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Kingdom Hearts IV: Surprise, Square Enix Loose the 1st trailer with gameplay in

It is clearly something that no one waited at the beginning of the afternoon of sunny Sunday, especially in France where all the eyes and the spirits are riveted to the first round of the votes of the presidential elections, but in Japan, C ‘ is the right time to celebrate the 20 years of the Kingdom Hearts series. Of course, Square Enix had organized an event accordingly, which took place in physics, in Tokyo in the district of Shibuya. Of course, it was an opportunity to come back to the different episodes that came out, but also announcements of new upcoming titles, like this Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, a mobile game, the series being popular via this format. But there was a surprise at the end of this ceremony, namely the first trailer of Kingdom Hearts IV. A surprise that fans are currently commenting on social networks, especially since this episode drags radically with the previous opus, with a desire to offer less cartoon graphics, in a universe that also seems to unfold in real life, But who is none other than the quadratum city.


Sora also seems to have grown physically, but his cup of BG remained the same. We see it first woke up from a sofa before a girl who answers the name of Strelitzia to discover the city that is quickly attacked by a non-heart version Darkside. We then see our hero invoke his Keyblade who also serves as a grapple to move faster and who is reminiscent of the final Fantasy XV gameplay. It is the only moment of gameplay that we will see from the game, before the end of the trailer unveils Donald Duck and Goofy who seems to be looking for a person in a badly enlightened cave. Square Enix specifies that it is a new bow, and so a whole new story titled “Lost Master Arc” for the time, no platform or release date has been announced, but according to recent Rumors, Kingdom Hearts 4 will not happen if early.

Mexico: 14 arrests after Krawallen in Queretaro

Horror en el fĂștbol mexicano: brutal violencia entre hinchas de QuerĂ©taro y Atlas
The Mexican police have made 14 preliminary arrests after the heavy riots in the night of Sunday in Queretaro. The identified authorities announced on Tuesday. A total of 26 people had been injured in the rims.

The 14 arrested stands under the suspicion of the tried manslaughter, violence with a sports event and criminal activities. In the first division game between Queretaro and Atlas, it had come to the fierce conflicts, three of the injured were in “critical condition”.

The National Football Association also ordered that Queretaro has to change all home games without viewers for one year. The club must also pay a fine of 1.5 million pesos (about 64,500 euros), the encounter is scored with 0: 3.

The World Association FIFA had written in an opinion, one is “shocked by this tragic incident”. FIFA will support the Mexican Association in the work-up: “It is absolutely no place for violence in football.”

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The Mexican daily El Universal had written from the “Blackest Day in the History of Mexican Football”. Five policemen were temporarily suspended by the service, as well as the contract with the private security service in the stadium with immediate effect canceled.

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