The fourth episode of The last of us of HBO presents us to a new character, Kathleen, whom we know in Kansas City QC.
There is still much to learn about her, but for now, if you are wondering who is exactly Kathleen in The last of us and if she is in the game this is what she needs to know.

Kathleen’s role in The last of us of HBO

Kathleen is the leader of a group called Hunters in the HBO adaptation of The last of us.
hunters are essentially a group of human scavengers who place traps for passersby who enter their city, stripping them of their resources and killing them.


From what we have seen in the fourth episode, Kathleen seems to be on the hunt for Henry and Sam, who crossed the hunters or originally were part of the group and are now trying to separate.
The Showrunner Craig Main has mentioned that Kathleen is an original character written for the program, and that it should not be seen as a purely evil character.
The spectators are likely to begin to hate her and, finally, they like us well as we learn more about their motivations.
Kathleen is also played by actress Melanie Lindsay, known for her last shawna role in yellow jackets.

Are Kathleen in the original game?

No, Kathleen is not a character of the original video game.
In fact, at this point in history, Joel and Ellie were in the QC of Pittsburgh, not in Kansas City.
They still meet the hunters, but in reality we never get to know the group leader in the game.
hbo adaptation is beginning to take more freedoms with history, beginning with the relationship of Bill and Frank, and laying the bases for Ellie’s darkest side.

That is all you need to know who Kathleen is in The last of us of HBO.
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