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Basic play free escape shooter THE CYCLE: FRONTIER Season 2 Salis Island will start on September 28. A new map of high difficulty is added

Developer Yager announced on August 23 that Season 2, Salis Island, in the PvPve escape shooter The Cycle: Frontier will begin on September 28. This work is being distributed for free for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) for free.

This work is a PvPve shooter fought on the stage of Fortuna III, a planet at the end of the galaxy. Players collect quests and collect resources while fighting other players and wildlife on this planet. And escape before the great threat, radioactive storm, comes. With the obtained resources, you can upgrade your base or purchase equipment. Season 1 recorded a total of 2.4 million players. About 50,000 people were distributed on Twitch, and the total viewing time reached 25 million hours.

In Season 2, the third map Salis Island is added. Salis Island, which is said to be the most difficult in this work, is said to be an island full of unknown danger in the beautiful scenes, like other areas of Fortuna III. There is a deeply cave in the map, which is the most resourceful place on this planet. On the other hand, at the bottom of the cave, something mysterious with some different origin is hidden. It seems that one of the goals is to reach the place and solve the mystery of launching the foreign substance.

The whole picture is still a mystery, but according to the announcement, a challenge to deepen the play style and battle style will be prepared, and it will be a map that can be enjoyed as an end game content. In addition, new route items, characters and weapon skins are added. Fortuna Pass seems to power up further.

In the last week of Season 1, the in-game event The Cataclysm will be held. And after the event, the in-game progress of the game will be held for all players in Season 1. With the wipe, all players will start each season from the same start line. Oram and decorative items can be carried over to the next season. Details of Season 2 will be announced as the start of September 28 approaches.

By the way, in this work, the patch 1.5.0 was distributed on August 17, and the operation of the compensation function when cheetah damage has begun. If the use of cheats is detected and the account is killed by a frozen player, the lost items will be returned at that time (except for the highly valuable items, paid with the same value K mark). At the moment, it is only supported by its own cheat detection tool, but it will also be able to support Battleye in the future.

THE CYCLE: Frontier is being distributed for free for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) for free. Season 2 The deep back of Salis Island will start on September 28.

Multiversus: Dataminer discover divisible battle

In this method it would certainly be possible to open the benefits much quicker.

As revealed, a battle pass from 50 degrees will be amongst the web content that is provided as part of the first season. As Dataminer found out, Gamer First Gamings could take a fascinating path in the Battle passes of Multiversus as well as sustain divisible battle passes that will enable two players and gamers to work en masse on the tasks of the corresponding Battle Pass.

The designers of Gamer First Gamings are presently planning for the start of the first multiversus season, which was regrettably delayed to an uncertain date at the end of recently.


Battle Pass can just be linked when per season?

As the access Find a Battle Pass Partner suggests, it must even be feasible in Multiversus to search for gamers and also gamers that want to function with you on the tasks of a Battle Pass. Both gamers will certainly contribute to the very same battle pass as well as the player’s Battle Pass will certainly match the least development with the other, it states.

In particular, users who are not yet also progressed when the benefits are activated would certainly take advantage of this attribute. When a player has an exceptional battle pass, both gamers share progress on the Battle Pass. Quest incentives and also XP for both players will remain to be awarded, the Dataminers discuss. As these proceed, it will just be possible when per season to connect your own Battle Pass with an additional customer.

More reports on Multiversus :

When a player has an exceptional battle pass, both players share progress on the Battle Pass. Pursuit benefits and also XP for both players will certainly continue to be awarded, the Dataminers clarify. As these proceed, it will just be feasible once per period to connect your very own Battle Pass with an additional user.
| Season 1: Arcade setting, ranking duelle as well as more validated | Begin of the first season held off to an indefinite visit
New beta update is ready-Bugs Bunny is soothed

More records on multiversus.

Resource: Aisulmv

If the details from the Dataminer matches to the facts, the divisible Battle Pass can currently be available in the very first period of Multiversus. Much, nothing has been officially validated.

Crunchyroll reveals its anime alignment for the summer of 2022

Many anime are arriving at the end of the season, among them is included Ranking of Kings, which has generated many subscriptions in Crunchyroll due to the rise of its mass popularity. For its part, franchises like Spy X Family is having a good reception, which would come to an end according to the chapters of the end towards the first arch are manifested.

However, there is a light of hope for those who have decided to spend their summer discovering new series or waiting for the return of some who are iconic. And it is that the orange streaming service revealed a calendar of premieres that surely more than one will please. Here it includes Classroom of the Elite, Rent-A-Glfriend, among other greats.

This calendar is complete here:

July 1


-Lycoris Recail

-Tepen !!!!!! Laughing ‘til you cry

July 2


-Shoot! Goal to the Future

July 3

-Yurei Deco

-Rwby: Ice Queendom

-Utawarerumon mask of truth

July 4

-Classroom of the Elite II

July 5

-Dropkick on my devil !!! X Season 3

July 6

-Smile of the Arsnotoria The Animation

-Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World

-The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup

-My Stepmom’s Daughter is my ex

July 7


July 8

-Shadows House 2nd Season

-Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer

-Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys!

July 9

-Black Summoner

July 11


July 14

-The devil is a part Timer !! Season 2

July 22

-OBEY ME! The Anime Season 2

-The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterioous

July 31

-Fuuto pi

Coming Soon

-My Hero Academy Season 5 Ovas

-Oddtaxi in the Woods

-Dr. Stone Special Episode-Ryusui

-The Girl from the Other Side

-Tonikawa: Over The Moon for You Special Episode

Remember that all this you can find in the streaming service Crunchyroll .

Where are the seven outposts in Fortnite?

During the third season, Fortnite Chapter 3 scattered over the entire island, five seven avanposts were scattered, because two of them were destroyed when this season began. All of them are patrolled by friendly NPCs.

Seven non-game characters hang out on the advance, but there are not many reasons to visit them in the third season. Below is a map of the island, where each avantost is marked with a red circle.

all seven outposts


Seven outposts of I *: This avantost was lost due to changes on this map.
Seven Avvanposts II : This Avvanpost is located northwest of the logjam sawmill, at the top of the mountain. The only reliable way to get here is to go to the north-east of Wreck Ravine and go upstairs. Otherwise, you will have to lay your way up.
Seven Avvanposts III : This Avvanpost is located north-east of The Daily Bugle and east of The Temple. This advanpost is on the sidelines and very close to the coast. Most people do not land so far, you will be in complete solitude, so you can just come here from the temple.

Seven Avvanposts IV *: This Avvanpost is located southeast of the Chongker racing highway, very close to the coast. It can be a desert, and there is not so much here, but it is a popular landing zone, so be prepared for battle if you land here.
Seven Avvanposts V : This Avvanpost is located southwest of Rave Cave. This is a good place to have a sniper and aim at Rave Cave, but we noticed that players often stay here after visiting Rave Cave, so be prepared for battle.
Seven Avvanposts VI : This avantopost was lost due to changes on the map.
* Seven Avvanposts VII : This Avvanpost is located on the island on the coast, east of the sanctuary and northeast of the Johns. The fund usually hangs out here, so you can find it outside the building, if you need it. It is also a popular landing place, so you will always see players here.

To learn more about Fortnite, read the section How to get all the parts for assembling SNAP in Fortnite-heads, arms, legs and torso or every fish and where to find them in Fortnite, chapter 3, here, here in the leadership on the game for professionals.

The content of the season 1 pass of the Battlefield 2042 game unveiled

Electronic Arts and the Battlefield development team have just unveiled the content of the first season past of the very controversial Battlefield 2042 game. Thus, in the ” Battlefield 2042 Season 1: Zero Hour ” You will find a new card, a New specialist, new vehicles and new additions for your arsenal.

The new Exposure card brings you to Canadian rocks where you will have to browse an extreme vertical environment. This will give rise to intense-to-air clashes and intense infantry fights. This card will be available in ” All-out Warfare ” and Portal ‘modes.

In addition to a new card, you can play the character of Ewelin Lis, the new specialist who is an expert in the fight against vehicles. Ewelina Lis enlisted in the Polish elite forces (GROM) at the age of 21. This devoted, reckless and honorable fighter is capable of overcoming (or destroying) all obstacles. She will use her skills in order to hunt down and brand on the map the armored vehicles which are at a certain distance. In addition, it will be able to use its G-84 TGM armed with remote-controlled missile to explode air and land vehicles.

Thanks to season 1, you can also manage new vehicles including the RAH-68 HURON as well as the YG-99 HANNIBAL GunSHIPS. You can also use the Ghostmaker R10 crossbow, the BSV-M DMR and a new smoke launcher.

It is therefore an appointment in the battlefield on June 9 with the arrival of the Pass Season 1 Zero Hour which will also correct some bugs.

To access the free seasons pass, you must have done all the Battlefield 2042 updates. The premium season pass is sold separately, you will therefore have to have all the updates, bought it. If you had taken the ” Gold ‘or’ ‘ultimate’ ‘versions, the season 1 pass is included with your version of the game.

These are HBO Max premieres for May 2022

With May a few days away, streaming companies, such as HBO Max , have begun to share the list of premieres that we will see from next week. On this occasion, A couple of quite interesting series, including a Mexican, are positioned to be the most striking in the Warner Bros service, and here you can know the releases that await us.


-The bravas (May 5)

-The staircase (May 6)

-Hacks, Season 2 (May 12)

The Batman | Opening Scene | HBO Max

-The traveler’s woman in time (May 15)

-Made for Love, Season 2 (weekly episodes already underway)

-Tard Busy Debras, Season 2 (weekly episodes already underway)

-Thown server


-In mortal

-Heframundo, the awakening

-Mamma mine!


-The Da Vinci Code

-Angels and Demons

-How to train your dragon 2

On related issues, you can know the premieres of Netflix for May.

Editor’s note:

Unlike other platforms, HBO Max shines more with the premieres of cinema on its platform, such as The Batman. In this way, the more traditional offer does not attract much attention, although it is very likely that in the future this will be different.

Historically bad of Kruse and Co.: Wolfsburgs kilometer

Fighting, bite, scratching and running. These are the virtues required in the relegation battle. However, the players of the VfL Wolfsburg this season only very rarely put in the place. The Niedersachsen are already the team with the least went kilometers of this Bundesliga season and put another on Saturday at the 1-6 debacle in Dortmund again: The pedometer stopped after 90 minutes at almost incredible 99.97 kilometers – a historically poor value who has been underbuilt in the Bundesliga since the beginning of the data acquisition in the 2013/14 season only four times. With eleven players and without a clearance or clearance, this only Hertha BSC made 2: 6 against Leipzig on the last matchday of the 2017/18 season with 98.48 kilometers. The VFL sneaks into his history books: Since the recording of the running data has never been a Wolfsburg team, whether fully or lowered, less. A disaster.

FC Bayern – VfL Wolfsburg Highlights | DFB-Pokal Frauen | sportstudio
It almost suggested Grotesk that coach Florian Kohfeldt had still demanded in the run-up to the game that his team should not flush a millimeter against Arminia Bielefeld after the 4-0 against Arminia Bielefeld. It followed the demonstrative and almost collective refusal of a team, which once again has to face the mental question and which makes their coach ice cold in the rain. Two weeks earlier, the VfL in Augsburg (0: 3) went ten kilometers less than his opponent, but after all, there was still 107.77 kilometers in the square.

For one was already 4.61 kilometers and 45 minutes: Max Kruse was replaced in Dortmund as early as she has never replaced in his second Wolfsburg time, which is anything but the Fitte Winterneutzugang in such a constitution more burden than help for his team. Which can not run after more. Or wants.

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Release date, patchoties, armor and more

After a slightly bumpy start with the fans, you will find much to love in the upcoming season of 2 Heiligen’s certificate infinite . While the game was a critical and commercial success at the start, players are slowly fed up with the lack of updates that have come for the multiplayer aspect of the game. When it was published for the first time, the players were more than happy to dive back to a halo gameplay of the old school, but a lack of cosmetics, armor and more has led the fans to ask for more.

Therefore, Season 2, Lonely wolves, develops into a Gamechanger for the title. Below you will learn everything that is contained while we deal with what this season will be worth your time and effort to return to the battlefields.

Halo Infinite – Release Date of Lone Wolves, Patchoties, Armor and more

When starts Season 2

Season 2, Lonely wolves starts 3. May 2022 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. You will probably expect that next to this new season, a big update will appear because the fight will add some new features.

What comes in Season 2

Similar to the Battle Pass Season 1 You will see 100 steps from cosmetics, items and more to unlock. However, 343 Industries has not yet gone to detail, if any. There are a few pieces of equipment discovered in the short trailer, as Z skulls worn on the shoulder of a spartan who enthuseders enthusiastically. It seems that the problems encountered 343 with the Season 1 Battle Pass were heard, and new and exciting things are drawing.

343 Industries, however, has at least confirmed Two new cards is added to the game. Breaker will be a… Big Team Battle Card and Catalyst , which seems to be a much smaller card and allows chaos to a much larger scale. Both cards are recorded in several playlists on the first day, so they do not have to worry about missing them.

Last Spartan Standing, King of the Hill and Land Grab will also land with this new content update on May 3. Last Spartan Standing Seems a note from Battle Royale Genre and play how to take Fourteen days , where it is a “free-for-all-elimination mode”, where the last person who, the The winner is alive. King of the Hill is an old classic mode that greatly returns to the series, where teams are fighting for a place and Landbraub seems to take a hint Koth where teams fight for five different landscapes that fight can not be recaptured.


According to Halo Waypoint and 343, you will see these changes soon:


  • The ability to hear the shield charging out of an opponent is reduced to prevent too much information about the location of a player from being deployed
  • The volume of the Grunt Birthday Party Sound Effect is increased in the campaign



  • Catalyst (new arena card) will be added to several playlists on the first day
  • King of the Hill is added to several playlists
  • Attrition is added to several playlists
  • In the attrition, a revived player can move immediately after the spawn
  • At Motion Tracker (Radar), the outside edge recognition is activated for shooting and sprinting in social playlists

Big team fight

  • Breaker (new BTB card) is added to matchmaking on the first day
  • Jeff Steitzer’s voice returns to call players deserved medals
  • The problem that led to asymmetric weapons rack spawns has been fixed


  • Instead of pursuing the entire session of a player, the CSR progress bar now shows the progress of his last game

Custom Games & Forge

  • Fix some errors in custom games, and there will be more

Personal Ki & Spartan Chatter

  • Balance adjustments have been made to highlight what is most important to the players


  • Noticeable stability improvements; The team has fixed dozens of PC crashes



  • Near fights should be more consistent, with opponents less “messing up” and less “sniffing” when a melee should have connected


  • Global reduction of melee damage by 10% for all weapons requires that the manger lands two shots and a blow for a kill.
  • The basic shot (not charged) of the RAVager increases the damage


  • This system now has options that allow players to change the opacity and thickness based on their preferences


  • Drop Wall will experience a slight increase in performance
  • Overshield offers a little more shielding

Halo Infinite | Season 2 Announce Trailer - Lone Wolves


  • Chopper collision damage (splatter) is increased to its vehicle splatter shine
  • The agility and damage emissions of Banshee are increased to improve his role as a strike fighter
  • Warthog & Razorback should be more resilient against turning and jumping


  • Bundles have a more consistent value across different offers

Battle Pass & Progress

  • The free track of Season 2 will contain more adaptation contents than that of Season 1
  • Players can earn 1000 CR in the S2 Premium Battle Pass
  • Weekly challenges will be continuously improved
  • Ultimate rewards will be high-quality cosmetics such as visors, coatings and attitudes during the season and have no emblems or backgrounds.

Theater & Observers

  • Theater & Observer will have updates to fix the general stability, problems caused by considering multiple films in succession and problems that arise in one another when viewing multiple games in succession

Saints at infinity is now available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. Lone Wolves will be published at 3. May 2022 with free and 10-dollar stages.

Fanboy’s attack / play guide / Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Release date, patchoteats, armor and more

Halo infinite | The study admits that they have not “fulfilled expectations”

Halo Infinite multiplayer hsuffered numerous suffered numerous problems since its launch. 343 Industries hsuffered numerous delayed sesuffered numerouson 2 to May and some usual game modes will not be made available to the players until time later. The community hsuffered numerous responded with indignation, although from the study they comprise the reaction. Moreover, they recognize that they have not fulfilled the expectations of the community.

343 Confirm Even MORE Halo Infinite Season 2 Development Issues... (Halo Infinite Season 2)
In response to a REDDIT thread, the communication director Brian Jarrard hsuffered numerous highlighted the problems that have led to 343 Industries to delay his roadmap.

“A complex situation that requires time

“There is of course a lot of challenges and constrictions,” he answered. Certainly, we are not happy with not being able to meet the expectations of the community. It is a complex situation that will require time of work by the team. ” The communication manager hsuffered numerous added the following: “At this time the focus is sesuffered numerouson 2, so we will have more [information] to share in the coming weeks.”

Meanwhile, the study traces “production plans” , costs, hiring and other matters related to the internal functioning of 343 industries. “All this is happening, which does not lend themselves to detailed updates of a regular nature.”

Jarrard hsuffered numerous suffered numeroussured that they understand that the patience of the community is exceeded. “Frankly, I think is understandable that you are tired of words . We just need more time for the team to have the details and so that we can share them suffered numerous far suffered numerous possible. ” The reaction to these comments hsuffered numerous not been excessively positive, rather quite the opposite. They blame the absence of forging mode and cooperative multiplayer at the launch. The Plan of 343 Industries is to add the forge mode during sesuffered numerouson 3. On the other hand, the cooperative hsuffered numerous been delayed again.

Halo Infinite is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The multiplayer works under a model free-to-play, so anyone can download it for free. The campaign, on the other hand, is sold separately, although it is included in the Xbox Game Psuffered numerouss catalog.

All Tests and Awards Events “Revival” in Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded introduced an updated version of the Renaissance Map through the Rebirth Reinforced Event event. In a limited event, four different tests are waiting for you, for the execution of which players receive special cosmetic awards. Follow this manual for details on the same.

All tests of the enhanced event “Revival” in the combat zone

  1. The army of one: Destroy three enemies in Resurgence Solos on the island of Renaissance.
  2. Legendary Trader: Exchange 30 legendary weapons units at a weapon trade station on the Renaissance Island.
    • You can perform after unlocking the arms trading station in the first community test.

3. Push or pull: Pull or stop the cargo for 20 minutes on the island of Renaissance.

* Can be performed from the second week of the event.
  1. Make this rain: Gather 5 million dollars in bloody money on the island of Renaissance.
    • You can run from the third week of the event.

Each of these tasks will give players 5000 XP in addition to one cosmetic award. All rewards included in the enhanced event “Revival” are presented below.

All awards for the enhanced event “Revival” in the combat zone

  1. The army of one: “All is not so bad” the legendary gesture
  2. Legendary Trader: Rare Emblem “Atomic Fragmenter”
  3. Push or pull: Epic charm for weapons “Nuclear fragmenter”
  4. Make this rain: Epic Watch “Calling Past”

In addition, the fulfillment of all four tests will bring you a bonus award- “ Drawing of legendary weapons Toxic Heavy for DP27 Easy machine gun.

Stay with us in professional players on games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, read our article about best gear and Armaguerra 43 class in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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