Ada-1, all the beloved exos, sells a very popular mod for a limited time. Stacks on Stacks is a mod that can be an integral part of several different detiny assemblies 2. Let’s look at how it works in detail and how to use it.


Stacks on Stacks-universal mod VOID. This means that it can be inserted into any part of the armor with the property of the abyss. When equipping, the guards will receive additional stack charged with light for each stack received. However, this imposes a fine 10 to restoration.

The lack of recovery-10 is not as serious as it seems, since stability is the desired perk for the ghost season. In addition, the big advantage of Stacks on Stacks is the almost constant time of the non-precious work of Charge with Light.

Stacks on Stacks best works in the assembly Brewed by Light. To use the assembly in this vein, the guards will need a mod that receives a charge and a mod that uses a charge. Then you can use stacks to maximize available charges, so that their advantages are almost constant.

For example, the use of Take Charge mod will create a charge when selecting Orbs of Power. Such a mod as High-Energy Fire will see that the damage from weapons increases when charging with light. Each fighter defeated in this way consumes one glass charged with light. In cases where there are many enemies, Stacks on Stacks will create miracles.

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