The year 2022 has no two months on the hump, but already in this short time there were numerous reports about acquisitions. This ranges from the Mega Deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard to the purchase of Bungie by Sony. Now there is the next message of this kind.

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Takeover of Daedalic Entertainment

As is apparent from an official press release, the French Publisher Nacon wants to take over the German Developer Studio Daedalic Entertainment . This deal can be used by the Group around 53 million euros . He receives 100 percent of the share capital and all the voting rights of Daedalic. It is still necessary to clarify some formal details, but the deal should be completed over this year.

CEO Carsten Fichtelmann as well as COO Stephan Harms, according to Nacon, should continue to conduct the business of Daedalic Entertainment and maintain a high degree of autonomy.

These game marks fall under the deal

Daedalic Entertainment has made itself a name in the gaming industry as a developer and publisher in recent years. Among other things, Daedalic is known for the Adventure series DEPONIA and the adaptation of the pillars of the earth. For example, Daedalic has launched Shadow Tactics and Iron Danger in the function as Publisher.

Currently, the team works on the Lord of the-rings offshoot Gollum, which is to be launched in the course of this year. According to the current information, it should be ready in the fall. Whether and if yes in which form the takeover through Nacon will have an impact on Gollum, is not known yet.

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