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New game Steam Deck now available for free

A new Steam game compatible with Steam Deck is now available free of charge, courtesy of Valvula, the creators of Steam and Steam Deck. And the new free game is a game derived from Portal. Over the years, Steam has developed and published some legendary games and series, including media life, Left 4 Dead, Contraataque and dota. Not much of this portal and portal 2 though. Unfortunately, there is no news of portic 3 or some reason to wait poric 3 to be done at any time soon. However, what Steam users do is aperture Desk Job, a free game set in the portal universe.

According to Steam, the game has been designed with Steam Deck specifically in mind, providing players a tutorial on the new hardware piece. Therefore, as expected, it is on the shortest side. If it is good or not, we do not know. However, Steam reviews are currently “overwhelmingly positive”, with 97 percent of users qualifying the game positively.

INSANE Steam Deck Ebay Prices + FREE Steam Game SOON!

«Low your expectations: this is not a sequel to portal. Now get ready to upload them a bit, because it is in the expanded universe of those games, “says Valve of the game. _ Desktop work_ Place you directly on the driver’s seat in Aperture Science. Then quickly eliminate the driving part and add a desk facing the seat. “

An official launch of the game continues:

« Opening deskwork reimagin the gender of the simulators of walking that have already been done and place them in the world full of endorphins and lightning lightning sit up still behind things. Play as a gift no one of entry level on your first day of work: Your heart full of hope and your legs full of dreams, anxious to ascend on the corporate scale. But life has other plans, and everyone involves chairs. Designed as a free playable short for the new Steam Deck of Valve, Desk Job guides it through the controls and functions of the handheld, without being as boring as it seems ».

Of course, there is no entrance barrier to use Steam. However, Steam Deck is a different story. Depending on the model, the price varies from $ 399 to $ 529 to $ 649. For more coverage about Steam Deck, Steam and everything related to PC Games, including not just the latest official news, but also the latest unofficial news, click here.

Diablo 3 Wait with your Challenge Portal to Friday

The new Challenge Portal Diablo 3 is playing with a deadlier. However, you should wait until the start of Season 25 on Friday before you concludes it. We show you how the portal works and why you should not complete it now.

What is this for a portal? If you now start Diablo 3, then you will find the campaign, adventure mode and also the challenge portal when selecting the game modes. This particular type of portals give you a class with build that you should beat her with the setup within a time specification by a large nephalemportal.

The challenge portals are available for a long time in Diablo 3, but before starting a new season you should not solve them, as the rewards are perfect for starting a new character.

Preserve the Challenge Portal 233 from Season 25

Why should you keep this? On Friday, the 10th of December, Season 25 starts in Diablo 3. If you want to lie fast, it is recommended to start the Season with the Challenge Rift. Because you assure you the following rewards:

Bounty material (15 each)
35 of death
475 blood clippers
Crafting material
4,6 million gold

If you then turn off Lanais cube, then you can extract legendary properties to the start and make your Level phase much easier and faster. For this reason alone, it is worth waiting with the degree until the Season is started.

How does the Challenge Portal for Season 25? Depending on the region where you play, the Challenge Rift changes. This also changes weekly. Diablo expert Raxxanterax has looked at the new Challenge Rift, analyzes and explains in the video as you solve it. But for the EU players is an annoying rift before:

In general, it is helpful to commands the Golem to a place and then, with used essence, to run over the corpses that exist in the landing of the Golem. Through your aura you generate essence with it and creates automatically cadavers.

Raxxanterax also emphasizes in the video that the challenge portal should only be completed after the start of the Season, so that you can use the rewards for the new Season 25. So now practices a bit, but does not close the portal.

Diablo 3 Challenge Rift 233 EU Guide DON'T COMPLETE UNTIL SEASON 25 STARTS FRIDAY!

With the RIFT you will get to know a fancy build of the deadlocked and can try it directly without a level. But would you play the deadlock in S25 or take another class?

Survey: Which class do you play in Season 25? Ancestors turn the fate wheel

Battlefield 2042 First tests ratings are there so cuts the ego

Battlefield V is an ego shooter developed by the Swedish computer system game supplier EA DICE, which was released by Electronic Arts on November 20, 2018, around the world for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is this of the 16th component of the Battlefield series.

The launch of Battlefield 2042 has occurred: Pre-order and EA Play Pro members are now increasing in the battles — at least on the consoles, the activation of the PC version takes place only at 9 o clock. Around the early access start, the first tests have gone to the new ego shooter of Dice Live. For a better overview, we have subsequently compiled individual reviews and evaluations of the international press. The basis for the scoring overview was the website, which bundles the tests of the publications.

There are currently only tests to the PC version, Reviews for PlayStation and Xbox are likely to follow in the coming days. For currently 17 submitted PC tests, Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now €54.99 / €53.99) on an average rating of 80 percent. Battlefield 2042 brings the sandbox back into the series — in an equal brave as a controversial way, for example, writes EGG, which gives the full score in his test. The massive, well-designed maps would give a lot of space for playful experiments, the modes are a force. With All-out Warfare, Portal and Hazard Zone, Battlefield 2042 finally offer a game variant for every taste.

Ex Video in turn writes that the portal mode is apparently holding all its promises and allows the creation of individual modes — be crazy or challenging. Hobby Consoles refers to a missing campaign at Battlefield 2042, but writes that the ego shooter would focus on what he could best: a deep, fun multiplayer mode. The 128 game bugs on PC and Next-Gen consoles promise the most spectacular battles of the series.

Hardcore Gamer rates Battlefield 2042 with 70 out of 100 percent. Among other things, a fantastic gameplay and a number of new features as well as improvements are praised. Survivor (45 percent), in turn, comes to the conclusion that Battlefield 2042 would have needed some time more for the development. In a world where developers have to work from home and to reset games because of the pandemic, EA decided that Battlefield 2042 is ready to be released this year. Is not it, writes the portal.

Write our colleagues from golem.DE: Everything works epic, huge and gripping. Alone because of the breathtakingly beautiful and harmonious environments, where new discoveries are waiting again and again, every leap on the virtual battlefield looks like an adventure. However, The technical problems with flying tanks and the heavens-warpling helicopters are likely to worry about many males-amused comments over the coming days and weeks. Dice therefore has apparently still has several updates in front of the chest to remove bugs and glitches from the game world of Battlefield 2042.

As our preliminary conclusion about Battlefield 2042 fails, you will learn about this link. While I was still shocked at the first impression in the normal multiplayer, as sterile and cold looks the game and how fails the specialists look, Battlefield 2042 has meanwhile risen in my favor. Hazard Zone offers exciting matches, partly in magnificent maneuvers Peaks, but the highlight is Battlefield Portal, writes Tester Carlo Siebenhuner. We will soon deliver our complete test. The regular launch of Battlefield 2042 will be made on November 19th.

Battlefield 2042: Test Overview to the EGO Shooter (PC)

Battlefield 2042 - Official Reveal Trailer
EGG 100
Battlefield 2042 Brings The Sandbox Back to the Series in Bold and Controversial Ways. The New Specialist System Might Seem Like Sacrilege at First, But It Opens Up Gameplay Opportunities That Weren t Possible in Previous Titles. The Massive, Well-Designed Maps Offer Plenty of Room for Experimentation and Emergent Stories, and The Modes Are A Blast. And That s Just All-out Warfare. Between That, Hazard Zone, and The Expansive Battlefield Portal, Battlefield 2042 Has Something for Everyone, Without Feeling Like It s Stretched Too Thin. It s a true evolution of the Series, One That Pushes Back Against A Stagnation That Treated The Series Future. It Won t be for everyone, but for players who crave imagination and fun from their battlefields, it Will Give Them Everything That They Crave and more.

Jeuxvideo – 90
Battlefield 2042 does everything expected of it and more. Not content with fully succeeding in its traditional multi-pan, this opus has the luxury of offering additional gigantic and highly qualitative content to players. Portal mode seems ready to keep all of its promises and allow the creation of various modes whether they are crazy or competitive. Hazard Zone, on the other hand, succeeds in unexpected situations and offers a particularly successful reading of the game in squads. Beautiful as a truck, generous, modular and damn fun to play, 2042 is neither more nor less than one of the best games of the license.

Digital Trends – 90
Being online-only, Battlefield 2042 had to make up for its lack of any single-player content whatsoever with a variety of worthwhile online content. The game s developers have not only succeeded in that regard, but they have gone above and beyond. All-Out Warfare is a fantastic evolution on the classic Battlefield experience, modernizing the franchise with more scale, spectacle, and ways to play than ever before. Battlefield Portal and Hazard Zone likewise shine in their own regards, with the former proving that it can serve as the base for players to create their own unique experiences within 2042. If any future Battlefield title omits these two modes, I might consider them incomplete.

Press Start Australia – 85
It s not without its issues, but Battlefield 2042 is off to a fantastic start for DICE s beloved series. All-Out Warfare modes are immersive, Hazard Zone is enjoyable while Battlefield Portal steals the show. There s a lot to love here, and I m excited to see where the game goes.

Hobby Consoles – 84
Battlefield 2042 skips the campaign and sticks to what it does best: deep, fun multiplayer. The 128 player figure (on PC and next gen) ensures the most spectacular battles in the series, and we love Battlefield Portal s nods to previous installments. The analyzed version had some minor bugs.

Attack of the Fanboy – 80
Battlefield 2042 feels like a game made specifically for Battlefield fans. Multiplayer is fast-paced and chaotic, and while new modes like Hazard Zone and Portal are a mixed bag, they provide an excellent foundation for the game to build on going forward.

Replayed – 80
Heading in a multiplayer-only direction, 2042 offers a unique blend of experiences that combines classic Battlefield sensibilities with fresh new ideas, making for a game filled with exciting content to explore whether you re a returning veteran or a series newbie.

Meditation – 78
Battlefield 2042 is proof that the classics it incorporates through Portal offer a better image of the essence of the saga compared to the All-Out Warfare experience.

Hardcore Gamer – 70
Battlefield 2042 should have been a triumphant return of the franchise and developer. In some respects, Battlefield 2042 delivers on its promises thanks to fantastic gameplay, a suite of new features and improvements, and a presentation that looks as good as it plays. Unfortunately, the game falls short just as much, if not more.

Survivor – 45
In a world where developers are getting used to working from home and games are being pushed back due to the global pandemic, EA decided that Battlefield 2042 was ready for this year. It s not.

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