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GTA 6 could be a less provocative game or that one of the founders of Rockstar thinks

Will the tone of the Grand Theft Auto VI series change? The video game remains a mystery officially, but it does not prevent seeing speculation about the future of one of the most profitable franchises in the sector. Thus, Jamie King, co-founder of Rockstar Games, has shown in a recent interview the conviction of him in which GTA 6 will offer something different from the last deliveries of the series.

have lost Leslie Menzies and Dan House er, and that, without a doubt, is a Jamie King difference I would not be surprised if the tone began to change, with something maybe not so fun or provocative, Jamie King said in a Chat with Killed collected by comic book. I just think that there may be more opportunities to do something corny, they never do it. Or maybe not. I just look at the success of [GTA] 5 and [GTA] Online and [Red Dead] Redemption 2, and I think everything It will be fine. But I also think that internally, both [Rock star] North and [Rock star] New York have lost Leslie [Menzies] and Dan [House], and that, no doubt, is a difference, he added.

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It is worth remembering that Jamie King left Rock star in 2006, so the statements of him must not be seen as internal information of the company.

The march of Dan House was one of the great news of 2020, abandoning the company after 20 years in which he left his mark on several of his releases, including GTA V, so it is a mystery how Grand Theft Car advances without his scripts.

What do you know about GTA 6?

There is still a long time to see at the Grand Theft Auto VI market. In this sense, an information from the Insider Tom Henderson corroborated by journalist Jason Schrader and other portals such as NGC places the premiere of the expected video game of action in the middle of this decade, betting on a map more modest against preceding deliveries, but with the Ability to expand later.

If you want to read more about this video game, we recommend this special Toni PiedraBuena special about the challenge that GTA 6. Meanwhile, GTA V continues to count on millions its sales and Rock star just released a controversial Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition in PC and consoles.

Today we celebrate the 20 years of Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar Games (formerly known as Rockstar Games NYC) is a developer and video game publisher purchased by the Take-Two Interactive video game publisher and RAGE video game engine creator. The company is internationally known by titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Midnight Club or Red Dead. It includes studies that have been acquired and renowned, as well as others created internally. While most studies that Take-Two Interactive has acquired were merged at the Rockstar brand, others more recent have maintained their own identities and are part of the division of the company 2K Games.
The Rockstar seal was founded in New York, in 1998 by Sam Houser, Terry Donovan, Dan Houseer, Jamie King and Gary Foreman. [1] Rockstar Games offices are located on Broadway, New York, next to those of Take- Two Interactive. In them there are international advertising, marketing, public relations and product development departments. [2]

A day like today but 20 years ago, Grand Theft Auto III I was arriving at the exclusive market for PlayStation 2. This game Rockstar Games took the industry by surprise, And two decades later, their influences in the middle are still very present. Now that the gta: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition has been officially revealed, we consider that it is a very good time to speak in detail about one of the most relevant games of all time.

The truth is that gta III maybe it has not aged as well as some other titles of their time, but at that time, there was no other game that was compared to it. Behind the beginning of the 2000s, most games followed a linear structure, that is, they almost did not offer any freedom to the player. Well, gta III came to change that.

Players had the freedom to choose main or optional missions, but it was even possible to ignore the story completely. They could explore Liberty City and do what they wanted, causing the games with a structure by levels felt obsolete compared. In fact, I would say that it was not for GTA III , the genre of open world would not be what it is today.

GTA 3 - Full Game Walkthrough in 4K
Of course, the huge open world of gta III No is the only reason why this game highlighted above all the others in its time. Despite the great freedom he offered, this title also made an incredible work in terms of immersion.

Sure you will remember the first time you played gta III and immediately you were trapped by how immersed that liberty city became feeling. Regardless of where you were, the atmosphere of this city was almost palpable; We had pedestrians walking and talking on the streets, cars touching the horn constantly, and of course, the shots also felt shocking.

Similarly, gta III also introduced an excellent voice acting, something that was also rare to see in titles of that time. And how to forget the fantastic Soundtrack, with which Rockstar managed to perfectly capture the essence of the 2000s. In general, the auditory work of gta III was incomparable.

But gta III Not only was it meaningless violence, since it also had a deep and somber story full of memorable characters and unforgettable scenes. GTA III Demonstrated that video games, like cinema and television, also had the potential to tell stems directed for an adult audience. Despite the controversy, GTA III Logró be becoming the best sold game of the United States during 2001, reaching just over two million units sold by mid-2002.

The beginning of the new millennium also represented an important change for the videogame industry in general, since many important franchises of the medium began to jump 2D to 3D. Before GTA III, Rockstar Games I had only developed 2D games, so giving up this new technology was not easy, but eventually they achieved it, and what way to do it.

Those are just some of the reasons why gta III is one of the most important titles of today, and the good news is that those who did not have the opportunity to enjoy it at the time, they can do it with the launch of the GTA TRILOGY – The Definitive Edition that will be available at some point of this year.

Editor s note: As you could see, GTA III is a much more important title than perhaps you believed. The work of Rockstar Games It definitely became a partitions within the videogame industry, and to date, its influences are still palpable in open world titles.

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