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5 Mint, Smash Legend Official Partner Creator High Mackerel recruitment

MÆR | Pandy (Legendary) - Cindy - Smash Legends Competitive
The Independent Studio (Representative Kim Chang-jun), the Independent Studio 5 (Representative Park Moon-hyung), said 19 days that real-time PVP action game ‘Smash Legends’ was the official partner creator ‘High Smashers’ recruitment.

The hymensher is a partner creator that propagates ‘Smash Legend’ through various social contents. Having the same sound as the ‘Hais Masher (HI Smashers!)’, The Greeting of Sales, HI Smashers’, has chosen the name of a “high smashers”.

Today was the official recruitment of the hypermases, and the selection criteria is affectionate for the Summer Legend, interest, ▲ steady creator activity and fresh content, ▲ YouTube video upload at least once or twice a week, ▲ Cryers that give a positive impact on the Legend community.

The recruitment method proceeds in a way that is individually contacted by discovering the appropriate creator through community monitoring without a separate application period and procedure. 5 Monitoring a hashtagin that is announced by the Mint Laps and monitoring the channels that work in the broadcasting and video titles.

The hypermasher is divided into a fixed partner ‘High class’ which is confirmed after the monitoring period of the monitoring period between the two months after the selected monitoring period.

Official partners who are active in the hypermashers are close to a close communication with 5 dollars, ▲, ▲, ▲ update content, ▲ ▲ update content, ▲ test server experiential support, ▲ game profile icon You can get benefits such as.

Craftone, PWS: Phase 1 3 weeks of Weekly Final Results Announced

Craftone (Representative Kim Chang) is the East Asia Region of the East Asia Region of Battleground (Pubg: BattleGrounds, Battleground), the East Asia Regional Integrated Isphorrent Competition ‘2022 Pub Weekly Series (Pubg Weekly Series: East Asia, PWS): 3 weeks of Phase 1 The car was released.

From March 19 to 20, ‘PWS: Phase 1’ 3-week Weekly Finals, ▲ Kwangdong Freecs (Guangdong Prix), ▲ Danawa E-SPORTS (Danawa Isphri), ▲ ATA (ATA), ▲ OP.GG Sports (OP.GG), ▲ GNL ESPORTS (GNOL ESPORTS), ▲ GHIBLI ESPORTS (GHIBLI ESPORTS), ▲ VERONICA7 (Veronica 7), ▲ MARU GAMING (Maru Gaming) The team participated. They were a total of 10 matches with the top four Japanese teams and the top four Chinese Taipei / Hong Kong / Macao teams in the upper four Japanese teams and the top four Children’s Taipei / Hong Kong / Macau.

As a result, in the third week of Weekly Final, Korea Kwangdong Freecs in Korea, ranked 56 kilets, ranking points 48 points, and 104 total scores. Kwangdong Freecs, which have been a 3 chicken and 68 points only in the 2nd tea, and the Danawa e-sports that finally lead to the final match with tremendous performance. As a result, Kwangdong Freecs was the main character of Winnie Final Winners, followed by Danawa E-Sports and Emtek Stormx.

Danawa E-Sports stood in the second place, but it boasted a solid power after 2 weeks of Weekly Final and Event Week, including the last 59 kilo 3rd weeks. In addition to the two teams, the Korean teams that have entered the Weekly Final, all of which have been to the top of the Weekly Final, and the three weeks of Weekly Finals were finished.

The four weeks of Weekly Survival and Weekly Finals are held on March 23 (Wednesday), March 26 (Saturday, Saturday), respectively. Korea, Japan, and Chainiz Taipei / Hong Kong / Macao The upper teams of the Weekly Survival Cumulative Points, which are held for each region, enter the Weekly Final.

Glorious Dawn Quilt-Along: LIVE Check-in with Angela Walters - WEEK 2

PWS: All of the Machines of Phase 1 will begin at 7 pm and can be watched through Africa TV, Twitch, YouTube, Naver TV.

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