well as all the news that comes every week to the different events of Ultimate Team.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Update 1,012 patchotias

Update 1/012 for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has arrived and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. This is a very small update that is currently being introduced for the PS5 version of Miles Morales, so download should not take too long. Insomniac Games has continuously published updates for Miles Morales since the start of the end of 2020, adds new features such as a performance RT mode while fixing multiple errors. However, this update contains nothing important as that, so fans could be a bit disappointed. Everything is new with Spider-Man: Miles Morales Update 1/012.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Update 1,012 patchotias

General corrections & Polish

Spider Man Miles Morales Update Adds New Suit & PS5 Feature (Spiderman Miles Morales Update)
This Patnotes (or in this case note) come from the official support page of InsombiC, where you post patch picks for all your games as soon as they are available. This update fixes only a small error in which the Ultimate Edition Upgrade was not displayed in the main menu of the PS5 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, so that there are no new gameplay supplements or larger corrections in this patch.

The Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales contains no bonus DLCs or in-game suits, but Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for PS5. On PS5 Marvel’s Spider-Man offers a 60 fps performance mode and a raytracing mode and a completely redesigned model for Peter Parker. The game is not sold separately, so the Ultimate Edition by Miles Morales is the only way to access it.

We have loved Spider-Man: Miles Morales and awarded him a score of 4.5 / 5 stars in our test. We praised almost every aspect of the game and said, “Although the campaign does not accommodate many bad guys, the occupation is varied and integratively and deepens the connection to the city in a new way. In the end, we can only wish to invest more time in Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, because he presents a more convincing protagonist than the experienced Peter Parker. “If you are not yet with one of the spider-man games on PS4 or PS5 We strongly recommend that you do this.

Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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