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Lost Ark: Vykas Defeat – How to grasp the one in charge of the 2nd Myriad Raids

A special attribute of Vykas is her appeal, a brand-new auto mechanics in Lost Ark. If you fall into your beauty, you blow up of your character and assault your group participants.

What are the needs? The one in charge is available in regular setting from Itemlevel 1430 and difficult setting from itemlevel 1460. In tough style, the employer includes even more damage to you and also has more HP, yet there is only a various technicians that in phase 3 appearance.

With the Juni upgrade, the developers of Lost Ark brought the second Legion Raid right into play. In it you come across the devil of Vyka, who is not as well very easy to defeat. In our separate post you will certainly locate even more information about the update.

Vykas is completion of the 2nd legion of Raid Inlost Ark. We at MeinMMO describe to you how you efficiently master all three boss stages as well as dominate Vykas.

_ Take a look at the trailer for the brand-new Legion RAID: _

After completing the Legion Raid, your fabulous or relic production materials, dishes as well as gold will certainly get.

vykas defeat-phase 1

Your team must place themselves around the challenger, a lot more precisely to 1.5.7 as well as 11 a.m. Each team participant stands accordingly.

In the first phase of the fight, the RAID group is split right into two groups. Each of them deals with a type of Vykas, the human or the demonic. When the beam of light of in charge goes to X30, the groups transform.

What are Myriad Raids? You move right into battle with a team of 8 gamers as well as have to survive numerous phases that are composed of unique auto mechanics. After each phase you can leave the raid and go back to the area later, they function as checkpoint, in a manner of speaking.

At the end, a leader awaits you, the employer of the raid. In this situation the Vykas is.

The difference between the demonic as well as human type is the locations around them. In the purple location of the devil you are secure, while the red location of the human kind is harmful to you.

Mechanics in the very first phase

Relying on the amount of beam of lights of life Vyka has, she performs her mechanics:

  • x49 bars: Currently the one in charge teleports between and launches an assault via a white circle around it. You have to be in a circle in order not to suffer any damage. 4 Orbs show up, everyone adheres to one gamer. You transform the shade as well as you have to promptly bring it to the portal of your distance with the ideal color. Or else there is a danger of a clean.

  • X50-55 Light beams: Vykas teleports into the middle as well as introduces the department into 2 groups. Your display comes to be purple or red, according to the shape that you fight. Shortly later on you will be separated.

  • x36 bars: Now you have to do a tumbling check. Due to the fact that points have to go rapidly, it is best to use grenades.

  • If you passed the toppling check, a blue or black pen shows up over every player. You now have to accumulate Orbs in this color. Black Orbs spawn to 1 a.m. as well as 7 a.m., heaven to 5 as well as 11 a.m. So placed yourself in the right placement quickly.
  • X30 Beams: If both groups have their employer at 30 bars, they are traded. When a team has actually come to X30, Vykas does not suffer any type of damage up until the other team is likewise at X30.
  • After the adjustment, Vykas runs an Aoe attack.
  • x25 bars: Vykas teleports once again in the center and also invokes up four circles. The human kind team need to therefore tell you where to face it since the various other team is displayed in black.
  • X13-15 Beam of lights: The same point occurs once again similar to X36 bars.
  • x5 bar: Vykas obtains in rage quickly prior to the end of the initial stage. Your attack power as well as rate of strike rise somewhat.
    If both variations of Vykas are at 0 HP, * You will just get right into the following stage. It is for that reason suggested to work with the DPS if you have actually gotten to 6-7 bars. Otherwise in charge will remain in craze setting for longer than needed.

The YouTuber Freshy reveals the process in a video clip:

this time around as a large group-Vykas in stage 2

After passing the initial component of in charge fight, you deal with once again as a big group with 8 gamers. When you stop working, there are just 2 technicians where you can wipe.

First technicians: The darkness clone

The manager leads the very first technicians at X120 bars. Five of the players stand in the center and also create a cross, so to speak.

The other three gamers encounter 11, 3 as well as 7 a.m. You need to count the number of wings that Vyka’s darkness clone have.

This is just how the mechanics works: Vykas teleports into the mid-mid as well as summons 3 shadow duplicates to 11, 3 as well as 7 a.m. At the same time, the five orbs appear in the center.

The three gamers that have actually placed themselves according to the times currently see just how numerous wings each darkness clone has as well as keep in mind the number. The 5 gamers in the middle see either a red or a violet symbol over their head.


There are two different alternatives on how to rotate:

  • 3 red and 2 purple symbols: just 2, after that 1, then shut wing
  • 3 violet as well as 2 red icons: closed wings, after that 1, after that 2 wings

Stand as specifically as feasible on the shadow duplicate, because the risk-free area is relatively small.

Secondly Mechanics: Only quit the black orbs

Along with the 2 crucial mechanics, Vykas accomplishes further assaults, which, nevertheless, do not cost you life if something fails.

The darkness bring out a tiny AoE attack, which brightens 5x either black or red. You have to keep in mind the order of the shades and also compose them in the conversation. For example, your Aoe beams such as this: black red black black, creates your 1-3-4-5. The blacks are the vital ones that need to be intercepted.

At X65 bars, Vykas goes away and also summons 3 darkness duplicates to 12, 3 and 7 a.m. 2 gamers need to position themselves on each of these areas. The other 2 players spontaneously assist the square where an Orb spawns excessive.

Each duplicate sends out 5 black orbs in the direction of the employer that you have to intercept. And just the black ones.

_ The hefty employer fights are only one reason Lost Ark is so successful. You can see the others in our video clip: _

the last and also 3rd stage

In addition, her charm now enters play. Each team member has a percent display above the head, which reveals just how much you fall under the appeal of the leader. You shed control of your personality and attack your colleagues if it is 100 %.

On the minimap you can see golden orbs. Accumulate them to minimize the beauty.

In the last stage, you fight against a boosted variation of Vykas from the 2nd phase. It exerts extra strikes and includes much more damage to you.

Mechanics in stage 3:

  • X135 Beams: Stand all of the gold orbs and also activate it to make sure that your appeal is at 0. If you have less appeal, now comes a typeing system where you obtain more time. Currently simply tap the letters showed. Depending upon the amount of players obtain over, they suffer much more damages or cleaned.

  • x120 bars: Vykas marks an arbitrary player in violet. Currently run quickly to him and charge your appeal to 100 %.

  • X105 Beams: Minimize your appeal utilizing a gold orb to 0. Then you need to bring out a toppling check. Below you need a potion to stop the time, or else it will certainly be limited.
  • x75 bars: the same auto mechanics similar to X175.
  • X55 Beam Of Lights: Vykas raises and also disappears up tentacles that you can see on the minimap. One group takes over the left side, the other the. You need to destroy all tentacles, but you can just harm them if you have more than 75 % charm.
  • x40 bars: This mechanics are only offered in hard style. Vykas teleports in the center and also leads a red assault near you and also even more away. After that she spawn 4 red orbs to 1, 5, 7 as well as 11 a.m. Gamers with reduced beauty need to eat the orbs promptly and afterwards spam the area bar.
  • At 0 you have to run a last tumbling check. Bring your beauty to 0 before utilizing a gold orb.
  • However, you have to locate Vykas initially, because she generates duplicates and also works out a medusa assault that you shouldn’t see. Or else you will certainly pass away.

  • x175 bars: Vykas notes 2 of the gamers brown, all others blue. The others go to 7 or 11 a.m.

What do you think about the commander? Have you currently tried the Legion RAID as well as have been come across by Vykas? In which stage did you make it? Have you also defeated them? Please write it in the remarks below on meinmmo!

  • x150 bars: The boss disappears and spawns goes away. For this mechanics, at the very least one gamer must be the appeal screen at 75 % or higher.

A lot more overviews can be found here: Lost Ark Guides: All pointers, tricks as well as integrates in the introduction

  • X50-55 Beam of lights: Vykas teleports right into the center and also introduces the department into two teams. * x25 bars: Vykas teleports once more in the center and also invokes up 4 circles. * You will only obtain into the following stage if both variations of Vykas are at 0 HP. * x175 bars: Vykas marks 2 of the gamers brown, all others blue. * x120 bars: Vykas marks an arbitrary player in violet.

Where to find the fourth heart of the giant in the lake of eternity in the lost ark?

Lost ARK has different collecting items that you can look for to get awards. One of these objects of collecting is called the hearts of giants . They look like precious stones and are described as the heart of a giant who fell empty during the war. These collecting items can be obtained in various ways, as indicated in collection items list. You can also use them to unlock various awards by visiting Island of wisdom and talking with Minerva .

The heart of the fourth giant is one of the easiest you can get. In order to get it, you must go to * l * oke Eternity in Shushir .

This giant’s heart falls randomly from the field boss Tarsila in the lake of eternity. This boss appears for a long time and appears randomly, according to Procyon’s Compass. Thus, you must make sure that you checked it in advance. Tarilla is a large boss-scorpion, which has a total of 28,789,096 life points.

When you get the heart of a giant, you do not need to choose it in your inventory or do something to tie it to your character to get it.

Want to know more about classes in Lost ARK? Find out how to block items in Lost ARK in Pro game guidelines.

Lost Ark: 600,000 Accounts from outlawed

Publisher is still dealing with the robot pester, which MMORPG Lost Ark haunted since its magazine. 600,000 accounts were lately banned, consisting of those of gold buyers.

Players who were videotaped by the spell wave not just have to get used to the reset of their gold stand, however likewise anticipate a short-term access lock to the game. Of the 900,000 energetic accounts that Lost Ark can show at the very least on paper on the western web servers, virtually 2 thirds of Amazon have now been put in the barriers. Nevertheless, no one needs to amaze this information, as the author had actually currently revealed a couple of days ago that he would remain to act greatly against Botting.

Lost Ark: Fines not only for bots-gold purchasers are also on the collar

These only have to anticipate a temporary exemption from the video game. The illegally acquired gold needs to then also be refined. If the amount is correspondingly high, it is imaginable that affected gamers can turn their back on the video game or determine directly to develop a new account.

The Vapor database once more clearly shows the present problem of the game: considering that the spell, a maximum of around 270,000 gamers have actually been gauged even at weddings. Among the 600,000 prohibited Lost Ark accounts there are also those that have actually most likely profited from the robots so much: gold purchasers that are avoiding third-party companies with actual money.

Exactly how does the community respond?

As in nearly any type of other online video game, Amazon’s basic cleansing need to be essentially positive by the neighborhood. On the one hand, gold purchases, which are not proceeded or penalized, give unjust benefits to the paying players.

In enhancement, in a parlor game like Lost Ark, you would certainly instead find actual individuals behind the characters than on blunt robots that, in the worst instance, also contest the farm areas. The economic situation of the video game now has time to recover many thanks to the extensive spell.

Last existing video: launching date

Gamers who were tape-recorded by the spell wave not only have to adjust to the reset of their gold stand, yet likewise anticipate a short-lived accessibility lock to the video game. Of the 900,000 active accounts that Lost Ark can reveal at least on paper on the western servers, almost 2 thirds of have now been put in the barriers. If the sum is correspondingly high, it is conceivable that impacted gamers could turn their back on the game or decide straight to create a new account.

Lost Ark: So you can easily get gold

The two most important resources in Smilegates MMORPG Lost Ark are gold and silver. In a separate article we have already explained to you how you can best farm the latter. It is only fair to inaugurate you with the secrets of gold earnings. Gold is needed for all sorts of things in Lost Ark. If you want to buy a engraving from the auction house, upgrade your equipment, or earn a few blue crystals over your in-game troubles, all of this costs gold.

Especially in the later course of the game, for example, upgrading the equipment costs a rather stately sum, and the best accessories are not exactly favorable in the auction house. So we list the best methods here to constantly generate a little gold. Just like farms, as with efficient silver, the more characters, the better.


  1. Page 1lost ARK: How to get to Gold – Page 1 in Smilegates MMORPG
    1. 1.1 Special portals of the chaos dungeons
    2. 1.2 Depression of the abyss dungeons
    3. 1.3 stages are rewarded for collecting
    4. 1.4Gold reward of the adventure islands
    5. 1.5gold from the different islands
    6. Improve 1.6 relationships with NPCs
  2. Page 2lost Ark: How to get to Gold – Page 2 in Smilegates MMORPG
    1. 2.1unas exchange brands for gold
    2. 2.2im auction house act
  3. Page 3bildergalerie for “Lost Ark: This is how you can easily get gold – guide with tips”

  4. Open up

special portals of the chaos dungeons

conclusion of the abyss dungeons

A pretty good way to generate a little gold on the side are the abyss of the title. These reward you with some interesting objects, such as upgrade materials and special accessories, but gold is also a reward. It should be noted here that you do not get gold for every abyss dungeon.

When your item level reaches a certain level, the gold rewards of older dungeons will be deactivated. In addition, you can only get gold with six characters per week. Each further conclusion then only grants you the remaining rewards.

to be rewarded for collecting

In Lost Ark (now buying € 19.99) there are various collective items, including the numerous Mococo seeds, and the masterpieces. The latter reward you in stages with a fairly decent sum of gold, and overall you get useful objects such as skill point drinks through the various collectibles. You should definitely not neglect the collective aspect of the MMORPG.

gold reward of the adventure islands

gold from the different islands

Another collective item is the so -called island brands, which you often get to complete a quest series on one of the smaller islands in the open sea. These quest series often also offer a few gold rewards. So if you want to collect the different island brands anyway, you will also get a little gold for your wallet.

Lost Ark - How to get RICH - Gold Guide for Lost Ark

improve relationships with NPCs

Just like with silver, the relationship system brings you a little gold. Various NPCs, such as Thirain in Luterra Castle, reward you after sufficiently pre -displayed Emotes or gifts with a few special gold coins that you can redeem in your inventory.

_ It continues on page 2! _

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Page 2 Lost Ark: This is how you get to Gold in Smilegates MMORPG – Page 2

Page 3bildergalerie zu Lost Ark: This is how you can easily get gold – guide with tips

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New class Lance master comes to Lost Ark, ensures dissatisfaction in the community

The responsible persons at Amazon recently released the roadmap for the law popular MMORPG Lost Ark for the months of April and May. Probably the most interesting novelty for April should be the new class lance carrier. This has been part of the game in other regions such as Korea, and enjoys great popularity.

Lance master and destroyer announced for the next few months

The lance carrier is a new class for all martial artists, and makes their opponents look old using a combination of spear and Gleve. Overall, the lance carrier, or also called “Glavier”, is quite fast, and probably should be quite interesting for many players. Write the developers themselves: “The shorter spear is used to unleash a mad bombardment in the storming, while the longer Gleve is released in focusing graceful lethal strokes and powerful attacks”.

Many players from Smilegates MMORPG understandably enjoy that they can try this popular class already in April themselves, and the developers also promised a Feiton PowerPass that directly misses an item level of 960 to a character of your choice. So if you think about playing the Lance Master as Main class, you do not have to play through all content again.


Quality-of-Life improvements, two new classes, a completely new continent, and the prospect of publishing the first Legion Raid Valtan. Actually, the new roadmap fulfills pretty much most wishes of the community. Why not all players are happy about these new announcements, you will learn on the next page.

Page 1 The Lance Master comes to Lost Ark, ensures dissatisfaction in the community

Page 2 players complain about too slow publication of new classes

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Steam: The new weeks starts: Can Dying Light 2 defend the top place?

Also this week we will take a closer look at the current sales charts of Steam – so the titles that could ring the cash registers in the last seven days. This time, this time, the question arises. The question of whether the currently extremely popular and records of refractive online roleplay Lost Ark could put on top spot.

The Zombie Action Dying Light 2: Stay Human was able to successfully defend himself against this hype and successfully defend the Steam throne – at least for the time being. However, just behind it follows a huge Lost Ark front, which is mainly due to the numerous editions and parcels that are available from the MMORPG at Steam for sale for the free playable action roleplaying. In general, there is currently not a lot of exercise or even variety in the top 10 of the weekly charges, because the different editions of Lost Ark and Dying Light 2 take a total of eight of the ten places. In between, only the pre-orders of Total could be: Warhammer 3 and Elden Ring Sorting.

Here are the overview:

Dying Light 2: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

  1. Dying Light 2: Stay Human
  2. Lost Arkâ € ¯platinum Founder’s Pack
  3. Lost Arkâ € ¯Bronze Founder’s Pack
  4. Lost Arkâ € ¯gold Founder’s Pack
  5. Pre-ordering of Elden Ring
  6. Lost Arkâ € ¯silver Founder’s Pack
  7. Pre-order of Total was: Warhammer 3â € ¯
  8. Dying Light 2: Stay Human
  9. Lost Arkâ € ¯vanquisher Starter Pack

  1. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

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