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New book by The Lord of the Rings will arrive this year

Considering the emotion about The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power , it is no surprise to see that some products try to use this to promote themselves. In September, the series is released, it will be available _the lord of the rings: Gollum, and a little later a book that takes place during the second age of the middle earth , the same period as a period that We will see represented in the production of Amazon.

Recently, Harpercollins, Editorial Company, announced the fail of numbor, a book edited by Brian Sibley, where several of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien about the second age . These stories are organized in a certain way to have a coherent narrative order. The book also includes 11 color images and dozens of Alan Lee pencil sketches, an artist recognized for his work at the hobbit and the lord of the rings. This was what Sibley commented on the project:

Since the first publication of El Silmarillion forty-five years ago, I have passionately followed the meticulous selection and erudition of Christopher Tolkien in the publication of a formidable history of his writings on the Middle-earth. I feel honored to add to that authorized library with The Fall of Number. I hope that, by gathering many of the threads of the stories of the second age in a single work, the readers discover, or rediscover, the rich tapestry of characters and events that are a prelude to the drama of the War of the Ring, as it is said in the lord of the rings.

The Fall of Number_ will be available from October 4 , and can already be preorder from Amazon. Let us soon have information about a translation in Spanish. In related issues, a new game of The Lord of the Rings has been announced. Similarly, these are the first opinions of the rings of power .

Editor note :

It will be interesting to see what kind of content the fail of numbor. Although el Silmarillion dedicates a good part to the second age, this focused only on the numbers and, despite the fact that this race is in the name of the new book, I hope to see some events that do not have to do with this civilization.

How to use an oil pot in chivalry 2

In Chivalry 2, there are all types of medieval weapons that can be used against enemies, but none of them can be compared with a pot of oil, which may well be weapons of mass destruction.

A pot with butter is a throwing object, like a grenade, but with double destruction. He spreads burning oil in a large radius, where all enemies, stupid enough to cross the border, burn to the ground. You can potentially destroy a whole group of enemies by simply lobbying their pan with butter.

The next leadership will tell you how to use a pot with oil in Chivalry 2.

how to use an oil pot in chivalry 2

You need to be a crusader or devastator to equip an oil pot in Chivalry 2. They are subclasses of a knight and avant-garde, respectively. The knight, in particular, can use the oil pot as an initial ability if you unlocked the crusader’s subclass.

To use an oil pot, you must first charge it. You can charge the ability by causing damage or killing enemies and healing teammates. You can follow the circle of progression in the lower left corner of the screen. As soon as this circle is filled, your pot with butter will be ready for use.

Firstly, you must equip a pot with butter by pressing a D-PAD on the controller or 4 on the keyboard. You will hold a pot with butter in your left hand, while your right hand will still hold your main weapon.

Then you can throw a pot with butter in the same way as you throw a grenade by pressing both shoulder bumper on the controller or the G key on the keyboard.

You can throw a pot with butter up to 15 feet. His blow will create a flame in a certain radius, where all caught enemies will receive huge damage from combustion, which ignores the armor. Thus, the oil pot is a rather useful weapon against armored classes, such as knights and avant-garde.

How to make a pot with oil more useful

You can definitely use the pan much more creatively so that everything works. You can use them, for example, to create a funnel.

It can be a protective measure that is used in order to prevent enemies from entering the region. You can slow them down or prevent them from going into the area that you do not want them to enter.

You can also use oil pots to defeat the enemy lord in the Battle of the Gloomy Forest. It becomes difficult to defeat the defenders because they protect their Lord, and this makes the player very difficult. You can use the pot to damage the Lord, which will make him move to a position where you can easily attack him.

Elden Ring: How to get the meteoric ore blade early

Elden Ring | How to Get METEORIC ORE BLADE Katana Early Location Guide
Dare the world of Eldenring , you will find that you are looking for pretty much of everything that can help you in your search for the largest Elden Lord in the country. However, there are some items and weapons that can make this task considerably easier, z meteoritic oreblade This is a massively powered kitana that you can get in the game very early.

However, if this is the right weapon for you, or does not build his premise on his hype? Let us immerse yourself and see what kind of statistics you get with this blade to see if this is the right weapon for you to conquer the countries, or if you should leave them better until later.

Elden Ring – Place and Statistics of Meteoric Ore Blade

If you are an experienced fromSoftware veteran, you may be able to experience this in a few moments after the step into the world of experienced Limgraf, It is recommended that you get a little before you approach this task.

You will want to go on the way by dragon burned ruins located in the immediate vicinity First step location of grace . Climm the walls of the ruins, which is a breeze with Torrent, and make themselves on the way down the stairs, which is in them. You should interact with the door in the back of the room, open and open Open the chest in it.

Here it becomes difficult, because it is a transporter trap So you will be forwarded Sellia crystal tunnel, which is located in it Caelid , also known as almost immediate death sentence when you try to attack something frontal. That’s why you just leave the building where you are in, and take on a left and running , around all the enemies you can. You are much stronger at this time than you and can easily bring you with a blow.

While you run, you will want to drop the wooden bridges, and a new giving place of grace will be available as a resrawn location if you die. Continue straight ahead and turn right while driving through Torrent Marsh of aonia and in the ruins of the road of wise until you reach the Caelid Waypoint ruins and the cave . Avoid skeletal coach at the top of the stairs and just race.

There is a door in the back of the room in the cave to which you can run and which you need to activate, so you are invulnerable for a few moments, as they can not hurt themselves when they open the door. Run or roll backwards, and you will be a meteorite oreblade!

Now that this blade requires 15 starch, 14 skill and 18 intelligence to use it, you may need to rise a little before you can use it correctly. Once you do this, however, you will add 112 physical and 72 magical damage with a weapon scaled with strength, skill and intelligence as well. You will also be able to set up an additional bit of construction in To maintain direction blood loss with this sword.

Is the whole effort worthwhile? We are already thinking because the main part is to explore some unknown parts of the world, but if you do not care, you will overthrow more than you want to fall in death, so be careful!

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring: How to get the meteoric ore blade early

Update 32: Royers and Ruins Unavailability of Servers Wednesday, February 16 from 15:00 to 19:00

The Lord of the Lord of the Lord Online will be unavailable Wednesday, February 16 from 15:00 to 19:00 for the application of the update 32: Rutters and ruins.

This update includes:

  • The new dwarf residential area in Erebor
  • The system of legendary objects rewards
  • The new area level 40 at 45 the angle of Mitithel
  • Changes on class balancing
  • Free class traits, race and virtues locations
  • All accounts can now have 9999 gold coins (including F2P and Premium
  • The improved portfolio now applies to all accounts
  • The rotation of the instances of the week

Regular Open Council - 14 Feb 2022

_The newraid (12 players) will be available on Thursday, February 24 at 18:00.

The version notes will be available in French when maintaining.

Version Notes (English)


The Hiddenhoard of Abnankara Raid Arrés Soon!

_ “Beyond The Falls of Amgaruslun in the Clovengap Lies Abnankara, The Hiddenhoard. Once An Ancient Treasury Wroughsh in Secret by Mótsog and the Greydomauls During Their Rebellion Against The LongBeards in The Elder Days, IT Has Beck The Lair of Hrímil Frost-Heart, to Dreaded Cold-Dragon of Morgoth. Within This Frozen Retreat, Hrímil Tends Her Wounds and Slumbers, Dreaming of Vengeance Upon Prince Durin and the Dwarves of the Gabil’akk… “_

  • The Hiddenhoard Of Abnankara Will Initially Be Available To Play On Both Tier 1 And Tier 2 Difficulties, With Third Party 3-5 Unlocking In The Weeks To Come! The Raid Will Open at Noon Eastern (-5 GMT) on Thursday, February 24th, 2022.
  • In Addition to Three Exciting New Boss Encounters, Including The Final Confrontation Between Durin and Hrímil Frost-Heart, This Raid Also Features New Rewards, Following New Deeds, and New, Time-Limited Titles for Completing Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5!
  • THE HIDDENHOARD OF ABNANKARA IS AVAILABLE TO ALL PLAYERS WHO Have Purchased Fate of Gundabad AND REACHED LEVEL 140. TALK TO PRINCE DURIN AT ZIDIR-NESAD, THE SEEPSET IN MOUNT GUNDABAD TO BEGIN THE QUEST TO DISCOVER THE HIDDENHOARD! IT IS Recommended, But Not Required That You Complete The Tale Of The Legacy of Durin and The Trials of the Dwarves Before Entering The Hiddenhoard of Abnankara.
  • The Leading The Charge Deed Is Available to Earn Util 3:00 am Eastern (-5 GMT) ON APRIL 21st, 2022.

NOW Available: Erebor Housing!


NEW PREMIUM PLAYER AND KINSHIP HOUSING IS NOW AVAILABLE IN EREBOR! To Learn More and Tour The Available Homes, Visit Gárthi Lockwarden in the Broker’s Office in Breece As Well As Within Erebor in Tumnu-Dûm, The Dwelling-Halls Rating: Players Can Own As Many Personal Premium Homes AS They Wish, But Kinships Can Only Own One Premium House. Erebor Housing Includes:

  • Twelve Base Premium Houses, One Special Base Premium House, Six Deluxe Premium Houses, and One Premium Kinship House!
  • A Full Suite of Town Services and Social Spaces for You to Enjoy with your Kinship and Neighbors!
  • New Exterior Music and Ambient Environment Hook Types to Allow You Even More Customization Options for Your Homes!
  • Swimmable Gold Coins!
  • Life-Sized Chess / Checker Boards

Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 characters


  • Brawler Belt Buckle icons should now be consistent across crafting tiers.
  • Achieving a critical success when crafting Dwarrowgleam Belt Buckles now adds 2 ilevels to the resulting item.
  • Achieving a critical success when crafting Dwarrowgleam Stickpins now adds 2 ilevels to the resulting item.
  • Players who have achieved the highest reputation with their crafting guild now have access to a recipe that will allow the creation of a Sunstone Shard once every 7 days. See your “Improved Recipes” vendor. Please note: These recipes require Gundabad (T14) Crafting.


  • Cape of Belfalas and Rohan housing interiors now support multiple music hooks.
  • Cape of Belfalas and Rohan housing now supports exterior Ambient Environment and music hooks.


  • Legendary Item Rewards: Older scaling instances made it too easy to farm Legendary rarity LI items. As a result, scaling instances have had their top end LI drops reduced to Incomparable rarity. Non-scaling instances remain unchanged.
  • Legendary items may now reach item level 475.

  • Incoming Healing progressions have been corrected on class items so they can now increase to current levels.
  • New Adventurer’s gear for level 140 characters will now scale to item level 461 – 463.
  • Bound to Character Traceries and Essences now actually bind the legendary item or slotted item to the character when slotted.
  • PvMP Rank cloaks are now gated by Monster Play, and may not be used outside the Ettenmoors.
  • You can now equip a second Legendary Item without first unequipping the first if you have a unique Essence or Tracery in two different items.
  • All shields will now offer the Crit Defence and Ranged Defence bonus previously only granted by Heavy (Guardian) shields.
  • The Brawler Abyss Raid Set Armour pieces bartered from the Master of Mordor Lore in Dor Armarth on the Plateau of Gorgoroth are now actually usable by Brawlers.
  • The Delver’s Essence boxes now allows selection of a Vitality essence.
  • New Brawler Traceries have been added to the barter vendor.
  • The Pelennor Warrior’s Gear Rewards Vendor – Master of Battle Lore now correctly offers Brawler set gear.
  • All Task Quest items now list the regions that they belong to in their descriptions, excluding Housing Task Boards.


  • Monsters above level 60 now have a small base Critical Defense rating.
  • The wargs for “Corrupted Heirlooms” no longer count as North Downs creatures, so they will no longer trigger deeds, but especially not when you find them in Rohan.


  • Class, Race, and Virtue trait slots will now automatically unlock when a character hits the required level, regardless of subscription status or purchase. This does not apply to Monster Play characters.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Featured Instance rotation has been updated to now include: Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Fornost: Wraith of Water, Seat of the Great Goblin, Iorbar’s Peak, Sword-hall of Dol Guldur, and Barad Guldur. The Featured Instance reward packages have been updated, including new armour that will scale to your character level. In order to support this scaling, the reward packages will now decay, so they must be opened within 1 hour or be lost. The Featured Instance (Cap) quests will now require tier 2 completion of the instance. The Featured Challenge quests have been removed.
  • Stablemasters in the Trollshaws, parts of Eregion, Lothlorien, Southern Mirkwood, and Eryn Lasgalen now use the Elk Travel Mode. NOTE: Since we have updated the Trollshaws Stablemaster routes players will need to rediscover them.
  • A vector has been added from Thorenhad in the Trollshaws to guide players to the Angle of Mitheithel.
  • Added some clarifying dialogue to “Chapter 6.1: The Artist and the Apprentice” to make it clear which character advances the quest.
  • Enemies in Elderslade and Gundabad missions now execute their induction skills in 5 seconds down from 10 seconds.
  • The Adventurer’s Quartermaster and lootbox now offer Delving Adventurer’s Essence Boxes.
  • The Houses of Rest – Vethug Wintermind no longer becomes unattackable on Dui and Fellowship group sizes after being reset.
  • The level requirement from Rivendell to Gath Forthnir has been adjusted from 125 down to 20.
  • Fate of Gundabad
    • Gundabad Quests: The story of Câr Bronach concludes in Gundabad with 20 additional quests for level 135-136. If you have completed questing in Câr Bronach, speak to Mézto at Grúmachath to continue.
    • Den of Pughlak – Removed some visual effects that would stick onto players even after they left the instance.
    • The name for the Orders From Dushtalbuk should now correctly display during “The Camps of Stazg Vozag”.
    • Gundabad Geode Hunter: Barter prices have been adjusted.
    • Mission – Gundabad – Lay to Rest – Dwarf-wights now patrol the space and have proper appearances.
  • Legacy of the Necromancer
    • Lay of Rust and RiME – Scion of Winter – Stablemaster icons will no longer appear on the minimap during this instance.
  • War of Three Peaks
    • All tier completion deeds bestow in “Woe of the Willow ” regardless of tier.


  • Some French and German translations have been updated.
  • The system now refers to Traceries correctly In the new Legendary Items UI instead of calling them Essences when unslotting, and with tooltips on the buttons.
  • The Reforge UI now has a summary that is accurate, and the Reforge UI has had its text updated to reflect the new system.
  • A display error on classic Essence examination has been fixed.


  • The Gold restriction has been removed from free and premium accounts. All account types can now have a maximum of 9999 Gold without purchase of the Currency Cap.
  • The benefits of the Premium Wallet Upgrade have now been applied to all accounts. The widest possible assortment of barter currencies, including a variety of instance tokens, region barter tokens, festival tokens, taxidermy barter items, and crafting instance tokens, will now automatically go into the barter wallet for all characters on all accounts.

Known Issues:

  • Erebor Housing: In order to prevent decorations from intruding on other player’s properties, the mobile hooks in the lower courtyard of Deluxe Erebor Houses, and the Huge/Enormous Hooks in all Base Erebor Houses have their vertical movement restricted.
  • The Last Bridge Stable-master appears on the Lone-lands map but not on the Trollshaws map.
  • Barachen’s Camp, Echad Candelleth and Gwingris Stable-masters do not appear on The Angle of Mitheithel map.
  • The Legendary Items Reward Track currently uses the wrong icon and does not yet have a hotkey for access. Access is through the Menu, under Character options.

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