-Busan e-sports stadium, national competition ‘TEN 22 Season Tekken Exhibition’ August held in August

** -This on the 22nd at 6 pm

-It is possible to watch streamers through streamers simultaneously

The e-Sports Night (TEN) ‘s 3rd season, hosted by Busan City and co-hosted by the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency and the two companies of the Loud Corporation,’ Tekken 7> Korea Representative Language Development will be at 6 pm on the 22nd at 6 pm It will be held at the stadium (Brena).

Before holding ‘TEN 22 Season Korea-Japan Exhibition’, which is a national match match industry that cannot be easily seen unless it is a large international exhibition, the Korean team will be selected through Korea’s representative line on the 22nd.

The TEN 21 season Tekken 7 Korea-Japan Exhibition, which was held last year, was held twice in a total of two times, and Japan won the first match.

It is noteworthy that the re-match of the Tekken 7 Korea-Japan War, which received a lot of response from fans due to the match and game of the two players, will be a winning game for Korea or a revenge of Japan.

Meanwhile, the Korean representative line, which will be held with a total prize money of 7 million won, is the African TV ATL 2022 Season 2 sexual athletes ▲ Jeon Tong, ▲ JDCR, ▲ Pidoli Boa, ▲ KDF Meo-IL, ▲ Goattack, ▲ Eyemusician, ▲ KDF A total of eight people, including CBM, and K2RO.

The competition method will be held in the quarter-final double elimination tournament, which is a form of winners and losers. Bracket reset rules are applied.

As a result of the tournament, the first and second players will be selected as the Korean team in Korea and Japan, and will be challenged for three consecutive championships against the Japanese team along with DRX knees and Jeon-gu.

Fans who want to watch the development will be able to make a ticket ticket on the preliminary booking and the day of the tournament through Interpark from 2 pm on the 19th.

In addition, Kim Kyu-hwan and Park Dong-min commentator will deliver the scene on the day of the Gyeonggi day, and can see the competition through Twitch, African TV, Naver, and Ten channels in YouTube.

In addition, the players’ personal channels and CO-streaming can be watched from the perspective of popular streamers.

Chung Moon-seop, director of the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, The Tekken 7 Korea-Japan War, which had received great response last year, will be held again in the Ten 22 season. As it is a Korean and Japan counterpart, which is held at the request of many Tekken players and fans, I hope that both athletes and fans will feel the heat of the scene vividly and enjoy this tournament.