Hollowfang Battlegear armor in V Rising is the next set of armor, which players will need to cope with more complex parts of Dunley Farmlands. A complete set of armor will require a little pharma, but there are several bosses that players will have to kill first. An improved version of the armor can also be found in the form of a recipe or explored by collecting scrolls. Here’s how to create armor of an empty fang in V Rising.

How to unlock Hollowfang Battlegear’s armor in V Riding


Craft armor of an empty fang or armor, players will have to use bench for sewing clothes . This structure is unlocked after the victory over cuinsi, the King of the bandits and requires 200 blood essence , 40 boards and 28 cotton yarn . Each part of the armor of an empty fang requires 8 cotton yarn ,8 leather and 8 woolen thread in total 32 cotton yarn , 32 leather, and also and and also and 32 woolen thread ** make the whole kit.

A woolen thread can be grown by visiting various houses on Danley farms and robbing right in the houses of the villagers. Residents of the village have a chance to get both cotton yarn and woolen thread, which makes this the most effective method of growing these materials for craft before getting a recipe for craft of cotton yarn and woolen thread .

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How to unlock a recipe for cotton yarn and woolen thread in V Ringing

The recipe for cotton yarn is unlocked after beating Beatrice of the tailor and requires 20 cotton to make each yarn. Cotton yarn can still be obtained from the inhabitants of the village, so players who consider the farm Danly too complicated can get them without any problems. The usual cotton can be farm most effectively using working blood type. woolen thread The recipe is unlocked after the victory over Meredith Bright archers . It is much more difficult to play with the boss alone, but if the players defeat her, the woolen thread can be created using 8 fire flower and 12 gross thread .

How to unlock the armor of a ruthless empty fang in V Riding

Ruthless stunches A set of armor can be unlocked according to the recipe, engaged in agriculture against enemies on the farms of Danley. It can be unlocked randomly, exploring on research using scrolls for75 scrolls per technology. The whole set can take some time to unlock, but after the victory icy mouths are mountainous horror Recipe for cooking scrolls will be unlocked. Players still need to unlock paper press * to create it, which is another technology that needs to be opened in the office.

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