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FIFA 23: These are all the news of Ultimate Team, with all about the new chemistry system

The most anticipated content of FIFA 23 is already here. For several seasons, Ultimate Team is the star mode, thanks to the fantasy soccer options it offers. Each season, EA Sports continues to add new functions so that we spend hours in front of the screen and weekend giving cane to Fut Champions . And this time it will not be different.

In the presentation video you can see all the New News , but then we summarize them so that you are clear that you are going to find when the game comes out on September 30. With more than interesting changes, such as the redesign of the chemistry system that will change the approach when making our template in Ultimate Team

All the news of Ultimate Team in FIFA 23

New Simplified Chemistry System for FUT

EA Sports has changed the chemistry system for our Ultimate Team teams, something that had already been rumored during the last weeks. According to account, it is now intended to give more flexibility when building fantasy templates. With a more simplified system, we can make players share chemistry regardless of their position in the field.

Thus, players will be paired for their shared combinations of club, league and nationality, and the need for direct links between neighboring players and that lead to negative impact on the attributes of chemistry links will be eliminated.

As indicated in their Pitch Notes, it is thus intended that in Ultimate Team there is a broader selection of players by eliminating the barriers created by professional links. From a certain level, the teams are practically identical and this will change with this modification. The loyalty system has also been eliminated.

With the elimination of the general chemistry of the team, now the approach is to increase the chemistry of each individual player in your initial eleven. Each player can win up to three chemistry points, allowing an individual player chemistry score of 0-3 . To do this, there will be several adjustments to make, such as putting the player specifically in his favorite position.


It is a new game mode for a player based on Ultimate Team that will offer us more options and challenges. EA Sports indicates that they are gambling experiences with party durations and flexible template requirements . In addition to completing inspired and thematized challenges with the real world, with seasonal events and campaigns.

Completing the challenges you will gain stars that you can use whenever you want throughout the ** fut 23 season to unlock rewards dedicated to future moments, including players, packs and much more.

Cross game on all platforms

Now, thanks to crossplay in FIFA 23 , it will be easier to find matches in FUT, as it will look for players from all platforms. Of course, this mechanic will be available to users with systems of the same generation (PS5, Xbox Series and PC on the one hand; PS4 and Xbox One on the other.

There will be a global transfers market , so the matter will also be easier and disputed when trying to acquire a specific letter. Cross game is available at Fut Rivals, FUT Friendly Online, Fut Champions, Fut Play A Friend and Fut Online Draft.

new heroes and icons

Although they have not yet specified too much, EA confirms that there will be new mythical players, both in the categories of heroes and icons. All these players will also adapt to the renewed chemistry system.

World Cup

To celebrate the World Cup and squeeze the EA agreement with the FIFA that is about to end, there will be different thematic and dynamic content that celebrate the largest sporting event in the world, including the special articles of FIFA World Cup players, with special cards when the event arrives.


Fut Stadium improvements increase visual effects so that your club’s game is even more spectacular. A new roof, together with the improvements in the visual effects, increase the variety when creating a unique field, while the iridiscent and emissive designs of the equipment or the trophies of the countryside and the great animated typhos They offer you new ways to make your futy stadium between the crowd.

World of Warcraft makes fans of change have been asking since 2008

Blizzard Entertainment has made an important change in the world of Warcraft_ ‘s ira of King Lich, and it is one that fans have been asking since the expansion was launched for the first time. The achievement “Hard blow school” has been a thorn on the side of the players since 2008. Completing the achievement has been a requirement to complete the achievement of children’s week “for children.” The change was made as part of a review released on May 4, and should provide a lot of relief to players who have been fighting with this achievement over the years.

A small list of patch notes from Warcraft_ world the official website can be found below:

dungeons and raids

Sepulcher of the first *
Anduin Wrynn
* The time that players take to be susceptible to blasphemy increased after returning to their body.
Pain Theater
* Enemies that are not bosses
* A problem was corrected that caused the demoralization and dominant presence of the old captain to increase the damage received when the players loved him.


* World events
* The “hard blow school” is no longer necessary for the achievement of children’s week “for children.”

Asmongold BLOWN AWAY By Blizzard BEST Game Ever Reveal | Warcraft Mobile

Blizzard may have taken a long time to make this change, but it is good to see that the company finally listened to those who had been asking. On Twitter, fans have been asking that the requirement be eliminated every May, when the child’s week arrives. Fans have tried to beg, plead, and even bribe Blizzard to eliminate the requirement. It is surprising to look back on Twitter and see so many people crying out for this change, and it is difficult to exaggerate how relieved the players must be.

Children’s Week came to an end today, so we hope that May 4 review has been a more pleasant experience! The achievement School of Hard Knocks prevented many players from obtaining the Violet Proto-Drake, but it seems that it was a little easier to achieve thanks to the change.

Are you happy that Blizzard has finally listened to fans in this case? Did the achievement of School of Hard Knocks caused you stress? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter at @MARCDACHAMP to talk about everything related to games!

Call of Duty Warzone: a monstrous video of season 3 confirms Godzilla, and it will not be alone!

Recently, the news around Call of Duty only knew by the upcoming arrival of season 3. To give a new impetus to its last two productions, namely Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard, the giant Activision reflected on a new collaboration, just as gigantic as Shingeki’s Titans No Kyojin. After a teasing that invited players to do intensive research and decryptions, the American publisher has formalized the arrival of not one, but of two colossy!

The WARZONE SEASON 3 Teasers Are Getting Bigger... (Warzone Season 3 Events)


J-20 before the Monarch Operation

The arrival of Snoop Dogg, ready to pork his opponents and to defrave his big pests, will not have obscured one of the biggest rumors about season 3, “weapons top secret”, from Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard . Last week, the new season of the Royal Battle of Activision was revealed through a small trailer that concluded on a strange discovery. From, Activision tilted the curiosity of players in publishing audio extract as terrifying as intrigaging! It did not take long for players to point a crossover potential with one of the most iconic cinema monsters, namely Godzilla.

The more the activism communication multiplied, especially through a handful of visuals , the more the players seemed to see their impressions confirmed. But, quickly, a clue did not agree with the only arrival of the famous Kaijū since a message indicated that “ the monsters exist” while another mentioned the fact “s they arrive“. Of course, in the latest productions around the huge lizard, he was not the only head of poster since a certain King Kong came to give him a hard time. In short, to believe, the trailer broadcast by Activision, the Map of Caldera will be well and the theater of their new confrontation, which will only add more chaos in the parts of the players! **

on cod, the time of the battle of the monsters rang

While an airplane flies over a jungle species, the atmosphere seems sticky, lugubre or even terrifying, and the sudden arrival of King Kong confirms the cataclysm that is preparing on Call of Duty: Warzone . The King of Primates is ready to fight, and he will have an opponent at his waist since off Caldera emerges his biggest rival, Godzilla. Call of Duty soldiers are therefore called for reinforcement to carry out “monarch_operation”.

This will begin with a slight offset compared to the launch of the Decall of Duty season: Warzone since the duel at the top between the two monsters will take place as from May 11 . In the meantime, players can enjoy the coming of an exceptional operational , confirming the rumors that we had heard about it a few weeks before, armed with his own arsenal.


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I’m just not believing that we go from Verdansk who had everything to please this shit of Caldera, and now King Kong and Godzila, what I loved Warzone it was precisely his side “Realist” more soil Earth Kong and Godzilla Cest Tolerable in Fortnite, not Warzone.

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Totw 31 FIFA 22 with Ledesma, Carvajal and Cristiano Ronaldo Available

FIFA 22 Confirms all players that are part of the team of the week 31 . The new Totw arrives another edition more to exalt the performance of the most outstanding players in the lConan Ledesmat strip of official parties. Remember that they are already available by opening envelopes for limited time or in the transferable market.

Equipment of week 31 in FIFA 22: All elected


Who's in FIFA 22 TOTW 31? ???? #Shorts

  • PT: Ledesma, 86, Cádiz FC
  • Li: Carvajal, 86, Real Madrid
  • LD: Kalulu, 84, AC Milan
  • MCD: Kimmich, 92, Bayern Munich
  • MI: Goodwin, 84, Adelaide United
  • MC: Torreira, 83, Fiorentina
  • MC: Bruno Guimaraes, 82, NewcConan Ledesmatle
  • DC: Christian Ronaldo, 93, Manchester United
  • DC: Haaland, 89, Borussia Dortmund
  • DC: Lautaro Martínez, 88, Inter de Milan

Substitutes and Reservations

  • PT: Forster, 84
  • CT: ThomConan Ledesma, 81
  • Ct: hacko, 81
  • MD: Sallai, 81
  • MI: Kainz, 81
  • EI: Taremi, 86
  • DC: Dembééé, 84
  • CT: Beckles, 75
  • MCO: Wales, 73
  • SD: Bülter, 78
  • DC: CConan Ledesmatellanos, 78
  • EI: ilie, 70

The team of the week 31 stands out by two players from Laliga Santander. The first is Conan Ledesma, the goalkeeper of Cádiz FC . The Argentine wConan Ledesma key to him that he would achieve the victory for the minimum against FC Barcelona. On the other hand, Carvajal also curdled a great match in front of Seville.

Conan Ledesma for the most valued about the selection, the throne is offered exclusively for Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to its 93 average Conan Ledesmasessment . It follows another usual of the Totw: Kimmich, with 92. The next step is distributed between Haaland, with 89, and Lautaro Martínez, with 88.

But the most interesting item is goodwin . Although it is difficult to fit by the league and nationality of it, the mediocentro hConan Ledesma 94 rhythm and 85 both in physicist and rue. You can already find them in FIFA 22.

Where to find all creatures to drive to LEGO STAR WARS SKYWALKER SAGA

In the extensive worlds LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga has something to do. Players have the opportunity to purchase tons Unlocked characters full Sided missions Solve Puzzles and finish Problems . One action that players can do is ride driving creatures throughout the game.

All locations of driving creatures

There is 10 Riding beings And if the players are settled by all, they will get an achievement / trophy called I have never seen this ! That’s where to find all 10 of these animals.


Players can find this creature pretty early in the game. Kaadu Located in superior to people, but does not exceed Gunganov Status Mission in Lake Ponga Zone Nabu in Episode I: Ghostly Threat .


Petranaki Panic 100% Walkthrough LEGO The Skywalker Saga

An Orerey You can see during part 1 of the plot mission Petranaki Panic in Episode II: Clone Attack . This is a combat Arena, where players are fighting with three beasts. rivers , Neksu and Eclay . Follow the enemy traveling on the Orreg. Players can knock down the enemy from this creature to settle it.


In part 2 From Petranaki panic , players have the opportunity to settle one of the beasts fighting in the arena. After the battle with all three of them, players can range like a nosed beast named rivers .


in Kanto-byte Area on the planet Cantonics Players can find a ride creature, called Fium . There are many such creatures in this area, so they will not be difficult to find them.


The next ride creature, Ronto You can see in Mos Eisley Zone Tatinuin . In this area, there are quite a few animals on which you can get riding, so follow the high and most popular creature with a seat on your back.


Bates are another type of driving beings in Mos Eisley Zone Tatooin . Players should look for their horns, similar to lamb, and very fluffy bodies.


Players can find dew Riding creature Very close to the bows in Mos Eisley Tatooin . It looks like a reptile and has a green shade of the skin.


A Towntown You can see next to the landing site in Echo Base Plate Planet hot . Make sure that they do not stand on two legs.


Players will need to go to place of the accident on KEF BIR and start a side mission Orbak game without name Coulder ride on Orbak . Talk to Keeper Orbak To start this mission.


Until the last rising creature can only be reached after completion Luggabeast of Burden Single task received in Village Towan on Jacca . After that, players can find Lagabyst next to the seating area Zadavas NIIMA Zone Jacca .

Want to know more about LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA? Learn how to go through the Anti-Trooper Challenge test in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga in the players on the game for professionals!

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Release date, patchoties, armor and more

After a slightly bumpy start with the fans, you will find much to love in the upcoming season of 2 Heiligen’s certificate infinite . While the game was a critical and commercial success at the start, players are slowly fed up with the lack of updates that have come for the multiplayer aspect of the game. When it was published for the first time, the players were more than happy to dive back to a halo gameplay of the old school, but a lack of cosmetics, armor and more has led the fans to ask for more.

Therefore, Season 2, Lonely wolves, develops into a Gamechanger for the title. Below you will learn everything that is contained while we deal with what this season will be worth your time and effort to return to the battlefields.

Halo Infinite – Release Date of Lone Wolves, Patchoties, Armor and more

When starts Season 2

Season 2, Lonely wolves starts 3. May 2022 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. You will probably expect that next to this new season, a big update will appear because the fight will add some new features.

What comes in Season 2

Similar to the Battle Pass Season 1 You will see 100 steps from cosmetics, items and more to unlock. However, 343 Industries has not yet gone to detail, if any. There are a few pieces of equipment discovered in the short trailer, as Z skulls worn on the shoulder of a spartan who enthuseders enthusiastically. It seems that the problems encountered 343 with the Season 1 Battle Pass were heard, and new and exciting things are drawing.

343 Industries, however, has at least confirmed Two new cards is added to the game. Breaker will be a… Big Team Battle Card and Catalyst , which seems to be a much smaller card and allows chaos to a much larger scale. Both cards are recorded in several playlists on the first day, so they do not have to worry about missing them.

Last Spartan Standing, King of the Hill and Land Grab will also land with this new content update on May 3. Last Spartan Standing Seems a note from Battle Royale Genre and play how to take Fourteen days , where it is a “free-for-all-elimination mode”, where the last person who, the The winner is alive. King of the Hill is an old classic mode that greatly returns to the series, where teams are fighting for a place and Landbraub seems to take a hint Koth where teams fight for five different landscapes that fight can not be recaptured.


According to Halo Waypoint and 343, you will see these changes soon:


  • The ability to hear the shield charging out of an opponent is reduced to prevent too much information about the location of a player from being deployed
  • The volume of the Grunt Birthday Party Sound Effect is increased in the campaign



  • Catalyst (new arena card) will be added to several playlists on the first day
  • King of the Hill is added to several playlists
  • Attrition is added to several playlists
  • In the attrition, a revived player can move immediately after the spawn
  • At Motion Tracker (Radar), the outside edge recognition is activated for shooting and sprinting in social playlists

Big team fight

  • Breaker (new BTB card) is added to matchmaking on the first day
  • Jeff Steitzer’s voice returns to call players deserved medals
  • The problem that led to asymmetric weapons rack spawns has been fixed


  • Instead of pursuing the entire session of a player, the CSR progress bar now shows the progress of his last game

Custom Games & Forge

  • Fix some errors in custom games, and there will be more

Personal Ki & Spartan Chatter

  • Balance adjustments have been made to highlight what is most important to the players


  • Noticeable stability improvements; The team has fixed dozens of PC crashes



  • Near fights should be more consistent, with opponents less “messing up” and less “sniffing” when a melee should have connected


  • Global reduction of melee damage by 10% for all weapons requires that the manger lands two shots and a blow for a kill.
  • The basic shot (not charged) of the RAVager increases the damage


  • This system now has options that allow players to change the opacity and thickness based on their preferences


  • Drop Wall will experience a slight increase in performance
  • Overshield offers a little more shielding

Halo Infinite | Season 2 Announce Trailer - Lone Wolves


  • Chopper collision damage (splatter) is increased to its vehicle splatter shine
  • The agility and damage emissions of Banshee are increased to improve his role as a strike fighter
  • Warthog & Razorback should be more resilient against turning and jumping


  • Bundles have a more consistent value across different offers

Battle Pass & Progress

  • The free track of Season 2 will contain more adaptation contents than that of Season 1
  • Players can earn 1000 CR in the S2 Premium Battle Pass
  • Weekly challenges will be continuously improved
  • Ultimate rewards will be high-quality cosmetics such as visors, coatings and attitudes during the season and have no emblems or backgrounds.

Theater & Observers

  • Theater & Observer will have updates to fix the general stability, problems caused by considering multiple films in succession and problems that arise in one another when viewing multiple games in succession

Saints at infinity is now available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. Lone Wolves will be published at 3. May 2022 with free and 10-dollar stages.

Fanboy’s attack / play guide / Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Release date, patchoteats, armor and more

The off-road races of MX vs ATV Legends put date at its launch with a brand-new trailer

MX vs ATV Legends will enable us to contend in races multiplayer for 2 gamers at divided display , along with having a online setting for 16 players with group play. We can additionally individualize to our pilot, along with the lorries , with the primary suppliers of the Off-Road motor globe.

MX Vs ATV Legends - Announcement Trailer

The title, created by Rainbow Studios and also modified by Thq Nordic has provided its new trailer in which some of the novelties of the game are presented. We will have a new Race setting , where we will choose that will take us by different courses, consisting of possibilities of sponsorship or invitations at ** special occasions.

One of its anticipated news comes with the mode mapped that has actually been provided in this last trailer, with “outdoor high-intensity races”. This video game setting promises to take us via big extensions where we will certainly follow our very own path. Faster ways and also difficult jumps will check our reflections to reach our objective before our competitors.

The veteran franchise of off-road driving offered its new delivery in September of in 2015, nonetheless, we are not mosting likely to need to wait a great deal to be able to offer gas completely and load us with mud: MX vs ATV Legends arrives at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and also Computer through Steam The following May 24 .

Fallout 76: five years Roadmap in planning

Despite the bumpy start in 2018, Bethesda always stuck to Fallout 76. One heard the feedback from the fans, brought many improvements into the role-playing game and ensures regular seasons and events that there is always something in Appalachia.

And one end does not appear in sight. For how Design Director Mark Tucker revealed in an interview, he himself work on a 5-year roadmap.

The further you look at the roadmap, the most blurred will be, because you would constantly adapt things, even with regard to what the players want.

“The funny thing is when I could show you what stands on this other monitor here would like to see it, because it’s a five-year plan I work. We have long-term plans, and things will be a little blur, the farther we go, because we adapt them, depending on what appears and we see what the players want and what they do. “

“The message to our players is: There is no reason to believe that we will not update the game further. We do a lot to make sure we can continue to update the game over a long period of time. We have a lot of funny, cool things, of which I can not wait to tell people. Things going beyond this year. “

FALLOUT 76 | Bethesda's 5 YEAR Roadmap + New Expeditions Info & More!
Recently, the developer showed what players in Patch 34 and in Season 8 may expect Fallout 76.

Does Project ZomBoid have an ending?

If you are interested, whether the Project ZomBoid has an ending, the answer is: No . Project ZomBoid does not have a basic story , quests , or anything that would have the end. Because of this, the current game exists like experience of the open sandbox where players create their own stories.

However, it will not always be so, as we will see how the game will come to a new level with a large number of updates. According to the blog, published in January, Project ZomBoid will eventually receive an NPC and an extension for crafting.

This expansion for crafting will offer many alternative ways to obtain items and resources, which will eventually become a little. The expansion of the crafting will also launch the basis for players so that they can create a community similar to medieval communities with other players.

The End | S3E97 | One Painful Year Challenge | PROJECT ZOMBOID BUILD 41 BETA!
In the end, NPC will be added and brings many new systems similar to what is in RimWorld. These systems will also include unique plot events, group behavior systems and possibly the ability of these NPC drive cars.

But it is important to note that for some time we will not see any of these systems and will arrive later. Updates . However, with the emergence of these systems and the new content, the endgame will potentially shift with simply survival to public construction.

To get more Project ZomBoid Guides, we will provide you with a constantly expanding guide list!

How to defeat the duelist keeper graves in Elden Ring

The grave keeper-duelist is an optional boss in the catacombs of gloomy water. The boss has a wide area of ​​attack and causes a lot of endurance damage, which makes the blocking quite complicated. It also has many punishable moves that players can take advantage if they know when it is safe to attack.

How to defeat the duelist keeper graves in the catacombs of gloomy water

At the first collision Duelist Keeper Graves , the boss is open for a quick strike of long-range characters. They will remove the hood and rush into the attack.

movement – kick over your head

The boss uses a blow from above attack using both of its hammer. This attack has a short completion recognized by the guarage of the graves, raised both of its hammer into the air. This can be done at the end of combo or independently.

attack and evasion – blow from above

Far battle characters can simply escape while completing this attack to cause damage. Melee characters can turn over when the attack begins to decline. The transition to the attack or behind the boss gives players enough time for several attacks.

movement – capture and slow blow

Grave Warden Duelist has two separate single attacks in their grab as well as slow hit Attacks. Capture can be easily seen when the boss is ground before moving forward with an elongated hand. The attack of a slow blow can be seen when the boss holds the hammer up before jumping forward, sometimes run and break the ground.

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Attack and evasion – Capture and slow blow

Both of these attacks are simple for long-term players, as they are well broadcast and require only a short distance before it is possible to safely attack. Melee players can roll through or from the side of the capture and slowly hit, responding with rolling. The boss has little downtime, before he sharpens.

movement – a combination of four blows

The most commonly used GRAVE WARDEN attack is a combination of four shots, including two swings . In the first attack, the boss jumps forward to attack what he woofers, raising his hammer. This is just one of the variations of this combo.

Attack and evasion – combo from four blows

Elden Ring - Grave Warden Duelist Made Simple (Murkwater Catacombs Boss, Limegrave)

Evasion at the initial zamach and run back is when the opening is available for long-range character characters. Melee characters will have to make every blow and can stand behind the boss during the animation of the chain crash for additional blows. The final blow will need to be thrown away, and, rolling into a blow, players can avoid damage and be close enough to apply as many strikes as possible.

Takes – Alternative Combo Four Boots

Starting Combo with Punch on top Grave Warden follows this attack with two Chain swing Its area of ​​action swinging, and then it SLEM jumps . The boss will often be mixed and combined the techniques from which it opens its combination of four shots, but always ends with the same 1. The shuffles with a large square, followed by a punch in a jump, always finishes these combinations.

Attack and evasion – alternating combo from four strikes

Blocked in combo animations, players can safely attack the boss, since most of its movements do not work. Tracking . For long-scale players, they can start attacking already when driving a chain, if there is a sufficient distance. Melee players can also attack during chain impacts, but only from behind.

moves – a combination of five blows

Despite the fact that he has so many cracklers, the most simple combination of Grave Warden Duelist is easy to avoid and anticipate. The beginning of the combo is the same as a combo from four strikes, but the boss continues to swing with his hammers horizontally. This may be discontinued prematurely if the player goes too far.

Attack and evasion – combo out of five blows

Players caught in this combination in the corner or by the wall should calculate the time of their throws when the hammer begins his arc. Otherwise, the movement is simple, and far-fighting players can take advantage of its long animation. Melee players will have to wait for the combo end before they can attack.

Takes – Warf

The weapon of the boss weapon is called Rabbing and will increase the speed of attack, protect and restore the endurance of anyone who uses it. Grave Warden will try to strengthen himself with this technique after he remains about 50 percent of health. It can be found in Red Aure around the boss.

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Strokes in the back and parry

The player can use his critical strikes to great efficiency during this struggle. All attacks above the head of Grave Warden Duelist can be Parissed and the boss can be Strike in the back . The parley window is very large and can be started as soon as the animation is beginning to appear.

Using shields

Players guarding their shields still have to fight back from many Grave Warden Duelist attacks. This is due to the number of endurance damage applied by their attacks. Garden break . Even with high endurance repetitive attacks, attacks on top and

Additional resources

The appeal of the Spirit is an easy way to divide the agro on this boss and an effective tool for obtaining several beats in the back. If the players have no appeal with a higher level of FP, use group challenges, such as Single Wolf ash or Skeletal militia Even more will divide the agro boss. This gives enough time to treat or attack as needed.

Update Weapons – a good call for battle, and players can farm blacksmith stones from enemies or exploring locations. Godrik Soldiers have a reasonable chance of falling out for them and can be processed Church of Elle Site Grace. They can also be found in Limgray Tunnels .

Advanced Elden Ring Guides see Where to Farm Forge Stones 1 in Elden Ring in professionals’ games manuals.

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