While Nico Schlotterbeck opposes his debut for the German national team and goalkeeper Mark Flekken his first commitment to the Dutchman, some of their colleagues in the local Europa-Park stadium, excluding public against Heidenheim, given their comeback.

This included Lukas Kübler, who had missed in the past two Bundesliga games because of muscular problems, and the somewhat surprising residue by Maurice Malone (13th) after a fast-running free-kick shortly thereafter. With a worth seeing full clamp from about 16 meters Kübler (17.) met for 1: 1.

U-23 players may present themselves – whitehead and haber miss leadership hits

When he replaced after the break, Jonathan Schmid, who had taken the left-back position in the absence of Christian Günter, moved to the right side. The Frenchman gained more valuable 90 minutes for him. After the heavy corona disease, he is back on the way to old strength. The absence of eight national players as well as other directed service providers such as Nils Petersen (burden control) also gave some young players the opportunity to present themselves.

Noah convinced White Attention with a lot of fun. He had a little bit bad luck in the final phase that the substitute Heidenheim Torwart Paul Chernuth brought his good header shiny. Also midfielder Yannik Engelhardt from the third league team could convince in addition to Maximilian Eggestein, especially in the first half, which was the better from Freiburg perspective. U-23-TopTorjäger Vincent Vermeij, who stormed next to Lucas Höler, had some bad luck with his degrees.

Prank satisfied with the first passage: “a lot of pace”

In the second half, the Freiburg first did something heavier against a concentrated offensive pressing of the Heidenheimer. A goal of Denis Thomalla (50th) did not count because of his way away. Towards the end of the game, the sports club again had more control and offensive actions. Janik Haberer, who had come into the game after the break for Höler, awarded the possible winner for a short distance.

Christian Streich was satisfied after the “very good test” especially with the first half, “we had a lot of pace and were playfully good – only at the goal we have slept once”. The SC coach also was pleased, “that the young players from the second team have shown a good game”.

SC Freiburg: Uphoff – Kübler (46th Kammerknecht), Gulde (75th Ezekwem), K. Schlotterbeck, Schmid – White Haupt, Engelhardt, Eggestein (75th Leopold), Grifo (60th Royal) – Höler (46th Haberer), Vermeij (75th Burkart)

Racing Pigeon Market Lier, 20 March 2022

1. FC Heidenheim: Eicher (76th Chernuth) – Busch, Mainka, Siersleben, Theuerauf (46th Mohr) – strong (62nd cool weather), Thomalla (62nd Schöpper), Kerschbaumer (62. Hüsing), Ramusovic (62.GeiPL) – Malone (62. Shimmer), small service (76th scraper)

Goals: 0: 1 Malone (13th), 1: 1 Kübler (17th)