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Totw 31 FIFA 22 with Ledesma, Carvajal and Cristiano Ronaldo Available

FIFA 22 Confirms all players that are part of the team of the week 31 . The new Totw arrives another edition more to exalt the performance of the most outstanding players in the lConan Ledesmat strip of official parties. Remember that they are already available by opening envelopes for limited time or in the transferable market.

Equipment of week 31 in FIFA 22: All elected


Who's in FIFA 22 TOTW 31? ???? #Shorts

  • PT: Ledesma, 86, Cádiz FC
  • Li: Carvajal, 86, Real Madrid
  • LD: Kalulu, 84, AC Milan
  • MCD: Kimmich, 92, Bayern Munich
  • MI: Goodwin, 84, Adelaide United
  • MC: Torreira, 83, Fiorentina
  • MC: Bruno Guimaraes, 82, NewcConan Ledesmatle
  • DC: Christian Ronaldo, 93, Manchester United
  • DC: Haaland, 89, Borussia Dortmund
  • DC: Lautaro Martínez, 88, Inter de Milan

Substitutes and Reservations

  • PT: Forster, 84
  • CT: ThomConan Ledesma, 81
  • Ct: hacko, 81
  • MD: Sallai, 81
  • MI: Kainz, 81
  • EI: Taremi, 86
  • DC: Dembééé, 84
  • CT: Beckles, 75
  • MCO: Wales, 73
  • SD: Bülter, 78
  • DC: CConan Ledesmatellanos, 78
  • EI: ilie, 70

The team of the week 31 stands out by two players from Laliga Santander. The first is Conan Ledesma, the goalkeeper of Cádiz FC . The Argentine wConan Ledesma key to him that he would achieve the victory for the minimum against FC Barcelona. On the other hand, Carvajal also curdled a great match in front of Seville.

Conan Ledesma for the most valued about the selection, the throne is offered exclusively for Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to its 93 average Conan Ledesmasessment . It follows another usual of the Totw: Kimmich, with 92. The next step is distributed between Haaland, with 89, and Lautaro Martínez, with 88.

But the most interesting item is goodwin . Although it is difficult to fit by the league and nationality of it, the mediocentro hConan Ledesma 94 rhythm and 85 both in physicist and rue. You can already find them in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Totw 25: prediction of the team of the week in Ultimate Team with Bruyne, Modric and more

After a week with a glorious with madness players for Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, now we have another time equally exciting to get letters of light for our Fantasy Ea Sports game teams.

As you know, players who appear on the team will receive a special letter for their performance in real football, which will significantly improve the statistics of your Base Charter and that will appear in * FUT ** envelopes.

The tradition sends that on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular Schedule) we will have the new Totw, with letters that will appear for a week in Envelopes of Ultimate Team and the one we can also face through Squad Battles.

The years do not go through it and Luca Modric has many ballots to be one of the headlines in the totw after the goal that scored the weekend before the Royal Society. It will be one of the most attractive letters, like that of another “pure class” as is the Belgian Kevin de Bruyne , who scored a double in the scholar of City to the Red Devils in the Derbi of Manchester. Lautaro Martínez or iago ASPAS There are two other attackers that sound very good for our template.

FIFA 22 Totw 25


  • Schmeichel.
  • Celik.
  • Schar.
  • James
  • Renato Sanches.
  • From Bruyne.
  • Felipe Anderson.
  • Berardi.
  • Lautaro Martínez.


  • Consigli.

TOTW 25 PREDICTIONS | FIFA 22 TEAM OF THE WEEK 25 PREDICTIONS | FT. Barella, Reece James, Martinez

  • Lees.
  • Bodiger
  • To usually do
  • Morgan.
  • Faivre.
  • The edge
  • Karlsson.
  • TONEY.

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