The limited research day in Pokemon Go, “ a self-citing spring surprise “, will be present very soon in the game. You are not sure what this fantastic adventure in Pokemon Go holds everything? Here’s all you need to know for the Pokemon Go: to Egg-Citing Spring Surprise Limited Research Day.

The Pokemon Go Egg-Citing Spring Surprise Limited Research Guide

To celebrate another spring season, Pokemon Go and his creator Niantic this April to the Spring Into Spring Event, where the latest floral crown pokémon and the emergence of another legendary Alola-Pokémon, Tapu Bulu .

In addition, there is also a mini event called Egg-Citing Spring Surprise Limited Research Day, which will take place 16. April 2022, between 11:00 and 14:00 local time . You have exactly three hours to participate in the temporary event.

Each Pokémon that is catching during the Limited Research Events Egg-Citing Spring Surprise

On this day, the players can catch some unique spawns Pokémon including:

  • Bell

  • Bisasam
  • Chikorita
  • Strange
  • Preferably
  • Seedot
  • Tangela

* Treeke

Other bonuses for Pokemon Go coach during the event

There will also be bonuses for players who catch Pokémon this day. There is a special 2x Fang EP bonus running during the mini event, as well as the following Spring in Spring Event bonuses including:

  • 2x hatch candy
  • 1/2 hatch spacing
  • 2x lucky duration

In addition to the bonuses and special encounters, there will be more Limited Research Tasks which can be activated when you turn your photo discs for Pokestops during the event times. If you complete all, you have the chance encounter with an exeggcute .

Players can develop their exeggcute to Alolan Exeggutor during the EGG-Citing Spring Surprise Limited Research Events. If you evolve your Exeggcute on this day, it will be newly developed Alolan ExgGertor can learn the event exclusive attack Draco Meteor .

Draco Meteor is a charged movement that does this 150 POWER in Trainer and 150 Power in Arenas and Raids What is sufficient to do many Pokemon in Pokemon Go with a shot.

That’s all you need to know Pokemon Go’s Egg-Citting Spring Surprise Limited Research Day . Good luck with your Spring in Spring Event.

Pokémon Go is now available on all mobile devices.

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