Team 17 and the Quebec Studio Fika Productions unveiled the release date of the Ship of Fools game. However, it will be necessary to wait a little more before you can put your hands on this very first game. It is alone or with a friend that you can, play this rogelite which takes place in Archipelago. The Ship of Fools crew will have to work together to eliminate the threats of Everlasting Storm and prevent aquapocalypse. It is therefore November 22 on Switch, PS5, Xbox Series and PC that Shipp of Fools will be available.

The key features of Ship of Fools include:

Explosive combat -Frenzy on board ships against colossal leviathans and horrible creatures from the deep and dark waters of the archipelago

Fermented cooperation experience -Conça from the start for the game in cooperation, manage the repairs of the ship in the fire of the action, recharge and re-manead the cannons, and use paddles to hit enemies When they climb aboard the Stormstrider


Endless replayability -Meuxilire your crew and unlock additional objects and madmen to face the seas in constant evolution, with several races necessary to avoid aquapocalypse.