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Voyeur and monitoring ADV sequel Do not feed the monkeys 2099! The trial version is released on the Steam store page

JOYSTICK VENTURES has announced the monitoring adventure do not feed the monkeys 2099 by FICTIORAMA STUDIOS for PC (Steam).

This work is a sequel to Do not Feed The Monkeys released in 2018. Players will monitor people as the The Primate Observation Club, set in the future world of 2099, where civilization has developed rapidly due to alien technology and the giant company is in advance in the universe. 。

In the game, we will use a dedicated app to collect information while monitoring the lives of the target people (humans, robots, aliens, etc.). By gathering information, you will be able to interfere, such as hacking monitoring security. However, the rules of the club are Do not Feed the Monkeys as the title suggests, so be careful.

In this work, which is the latest in the series, a new artificial intelligence Omnipal with various support functions has appeared. An elements such as the fast-forward function after the second lap after clearing the game and the peephole that distinguishes visitors on the door of the player’s house is added.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2099 will be released in the fall of 2022 for PC (Steam). A trial version is also available in conjunction with the currently held Steam Next Festival.

“Minecraft” new update “THE WILD UPDATE” Released on June 7 -Mangrove on frogs, new strong enemies

Expanding Minecraft's Deep Dark Into An Entire Dimension!
Mojang Studios, which develops “ minecraft “, announced on the official website that it will distribute the next update “The Wild Update” on June 7, local time.

In this update, new MOBs and mud blocks such as frogs and tadpoles will be added, and new biomes called “DEEP DARK”, “Ancient City” and “Mangrove Swamp” will be added.

“DEEP DARK” is characterized by the creation of a block called Sculk, which is generated deep underground. In addition, this biome also has a new Mob called Warden, and a new structure, Ancient City, may be generated.

This new MOB called Warden seems to be set as a very powerful MOB such as 500 physical strength and attack power, and it is said that the development is also a key.

In addition, new elements such as fireflies and mud blocks have been added, and especially the mud blocks change from clay due to the combination of stanotite blocks, so some changes in the game environment, such as clay as a recycled resource. It is being done.

The next update will be distributed on June 7 local time. PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux)/Windows Bedrock Edition/Xbox Bedrock Edition/PS/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android is targeted.

New World does not throw the towel: new road map with all the news for 2022

new world , the MMO of Amazon Game Studios achieved an outstanding releAmazone lAmazont fall with high figures of concurrent users, although the title did not endure the guy for many weeks and quickly fell at the level of players, staying Currently with an average of some 30,000 people they connect daily to live their adventures online. In spite of this, its managers do not surrender and have presented a new and ambitious Roadmap for this 2022 full of content and novelties that will reach between spring and autumn , all through * Free updates *. Let’s see what the usual users of New World during the coming months can expect.

New World Server Status, Mergers and PTR Patch 3

New World: New content for 2022

Thus, among the main novelties we find a new expedition that receives the name of Heart of the Tempest , available this same spring. In these new missions “the illusory and supernatural dimension is shown in which Isabella’s mind is submerged, which gives rise to corruption and chaos.” This update will also incorporate a new weapon Amazon it is trabuco and battles PVP of three against three.

In summer, a new expedition will arrive with alerts and black gunpowder next to a new tool Amazon it is group search to participate in this type of activity. This update will also incorporate a new special summer event from which its details are unknown. Already in the autumn, many content will be added, such Amazon the expedition ennead , the mandobile Amazon a new weapon, the possibility of consulting clAmazonsification tables and participate in new featured events Amazon NightVale Hollow and * Turkulon 2022 and travel to a new territory of ArenAmazon de sulfur *.

All this together with new mutations , missions, meetings, improvements, equilibrium adjustments and error correction through different patches. All in all, we will see if New World manages to overcome players’ figures over 2022 with all these novelties.

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