On the 8th, the Steam World Best Sales Products Top 10, the New Five of the Eldon Ring, and the New Fame in the middle of the world, Airborne Kingdom (Airborne Kingdom) is the core of public urban construction. The air blade that was released on the 8th was the name of the sales volume immediately after its release and preached the popular mall.

The Airborne Kingdom is the first game of the Wandering Band (Wandering Band), which has been developed by the development of the developer, which has been developed in the production of popular series such as Dead Space, Dragon Age and Battlefield. As a result, it is a key to collecting the necessary resources to build a huge city in the sky, and manage the citizens who live in the city to enjoy a comfortable life. At the time of public cities at the time of public cities, Bio Shock: I have been eye-catching in an atmosphere that reminds me of Infinite.

In fact, the kingdom is released on other stores and platforms before launching steam and accumulating awareness. In December 20, 20, the Ephics Games Store was released in the Epic Games Store, last year, the console version came out. In addition, it was assessed that the BAFTA game awards at the 5th game awards ceremony was assessed that the Bafta Game Awards 2021 was compliant with the “best debut game” candidate. In fact, the steam user assessment is that it is a very unique and unique atmosphere that the third purchase is the third time since the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch.

It is analyzed that steam is expected to be strong from the beginning of the launch, based on the strength of the urban construction, which has been proven through other platforms, in the new work that appeared in the tide. Airborne Kingdom is commemorating the launch of the launch and 20% discount on the steam, and supports the official Korean subtitle, and the domestic gamers who like urban construction games can be played without a language barrier.

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In addition, WWE 2K22, which is released on the 12th, was founded in the third place, and 25% discounted milletary FPS game squad was ranked 10th. In addition, Eldon Ring, Risk of Lane 2, Daing Lite 2: Stay Human, Destinian Guardians, Rost Arc, etc. maintained.

On the other hand, at the top simultaneous connection TOP 20 at the top simultaneously, Rost Arc held the Eldon Ring and ranked second. In addition to this, the Arctic survival game Dread Hunger, which was the 10th top of the top 10 of the top 10, If you maintain a rise, TOP 10 seems to be possible.