Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded introduced an updated version of the Renaissance Map through the Rebirth Reinforced Event event. In a limited event, four different tests are waiting for you, for the execution of which players receive special cosmetic awards. Follow this manual for details on the same.

All tests of the enhanced event “Revival” in the combat zone

  1. The army of one: Destroy three enemies in Resurgence Solos on the island of Renaissance.
  2. Legendary Trader: Exchange 30 legendary weapons units at a weapon trade station on the Renaissance Island.
    • You can perform after unlocking the arms trading station in the first community test.

3. Push or pull: Pull or stop the cargo for 20 minutes on the island of Renaissance.

* Can be performed from the second week of the event.
  1. Make this rain: Gather 5 million dollars in bloody money on the island of Renaissance.
    • You can run from the third week of the event.

Each of these tasks will give players 5000 XP in addition to one cosmetic award. All rewards included in the enhanced event “Revival” are presented below.

All awards for the enhanced event “Revival” in the combat zone

  1. The army of one: “All is not so bad” the legendary gesture
  2. Legendary Trader: Rare Emblem “Atomic Fragmenter”
  3. Push or pull: Epic charm for weapons “Nuclear fragmenter”
  4. Make this rain: Epic Watch “Calling Past”

In addition, the fulfillment of all four tests will bring you a bonus award- “ Drawing of legendary weapons Toxic Heavy for DP27 Easy machine gun.

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