Sony Interactive Entertainment broadcasts a program “State of Play” featured “ Gran Turismo 7 ” on February 3 and delivers the latest information including the first public video. This work is scheduled to be released on March 4 for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5.

Gran Turismo 7 State of Play Event - My Thoughts
“Gran Turismo 7” is the latest work of the Driving Simulator “Gran Turismo” series that Polyphony and Digital Works under SIE. As a compilation of the series, we will convey all of the past 150 years of automobile culture and race culture, and we have made significant evolution in all aspects, such as game systems and game volumes.

In this work, more than 60 car brands and 400 car models around the world include vehicles. Also, it is planning to add sequentially by updating. And the course of the race and event is a realistic, fictional, fictional inclusion 34 Location and 97 layout. This is also scheduled to be added with updates.

First of all, “map” is mentioned as one of the elements that have been resurrected in this work. It is designed by imaging the resort area where you can enjoy car life, and is a menu screen that can be directly accessed to all features of this work. For example, there is a “cafe” as having access from the map. The cafe is the center of the game play of this work, and there is a “menubook” where various challenges are written here. If you complete the task, you can hear the commentary of each car in detail.

Cardyer provides three types of brand Central Used Car Dealer Legend Car Dealer. Brand Central is a shopping mall that can purchase new cars since 2001, and each company’s dealer is gathered. It is said that about 300 car models will be sold.

Used Car Dealer is a used car specialty dealer. It is possible to buy more reasonable, but there is also something that has a premiere price in Japanese sports cars in the 1990s. Used car lineup will be updated daily. And in the legend car dealer, only historical prices are collected.

Access the recording course from the World Circuit. You can participate in the held race, championship or various activities, and access the “Circuit Experience” to learn the course. “Custom race” that allows you to freely configure races, such as the weather, time, line number, and enemy car set, can also enjoy as an activity from here.

Of course, “license” can also be said to be a series of traditions. You can learn driving technology in step-up format while challenging short time trial tests. In addition, “mission race” that collects unique races is also provided, and drag races and drift trials can be enjoyed.

For multiplayer modes, offline can play two people in screen division. And online, “lobby” to enjoy with friends, “sport mode” that can enjoy a more serious race, and “meeting place” with a more casual lobby are prepared.

“Tuning shop” is returned as a further further element that has been resurrected. Tuning parts of more than 60 types are prepared, purchased and mounted to increase the performance of the car. In addition, in “GT Auto”, various maintenance such as customization of the appearance of the car, car wash and oil change, etc. can be performed. Aero part is 650 or more, the wheel is 130 or more, and the paint color contains about 1200 colors.

“Revalie editor” that can freely edit the appearance of a car and edit the appearance of the car. Power up. In addition to having a sticker that was impossible in the previous work “Gran Turismo Sport”, it is said that the upper limit of the number of stickers per unit is increasing.

In the so-called photomode, “Scapes” can shoot photos of cars at over 2500 spots worldwide. Each spot is recorded by HDR technology, and realistic light expression and high degree of freedom have enabled an advanced photographic representation close to impossible in the real world.

In addition, “race photography” which can enjoy photographing with a sense of movement in the race is also prepared. This is a mode that you can pause the race replay and shoot in the scene in that scene.

For replays, a new “music replay” appeared. Camera cuts are automatically generated automatically, instead of tracking the car with a camera preset to the course. It is a mode that becomes different camera workpiece each time the replay is played back.

The replays, photos, revalies, etc. created in this way can be viewed at “Showcase”, and it is also possible to share with other players through online.

Finally about the visual surface and physics simulation of this work. In the PS5 version, it corresponds to ray tracing and realizes graphics such as live-action. The producer’s name of the producer says that ray tracing is the most applicable to the expression of the car, and this work comments that he jumped to the next dimension.

The simulation of time change and weather change is also greatly improved. Based on the past huge weather data, the characteristic humidity, pressure and the like in each region are set to simulate the process of burning clouds. For example, Japan’s sky will change from Japan. In addition, the starry sky also becomes a higher quality expression, and when the atmosphere is clear and cloudy, the color of the stars will change.

The simulation of time and weather change seems to affect the road surface temperature, not the appearance only. As a result, tire grips, engine power, and the effect of the slip stream are affected. Also, after it was raining, it is also simulated that it is also to dry from the traveling line where there are many vehicles passing. In this work, “rain cloud radar” is prepared and can predict future weather near the race.

It has a bigger leap with the automotive physics simulation. In this work, he advoded the F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, celebrating Tiker’s Michelin for Tire Maker and tuning with many feedback from the Top driver of the FIA ​​GT Championship.

In order to reproduce the influence of downforce due to the height change before and after, the wind orientation, and the influence of handling due to turbulence, also introduced aerodynamic simulation. It is a simulation model that pursues how much driving feel is suitable for human senses.

In addition, PS5 version utilizes DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. When the tire is locked, or when the front tire begins to slip, the vibration when the understeer comes out, the fingertip can be transmitted to the fingertips, and the situation of the car can accurately feel the state of the car. Also, it corresponds to 3D object audio, and reproduces realistically what direction sounds from.

“Gran Turismo 7” will be released on March 4, 2022 for PS4 / PS5.