Twitch Rivals has recently passed to the old school with a Killer Instinct tournament after finding the success with Ultimate Marvel Vs Cap com 3. The Streamer Twitch Maximilian Good who welcomed the Ultimate Marvel Vs Cap com 3 tournament returned to host the next Killer Instinct tournament. Bringbackki from Twitch Rivals was broadcast yesterday, February 1st, while Killer Instinct is available on Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass via Rare Replay.

Twitch Rivals organized an Ultimate Marvel vs Cap com 3 with great success in November, which apparently led to the next Killer Instinct tournament. On November 23, Twitch Rivals joined the famous Fighting Games Content Creator and Streamer Twitch Maximilian Good when they hosted UMVC3 Lives. This highlighted the niche fighting title, while the Killer Instinct tournament will highlight another dated combat game. Although this can bring more ocular globes to the classic combat game, it will be interesting if it stimulates interest for another new installation of the series.

It’s time of Bringbackki… again! Thanks to Twitch Rivals, we will organize a tournament of 32 people, said Maximilian Good. Thanks to one of the biggest games / combat communities, and I hope we can show it to everyone… for those who ask for it, yes, it’s Berserker Mike who resumes his role as an advertiser of I 2013! We do not currently know if Twitch Rivals has reached the number of UMVC3 live viewers with Bringbackki, but the tournament still has a lot of eyes on the Killer Instinct dated franchise.


Twitch Rivals is primarily known for hosting Fortnite, Valor, League of Legends and FIFA tournaments, but they also point to projectors on older titles like Killer Instinct and Ultimate Marvel vs Cap com 3. Are you looking forward to seeing the next old school TWITCH RIVERS TOURNAMENT? Let us know in the comments below!