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New online GTA advance is excited to Grand Theft Autos fans

A new gta online While _Red Red online the support ceases to exist, rockstar games continues to support gta online before the launch of gta 6. And apparently, something remarkable is on the horizon for gta 5. The new advance comes from the hand of Tez2, one of the most prominent sources when it comes to everything related to Rockstar Games. After making fun that Rockstar Games has some news to share soon on a tweet now eliminated, the source added that “something new for a change will soon reach gta online in about two weeks or so.” Unfortunately, this is the scope of provocation.

The brief rumor does not mention what is exactly this “something new.” In particular, it occurs in the midst of rumors that ___gta online_ is obtaining a map expansion this summer in the form of Liberty City, the fictitious version of the series about New York City and the scenario of both gta III and gta 4. That said, there is nothing to connect this new rumor with these previous and more doubtful rumors of Liberty City apart from the moment.

Grand Theft Auto Fans Are NOT HAPPY With Rockstar Games NEW Announcement...

As expected, this provocation has grand theft auto excited fans, however, there is nothing in the advance that suggests that this “new” is good. The last time it happened “something new” with gta online was the controversy gta+. Interestingly, another well -known Rockstar Games filter intervened through the answers with a very cryptic and confusing tweet that presumably means something, but it is not clear what.

“If we are going to assume this new to vary, I would say it would be an equal balance in gta online soon,” said the filter, Matheusvictorbr.

To obtain more coverage above all things grand theft auto – including not only all the latest in _gta online continuation:

Splatoon 3: Before the release, a surprise around Splatoon 2 thanks to the Nintendo Switch Online!

This was the splashing announcement of this afternoon: Splatoon 3 has interfered in the news by announcing its release date, which is planned to land on the Switch Golden Week Sale to start on April 25th.
Game target for large consecutive holidays such as “Fire Emblem-style flower snow moon” and “Zenoblade 2″”>Nintendo Switch since this summer, and by providing this information from An unprecedented video presentation video against 4. However, it is not the only surprise around Splatoon since the subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack have the right to a small gift to wait!


Subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online on Amazon

SPLATOON 3 sets the table for this new component

Decidedly, there is movement regarding the release date of the upstairs of the Nippon manufacturer. After the announcement of the offset of the suite of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild then The revelation of the advanced exit of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 , it is The turn of another exclusivity Nintendo Switch to provide details on his exit. Yes, Splatoon 3 will come out well this summer as has been announced, and we finally know the official date **! In addition to this surprise ad, three minutes of gameplay have been published (and are visible in the video at the top of the article) to better illustrate the colorful jousting of this third opus.

Unfortunately, we are still in April, and it will be necessary to take his patience for a while for some time before spraying his enemies of painting. Malin, Big N found a simplest method to revive the madness around splatoon : Encourage players to revive splatoon 2 by offering them a small gift. However, it will be necessary to subscribe to the formulenintendo switch online + additional pack to take advantage of it. For those who are concerned, here’s what awaits you!

SPLATOON 2 resumes colors

By way of heating before the output of SPLATOON 3 , Nintendo dotes its additional pack of the generous extensionOcto expansion to splatoon 2 . For subscribers of this improved formula of the Nintendo Switch Online, it is already possible to recover a free copy of this DLC by visiting the extension page from the Hybrid console’s eshop.

Splatoon 2 trailer

After the content Happy Home Paradise Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The wave of unpublished circuits for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , Nintendo deciphes the benefits of its subscription Top of range. Besides, take the time to remember that The Octo Expansion of Splatoon 2 is not chick in terms of content since this DLC allows players to start an adventure in the octaling skin number 8 which s’ spread over no less than 80 missions filled with challenges.

Subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online on Amazon

This page contains affiliated links to some products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will return a commission. Learn more.

__Commander splatoon 2



19.99 €

All offers


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2 hours ago

I calculate: those who have already splatoon 2 and DLC OctoberExpansion for years have no interest in subscribing NSO +
And those who have already NSO + and having no splatoon 2 game will they have to buy Splatoon 2 (while his suite will arrive in nearly 4 months) to take advantage of this extension included?

Read more…



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Splatoon 3 – Release Date Revealed - Nintendo Switch

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Red Dead Redemption 2 fans insulted by the new online update of Red Dead

Rockstar's New Red Dead Online Update Today & All Changes (RDR2)
Like EN 2021, Rockstar Games continues to get angry dretion red 2 and _ redden red online. Time GTA 5 has been remastered for the second time (and although it is now available at its third generation of consoles), and while GTA online is still very compatible with several important updates a year, _ AREPRESSED RED_ Fans have not had anything to celebrate. Beall red online and Xbox series X. rubbing salt in the wound, Grand Theft Auto Fans have just obtained Remasterizations for _GTA 3, GTA vice city and gta san andreas. What did the red dead, do fanatics just understand? Cinnamon color pants in red online online_.

As every week, Rockstar Games launched its “weekly update” for red online online, and as every week in recent memory, it was a hamburger of anything. In fact, the update was so intrascendent that the Tweet of the official Twitter account of Rockstar Games that announces it focuses on the part that allows players to get tanned tanned pants for competing in five legendary rewards. Not really.

As expected, the update and the Tweet have not sitting well to the fans, who responded to complain and protest for another disappointing update.

«Now that GTA online Milked Edition has been launched; How about more information about Red Online_ Future Updates, Content, Roles. Properties, robberies, robberies, weapons, horses, more stable posts, passes, quality of life or just tell us who has finished supporting this game », says a popular response.

«Tan Tied Pants. This will definitely revive the game. Great job, Rockstar. You definitely know what fanatics want ». added another popular response.

For now, it remains to be seen what is the future of Red Dead online, but it does not look good. In case it’s useful, we’ve heard the team support the red online online, now it’s small, with most Rockstar Games working on GTA 6. While Red Dead Online seems to be dead, hope remains for fans of dreted red 2 The campaign for a player, with rumors that periodically arise that says that Rockstar Games is working to take the game to PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Cog considers the climb of advertisements in the game

NBA 2K21 takes a little heat online after the fans have discovered advertisements in the game. They have not appeared immediately, appearing as magic one month after their exit. Perhaps they hoped no one would notice it? As, these videos pushing the Oculus Quest 2 that make each load screen 15 seconds longer than necessary? These advertisements? Yeah, people have really noticed them, guys.

Super Bowl Commercials: Why This Year Could Be Known as the ‘Crypto Bowl’ | WSJ

You think that 2k games would have learned his lesson after this thing happened last year. I guess the indignation of fans is worth less than advertising dollars. To be honest, most things on the planet land are worth less than advertising dollars. Companies are rather happy to reduce their GDP of one or two to make sure you see their toothpaste, their pubic hairspress or their luxury cars. So far, only EA and 2K derive these manifiers, but the rest of the AAA crew is probably not far behind. Who cares about indignation of consumers when it pays so well, amirite ???

Well, Games videos, I have terrible news. The players vote with their portfolio. You can not even whisper Denuvo in a shell on a deserted beach without your last version being rejected into oblivion. Players are a sensitive and warned group, ready to move mountains from corporate greed. It’s not as if these complaints came at the end of record sales! It’s not as if consumer indignation waves have never destroyed one business in the history of the media! No matter the proof contrary I found after five minutes of research.

Indignation generates clicks like coal in a train engine, but it does not hurt who it is supposed to do it. If players really want to stick to these huge corporate homuncules, they must vote with their portfolio. Otherwise, publishers like EA and Take-Two simply fire people until the actions are starting again. In other words, the only way to overcome these advertisements is never to see them. Even if it requires never buy the games in question.

Classic halo servers close on Xbox 360

One of the sad realities of online games is the fact that, someday, the servers of most games will turn off. That is exactly what you just happened with several classic Halo games released for Xbox 360, including AUREOLE 3, HALO 4, HALO REACH, and more. On January 13 marked the final date on which players could participate in online games in the game, and it is a sad day for many fans. The era of Xbox 360 was good for the franchise and gave the players a lot of fun over the years. Many will miss these games.

The Halo Support Tweet that announces the movement can be found embedded below.

It is difficult to say exactly how many people they still had regularly enjoying these online halo games, although many fans clearly participated in some games before the servers fail. In the answers to the previous tweet, many players shared their experiences during those last hours. Some fans expect to see shared information about exactly how many players were recorded for the last day, although official numbers have not been published, at the time of writing this article.


The modern age of the games has resulted in a series of challenges for the industry in terms of preservation. It is not just servers for online games, but also digital stores. As the video game industry is increasingly tilting towards things like the transmission of games and exclusively digital releases, some games run the risk of getting lost forever. Fortunately, these halo games will continue to be playable, even if your online modes will not be.

Of course, although Xbox 360 servers disconnected, fans of Halo earlier games can still enjoy multiplayer mode online through Halo: the master chief collection in Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Experience is not exactly the same, but 343 Industries has kept the spirit of these games alive in an important way, with updates in the graphics. I guess it’s true what they say: the Spartans never die, they just disappear in action!

Did you get some Halo coincidences before the servers fell? Are you disappointed that these games can no longer be played online? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

GTA Online How to get free GTA III Baseball Bat T Shirt and Halloween Knife T Shirt

Grand Theft Auto (often abbreviated as GTA, dt. For example, heavy car theft ) is a video game series of the Scottish Developer Studio Rockstar North (until 2001 DMA Design), the action, racing, open-world game and third-person Shooter elements contains. Publisher is the Take-2 label Rockstar Games. The name is borrowed to the US offense of heavy automotive theft (English Grand Theft Auto ). In 1997, the first part of the series appeared. With sales of about 300 million copies, the series is one of the most successful computer game series and the best-selling game series on the PlayStation 2.All parts of the series have a comparable act on, in which usually a male protagonist with a criminal prehistory in an American city a criminal career . For this he can accept orders with different complexity and difficulty whose fulfillment leads to further contacts at higher levels of the criminal hierarchy. In addition to these main orders, the player can take a number of voluntary additional tasks. These usually do not continue the main action, but reward the player with money, weapons or similar useful bonuses.
Grand Theft car is characterized by great freedom of movement within the fictitious world. Action and optical presentation are often shaped to satirical-humorous. In addition, in the form of radio stations, a large music repertoire can be used, as well as many extra for the games, especially GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) created animated films, which are visible in cinemas, which contribute significantly to the atmospheric design of the game.
Due to the criminal and partially violent acts shown in the series as well as the frequently cliché representation of ethnic groupings, the games of the more often are in criticism.

This week the thing goes from gifts in the city of GTA Saints online, because RockStar has proposed to offer all the players the possibility of obtaining a couple of t-shirts without paying a single penny so that there is more variety in your closet. So, in this guide we are going to explain how get free the GTA III Baseball Bat t-shirt and the Halloween knife t-shirt .

How to get free GTA III Baseball Bate t-shirt

Once again the GTA V multiplayer wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III in a special way. That is why the baseball bat shirt may be yours for free in tribute to the most emblematic body weapon of the third installment of the saga.

It will simply sustain that

How to get the Halloween knife t-shirt for free

On the other hand, it shows that Halloween is just around the corner, because through the streets of the city it is said that have begun to appear murderers everywhere when night comes , so you may have Be careful not to cross with one of them or otherwise it will not hesitate to end the life of your character.

However, if you are brave and you are not afraid, getting eliminate them in self-defense will have its corresponding reward. If you live to tell you, you will take you in exchange for the knife shirt you will receive within a period of 72 hours after you have started session as of November 1.

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