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The Last people Remake: Details on storage room needs and dual detects

After previous rumors, Sony recently provided the news of the remake of The Last people, which will certainly be introduced for the PS5 in September.

On the celebration of the approaching publication, a growing number of information about the new variation of the smash hit are seeping via. Thanks to a brand-new product access at PlayStation Direct , it is now known just how much storage space the remake on the new Sony console needs.

79 GB must as a result shovel PS5 proprietors. This is a common size for present AAA video games. Yet compared to The Last of Us Remastered, which took much less than 50 GB of storage space on the PS4, it is rather a dive.

Information on dual sensense use

According to the web page, the game supports haptic feedback for each tool and ecological impacts such as the sensation of dropping rain, while the adaptive trigger are made use of for all weapons, including Joels Revolver as well as Ellies Boge.

As well as the rate of the remake of The Last people additionally has angry with several gamers, as we recently reported Sony demands the full rate of 79.99 euros for the currently third variation

Given that the news of the remake of The Last of Us, the first graphics comparisons have actually been published, including a short clip by Naughty Dog , in which Tess is contrasted based on the various versions of the title. To the inconvenience of numerous players, not just made the visuals a jump forward. The girl is likewise noticeably aged, which makes them look virtually like another character.

Yet there is a reason for this: According to the developer, the remake was established from square one and includes, to name a few points, improved graphics, changed character models as well as computer animations, improved places as well as AI properties as well as an optimized exploring and also new game modes. Furthermore, all ease of access features from the sequel are supported.

Rudimentary information can also be located in the product access regarding just how Naughty Dog carried out the twin sensual functions in the video game, which relates to both the haptic comments of the controller and the flexible trigger.

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Further reports on The Last people.

Since the announcement of the remake of The Last of Us, the first graphics comparisons have actually been released, consisting of a brief clip by Naughty Dog , in which Tess is compared based on the different variations of the title.The Last of United States Component 1 will be launched on September 2, 2022 as a remake for the PS5. The title around Joel and also Ellie can be purchased, amongst others as a digital luxurious edition .


The Last of Us Part 1 will certainly be released on September 2, 2022 as a remake for the PS5. A computer variation is likewise in development and also is to be sent later. At initially, Sony did not call a launch period. The title around Joel as well as Ellie can be bought, to name a few as a digital luxurious edition .

Compared to The Last of United States Remastered, which took less than 50 GB of storage room on the PS4, it is rather a jump.

Is there less single players in the future

Sony recently bought the developer studio Haven Studios. This was founded only a year ago by industry veteran Jade Raymond , which has worked among other things at ubisoft and electronic arts . At the first game of the studio as part of the Playstation Studios it should be a completely new brand, with main focus on a multiplayer experience.

Is Sony’s future in multiplayer?

Sony is well known for her narrative singleplayer games , such as God of War , The Last of US , and the Spider Man Games . Some fans could understandably fear through the acquisition of Haven Studios and the announcement of a pure multiplayer title that Sony wants to concentrate more on live service games in the future. The acquisition bungies, which are known for their live service game Destiny, is also strengthening this fear.

This concern has now been invalidated by Hermen Hulst, the Head of Playstation Studios, in an interview with

_ “Of course we will continue to develop these narrative single-player games like Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us and Horizon Forbidden West.” _

The State of PlayStation Studios

Singleplayer games are therefore still a priority for the company, but Sony also wants to enlarge their library on live service titles:

_ “We have invested in live service games, because this is incredibly exciting for us. It allows us to build larger worlds, it allows us to create really meaningful social connections between players.” _

Jade Raymond himself has already shared her enthusiasm to work with PlayStation in the future:

_ “The collaboration with Hermen, Connie Booth and the PlayStation Team last year is one of the highlights of our career. It is a reliable partner who knows exactly the creative process and the prerequisites for the development of a first-class blockbuster game. They have Supported and encouraged to bring our bold vision to life and let our dreams come true, and we are very pleased to deepen this opportunity to deepen our partnership. “_

The last Sony State of Play turned completely around the new Hogwarts Legacy. We got a first insight into the gameplay of the new Open World Title. Hogwarts Legacy should also be released for the Nintendo Switch, and also a certain unforgivable curse can be applied in the game. Quidditch, however, will probably not become part of the game.

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