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Russia in the world Ukraine Russias isolated

Under the impression of the dramatic pictures from Ukraine Russia is also increasingly isolated in the world Ukraine Russia. But the big football associations rings despite loud boycot threats with the consequences of them drawing for them.

The World Association FIFA and the European Football Union UEFA, which used for years the proximity to Russian President Vladimir Putin, convicted the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, but so far banned neither Russian teams nor Russian money from their competitions. The pressure increases daily.

With world footballer Robert Lewandowski as an urgent Mahner, the Polish and later also announced the Swedish and the Czech football association, not to compete with the World Cup playoffs at the end of March in Russia.

“I can not imagine to go to the square in a month and forget what happens,” said Bayern striker Lewandowski, who played on Saturday in the Bundesliga from solidarity with the Ukrainian population with a blue-yellow captain’s bandage. “We know what’s happening and that the entire world does not accept that. We have to support Ukraine.”

Associations under pressure

The FIFA had first withdrawn into an observer role and did not comment on the weekend – but now has to act. Russia has no opponents in the eliminated exit games on the way to the controversial Qatar World Cup. Under no circumstances is played against Russia, the Czech Association said.

In the playoffs, according to the original plan, Poland should first compete in Russia, the winner meeting five days later at home to the winner of the party of Sweden against the Czech Republic.

The question of whether he would return the friendship of the hands of President Putin from the hands of President Putin, Infantino was adopted. The World Association will have to decide whether he opens the World Cup host of 2018 with the exclusion from the World Cup qualification – or with the opposite decision the overwhelming majority of other associations.

Possible In this exceptional situation, the liabage of Russia against Poland and the finale for a World Cup ticket appears at a later date this year, the World Cup begins on 21 November.

The European Football Union, which St. Petersburg had already deprived the final of the Champions League, announced further emergency meetings of their executive committee at the weekend. The most important and probably more influential donors is still the highly controversial Russian energy giant Gazprom, whose role in the second division FC Schalke 04 also plays prominent.

“Dirty money”

“That’s dirty money now. Since you have to say clearly, in every direction, it can not exist anymore, we can not accept that anymore,” said DFB-Interim President Hans-Joachim Watzke in the “ZDF” Ukraine Russias studio.

In England, the communication of the FC Chelsea provided the FC Chelsea for a sensation that the Russian owner Roman Abramovich derives the administration the trustees of the charitable foundation. A chess train in the face of threatening sanctions?

Schalke already played on the jerseys at the weekend without the Gazprom lettering. Catle, also managing director of Gelsenkirchen Revierrival Borussia Dortmund, suggested financial aids, should the royal blue finally separate from Gazprom.

DFB Presidential Candidate Peter Peters, once responsible for Schalke for the Gazprom deal, said, “Things have changed so massively. It can not go on.” On the question of whether Russian teams from the football competitions would have to be excluded, Watzke and Peter’s unseins were. “There is finally the club, not the state,” Watzke said.

Smaller associations answered the question for themselves. The Judo World Association Suspended Putin as Honorary President and Ambassador of Ukraine Russia. Putin is self carrier of the black belt.

The Biathlon World Association IBU decided that biahlets from Russia and Belarus must compete in the remaining World Cups in this winter under a neutral flag. The Russian hymn is no longer played. The Russian Biathlon Association RBU reacted widely annoyed and announced that no longer attribute this winter: “This is a direct discrimination of our country and Russian athletes.”

Clear demands of athletes

Similar rules apply in ski jumping and gymnastics. The German Fencer Confederation announced to retrieve the athletes from the Domestician World Cup in Sochi. The Volleyball World Association FIVB provides Russia as an organizer of the World Cup in August and September.

The Association Athlete Germany does not go far enough. “International and national Ukraine Russias now has to exploit all possibilities and closed sanctions with full hardness to remain faithful and credible to his values,” it said in a message published on Saturday night.

The congregation of German top athletes wants, for example, that associations from Russia and Belarus excluded completely from the sporification system, broken out all relations with Russian donors, functional from both countries excluded and athletes from Russia and Belarus can no longer be participated in international competitions during the war.

“The Russian attack war leaves no choice, as if sanctions also harm in innocent third parties,” it said. Similar claims also provided the Norwegian Ukraine Russias association.

“Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian people and violations of international law require international conviction and sanctions,” said Norway’s National Olympic Committee in an opinion.

Russia-Ukraine conflict: World waits for Russia's next moves as invasion intensifies

An exclusion of the assets from Russia and Belarus outside of their home countries is “clear opinion” of the association.

Handball: Russias Remis against Spain crushed at the post

The Russians began concentrated against the up to date loss-free Spaniards, but after a 1-3 backlog, Spain gradually set off and gained in the meantime. Since Russia Keeper Victor Kiev showed numerous and sometimes spectacular parades, the game remained open, the leadership changed a few times. Space after 21 minutes: 9: 8 for the Russians.

Even with the Spaniard there was no reason to counter. Goalkeeper Rodrigo Corrals from the Hungarian top club Vesper brought a bodily part of the ball again and again, even showed a more than his opposite pause with nine parades, so the defending champion with a narrow 12: 11 lead in the cabins. Igor Stroke (4 goals) and on Spanish side Augustin Canada Marcelo (5) had once again presented themselves accurately.

The game remained on the knife cutting edge, the first two-goal lead after the break there was in the 36th minute – for Russia (16:14). At the latest from the 46th minute, they had to worry about Spain, Santa with his fifth goal as well as shortly thereafter Khamenei set to 22:18 for the European Champion of 1996.

Russian leadership melts

Many unnecessary mistakes could be melted the lead within a few seconds. Over pieces and now with the DHB-Freck Gonzalo Perez de Vargas in the box, the Bear picked up before coach Delimit Petrovich at the stand of 22:21 took a break (48.). In the 54th minute Spain also took his timeout at 24:24 and immediately went back to the first time at 25:24.

Spain – Russia: The game in the ticker

From the 55th minute was a 26:25 for Spain on the scoreboard, at once none of the two teams hit the goal more. Russia brought the ball for 50 seconds in front of the ball, but Spain brought again in possession of the opponent.


Eight seconds before the end, Russia got the ball again, but almost from the zero angle, right outside Shishkarev took the litter, but was slightly touched. The referees looked at the scene again on the video screen and decided on seven meters. Stroke joined – and pounded the ball to the post! Spain had come away with a blue eye, the defending champion has now 6: 0 points best prospects on the semifinals.

Russia – Spain 25:26 (11:12)

Russia: Gaucho, Firewood – Santa low 6, Stroke 4, Andrew 3, Krakow 3, A. Kowtow 2, Schischkarew 2, Winogradow 2, Khamenei 1, Corner 1/1, Schitnikow 1, SEMI, Ostashchenko, Work, Wrarshevich

Spain: Corrals, Perez de Vargas – Canada 7, Fern├índez 4, Manuela 4, Marquez Coloma 4, Sole Sale 3/3, Gomez Abel lo 2, Figures 1, Garcia 1, Amino, Guardiola, Turbine, Odriozola, Medina, Sanchez Migration Navajo

Referee: Mads Hansen (Denmark) / Jesper Madsen (Denmark)

Spectators: 2021

penalty minutes: 2 / –

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