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Cookie Run: Kingdom 56 hours extension, what happened at the time?

Topic: Cookie Run: Kingdom, a total of 56 hours of emergency inspection retrospective-Why did you pick the sword at that time

Lecture: Changwon, Park Sae-mi-Dev Sisters / Devsisters

Presentation: Programming / Server Engineering

Recommended Target: Server Engineer, DevOps Engineer

Difficulty: Basic prior knowledge needs

[Lecture Topic] Cookie Run: Kingdom was released in 2021 and was loved a lot, but unfortunately, it was a long-term temporary inspection. In this announcement, I would like to convey the experience of checking for 56 hours early last year. We will share the lessons from the post-war background, the solution, and the lessons from the problem.
Regular inspection, temporary inspection, emergency inspection, and extension. It is a type of ‘inspection’, which is often called four online games among users. Although regular inspections have been recognized as a routine for the stable operation, update, and patch of the game, the remaining three types are out of the routine and expectations of the users, so it is also a sword that does not want to be used. However, for the stable operation of the game, there are often situations that have to be selected.

Cookie Run: Kingdom, released in January 2021, faced this problem early in launch. A total of 56 hours of inspection of 36 hours on January 25 and 20 hours on February 19 were written in some media as well as the community. Why did Dev Sisters pulled out two swords of emergency inspections and extension inspections that they didn’t want to draw, and what happened inside at that time? Dev Sister’s Park Sae-mi and Lee Chang-won introduced the timeline of the causes, response processes, and realities of the problem.

■ DB capacity difference is faster than expected, the first inspection occurring, until the transfers of more than 7TB

Prior to the lecture, some of the actions taken by Dev Sisters were introduced for the stable service of Cookie Run: Kingdom. In Dev Sisters, the database user data is replicated and stored in a seven-medium replica and periodically backup. In addition, AWS Global Accelerator responds to communication network failures, predicts the workloads necessary for databases and game server infrastructure, and distributed them to three IDCs. In addition, clients-server real-time analysis logs are also applied to optimization.


The DevOps team collaborated with the server development team to conduct 79 load tests before launching, and selected and combined the instance type and size suitable for the workload of Cookie Run: Kingdom, and found a cycle to find and improve the problem of architectures. Through this process, Cookie Run: Kingdom was released on January 25 last year, and succeeded in digesting all traffic at the time of launch. Even though many more users were introduced than they were proposed, they were able to continue their services stably because of their relaxed sets of load goals and strong in sales.

Immediately after launch, the first weekend was usually the most important issue when managing the server, so the monitoring continued to monitor in Dev Sisters. Fortunately, the first weekend passed without an issue, but the embers of the problem remained. Cookie Run: Kingdom adopted CockroachDB, a SQL database that works in a distributed environment, and the speed of the database storage was faster than expected. The development team did not assume that the DB storage was not assumed, but during the weekend monitoring, the database capacity was confirmed and decided to make a first priority on Monday and to establish a strategy.

As a result of identifying the DB storage risk at work on Monday, it was calculated that it reached the Catastrophic failure state in 36 hours. The trend of the user’s entire trend was usually to be bent, but it was difficult to be sure that this expectation would be correct because the number of users continued to increase in Cookie Run: Kingdom. So it was necessary to prepare insurance in case of a disc grass.

In any case, if not measured within 36 hours, the deadly error was confirmed, so the engineering team, which had been crunched for two weeks with preparation and monitoring, responded. In the process, unintentionally, Configuration issues occurred, and the cluster caused inconsistency, which automatically stopped transaction processing. As a result, at 4:52 pm on the day, the emergency inspection began.

Park Sae-mi summarizes the situation at the time that the cluster refused to read without recognizing the data. To solve this, she asked Cockroach Labs that she could choose data from the data storage layer in the node, but she was answered that she was not sure how many weeks it took and succeeded. So she had to find another way to solve the problem while she shortened your work time.

Then, one of the nodes that were not affected by the Configuration issue occurred even in the sudden situation of descending to AWS Host Status Failure. In this situation, since the old cluster refuses to read the data, it is not to create a new cluster and move the data. You have to port the binary data with CSV, and it was concluded that you can move by combining the coackroch DB command with the Shell Script.

The problem was that the total size of the binary file was about 7,577GB, and it took 24 hours just to port it to CSV. So, using CockroachDB is open source, I looked at the source code and customized the binary command.

At 10:30 am the next day, the CockroachDB source code modification was completed, and the CRDB2CSV custom build was completed 10 times faster than before. Using this build, the binary data has been ported to CSV in an hour and a half. Nevertheless, the binaries were so large that they needed a distributed processing environment. Dev Sisters used the Tokyo region mainly, and during the porting work, all the R series instances in the Tokyo region were exhausted at about 3 pm. As I had to work quickly, this problem was taken by securing resources by demolishing some of the other infrastructure I used. At the time, 350 R5.8xlarge was drawn, and in terms of CPU, 11,200 core and 89,600BG were 89,600bg.

As a result of checking the backed up data and logs by porting the resources, it was confirmed that the data that was backed up matched 100% of the existing data. Based on this, the previous test was conducted from 10:02 pm the next day, and the check was not a problem and the inspection was completed after 31 hours and 45 minutes from the beginning of the inspection.

Since then, the inspection was terminated at 11:37 pm, but the user’s explosion resulted in overloading the platform server, such as about 700,000 API calls per minute. Naturally, the DB went to the load, resulting in a DB deadlock on the platform login server, and eventually had to perform a paleover. While responding on the platform, the engineers of the DevOps team were monitoring the Cockroach DB clusters between moving, but the situation was not good overall. The error rate was high, and there were many time-out errors that could not handle requests within the time when the DB was set. There was no clear way to monitor, and when I went beyond the critical value at 2:40 am, I eventually entered the second emergency inspection.

In the second emergency inspection, the optimization was applied to refer to the situation that occurred in the second cluster, and then prepared a new cluster and moved the data. It took 2 hours for the work, and after the data transfer, the inspection was completed at 8:30 am, which is about 36 hours and 30 minutes after the inspection time.

The first issue that occurred when the cluster operation was suspended due to an unintentional issue due to an unintentional issue, but the source code and technical document of the cockroachdb, which was eventually based on the cockroachdB, newly founded based on the cockroachDB. It was ended as it succeeded in finding a way to move quickly to the cluster and moving 100%. In the process, there were problems such as traffic overload, but this was also possible to complete the measures after moving to the third cluster after optimization and modification.

After the inspection, Dev Sisters has expanded to a 60-year-old cluster, judging that it is necessary to secure additional DB capacity, and is currently operating a total of 90 DBs. In addition, the infrastructure work process has been improved and stated to prevent configuration issues. Even if you do it within 36 hours, the worker has to share the screen and create a guideline for one or more watchers. There is also a queue server to use in an emergency.

** ■ Recover DB using the second inspection and black magic (?)

Three weeks after the first long-term inspection ended, Dev Sisters held a dinner to comfort the launch and long-term inspection. Meanwhile, the error message that a kingdom DB node went down to hardware failure was suddenly problematic, with six DB nodes down. The cause of the problem was that the cooling unit of the AWS Data Center Tokyo Region did not work due to a power outage. As a result, the server room temperature rose sharply, and in about 12 minutes, six Cookie Run: Kingdom DB became incapable of working.

Cookie Run: Kingdom uses CockroachDB, but internally, it is a key-value store, so it is stored in the disk with a constant binary format. This data was split into the right size and managed in a range unit. As six DBs down, 34 out of 25,000 Range were lost, of which two ranges were related to user data. In particular, 4 out of seven replicas of lost Range

The construction will be essential in Kingdom Hearts 4, according to Tetsuya Nomura

The appearance of a brand new order in the first trailer of Kingdom Hearts IV was obviously anything but confirmed by Tetsuya appointed during a first interview with, present during the 20th ceremony of the 20th anniversary.

Always so thorough when disseminating the clues, the designer of the series did not just show hidden messages in the paths of the event – according to him, none of the employees of Square Enix were able to to decode the last one (see opposite), no more than fans on social networks. The choice to organize the festivities in Shibuya, in the heart of Tokyo, does not hold at random, since it is the neighborhood highlighted in the first game sequence broadcast last Sunday: “shibuya is a place Easily recognizable “, recognizes nomura, which nevertheless confirms that the district of Tokyo has no connection with those who appear in the World Ends with You or in the recent Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Shibuya will therefore be part of the quadratum world in which Waifies Sona, a universe already touched in the previous episode, whether in the virtual game intercalated in the world of Toy Story, or in the last moments of the adventure. Located in the adjacent district of Minami Aoyama, the apartment in which the hero of the series awakens will act as the basis of operations in the first phases of the game, also specifies nomura. Especially empty, the interior of the room could also change from here at the exit of the game. “The point of view of Sora, Quadratum is an underground world, a fictitious world different from reality. But from the point of view. From its inhabitants, the quadratum world corresponds to the reality, and the universe where Sona were and the others represents by opposition an imaginary world. I think the theme of this episode rests on the contrast between these two perceptions.

As we guess at the end of the first trailer, Donald and Dingo are they looking for clues about the disappearance of Sora in their own world. This is the reason why they adopt a design in the line of previous components, as opposed to the realistic style adopted by Sora. As in previous episodes, the appearance of the characters will adapt to the crossed universe.

On the fighting side, Tetsuya Nomura confirms the return to Kingdom Hearts 2 reaction control mechanics, these contextual actions that fans have obviously claimed: “After the output of Kingdom Hearts III, we have received a lot of requests for the return of Reaction Commands, so we made them come back. Which explains why the Keyblade turns into big drill during the combat sequence, after the irruption of a small icon. “_The reason a small black circle appears on the screen, it’s just because we have not formalized the platforms on which the game is planned.” On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait for in Discover more about the new “Build” command that appears in the traditional menu. Just know that, always according to nomura, destruction like construction are absolutely essential in the _gameplay of this episode, so much and so that we can already imagine craft on the fly like some extremely popular games…

Finally, concerning the Kingdom Hearts Mobile Project: Missing Link, also announced last Sunday, Tetsuya nomura says that it will fill a vacuum in the series “χ”, which includes Kingdom Hearts χ, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and Kingdom Hearts Dark Lord. This multi-based episode based on increased reality and geolocation is presented as a hyphen between the different universes. So it will not register in the Dark Seeker arch that took Sora to Kingdom Hearts III nor in the Lost Master Arc open with Kingdom Hearts IV. “ (In terms of geolocation), we try different things, but according to the calendar, the land and the atmosphere could be partially inspired by the world of Disney“, also specifies the creator of the series about the possible links with the giant of entertainment. A title whose closed beta is scheduled for next fall.

Kingdom Hearts IV Trailer Analysis & First Impressions

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Kingdom Hearts 4 – Trailer of the 20th Anniversary

All worlds shown in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link explores the missing chapter, the action of which occurs after the Kingdom Hearts: Union χ and to the events of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. The action takes place in Scala AD Caelum – like a labyrinth of the world of KeyBlade Wielders owners, created by one of the five leaders of the Union, Efemer. Since the action takes place years after Union χ, but before Birth by Sleep, it is quite natural to wonder what worlds you can explore.

Here is a list of all worlds potentially affordable in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link:

We gotta Talk about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link..

  • Rock and body
  • Kingdom of Crown

There are also urban and industrial areas that look as if they belong to the existing world, for example, Monstroopolis, but, given how extensive they describe the cliff-hell-kaelum, it can be assumed that they are just one of many places in his world. Floating islands.

There is also this area that looks like a key clink cemetery, but the presence of spiny trunks of trees refutes it. However, given the presence of other owners of key blade, it actually looks like a potential raid area .

However, at the time of writing the article, nothing is confirmed. The above list is based solely on what was shown in the announcement trailer you can see below.

Thus, the links between the worlds in the “missing link” still need to recover, which makes many worlds Kingdom Hearts franchises available for research. New worlds may also be presented.

_This list will be updated as new information about the game appears.

To learn more news and Kingdom Hearts updates, be sure to look here in Pro Game Guides.

Kingdom Hearts 4 potentially makes fun of the open world environment

Kingdom Hearts 4 First Information - Open World, Star Wars & Marvel, New Visuals
Coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the series, Square Enix set fire to the Internet this morning when announcing that Corazones of the kingdom 4 is now officially under development. The revelation of the game was performed through a new advance that gave the fans a brief show of what will have reserved the last entry of the franchise. And although there are still many more questions than answers when it comes to Corazones of the kingdom 4 At this time, an official game description makes it look like it could be set in an open world.

Not long after the trailer of revelation of Corazones of the kingdom 4 was shown, Square Enix revealed some of the first details about his last action RPG. In summary, the description of the game that was provided did not reveal much, but it seemed to imply that the new location of the title, known as Quadratum, could be set in an open world. Square Enix did not officially tagge Quadratum as an open world, but he said that the location is “different from everything that has been seen before” compared to the previous deliveries. Taking into account that Kingdom Hearts has never really been in an open world environment, it is logical that Square Enix is moving in this direction.

“In the advance of the announcement, Sora makes a triumphant return with an updated look at the beginning of a new epic story titled ‘Lost Master ARC’,” says the official description of Corazones of the 4 kingdom of Square Enix. “Beginning with Sora facing himself in a Battle of Heads against a giant enemy, players are presented to Quadratum, a large and expansive city located in a beautiful and realistic world as never before had seen in the Kingdom Hearts series. The fans will be excited to see the return of the well-known companions of Sora, Donald and Goofy, in addition to the first appearance of Strelitzia, a new and mysterious character that appears before Sora in this new and strange scenario. “

Once again, there is still very little that we know about Corazones of the 4 kingdom in general and there is a good possibility that we do not listen more about the project for quite some time. Even so, this brief description that Square Enix from the game tells us that KH4 will be very different compared to its predecessors, so it is definitely worth exciting.

What do you think about Kingdom Hearts 4 based on what has been shown so far? And when do you think we can play this game for ourselves? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

Kingdom Hearts IV: Surprise, Square Enix Loose the 1st trailer with gameplay in

It is clearly something that no one waited at the beginning of the afternoon of sunny Sunday, especially in France where all the eyes and the spirits are riveted to the first round of the votes of the presidential elections, but in Japan, C ‘ is the right time to celebrate the 20 years of the Kingdom Hearts series. Of course, Square Enix had organized an event accordingly, which took place in physics, in Tokyo in the district of Shibuya. Of course, it was an opportunity to come back to the different episodes that came out, but also announcements of new upcoming titles, like this Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, a mobile game, the series being popular via this format. But there was a surprise at the end of this ceremony, namely the first trailer of Kingdom Hearts IV. A surprise that fans are currently commenting on social networks, especially since this episode drags radically with the previous opus, with a desire to offer less cartoon graphics, in a universe that also seems to unfold in real life, But who is none other than the quadratum city.


Sora also seems to have grown physically, but his cup of BG remained the same. We see it first woke up from a sofa before a girl who answers the name of Strelitzia to discover the city that is quickly attacked by a non-heart version Darkside. We then see our hero invoke his Keyblade who also serves as a grapple to move faster and who is reminiscent of the final Fantasy XV gameplay. It is the only moment of gameplay that we will see from the game, before the end of the trailer unveils Donald Duck and Goofy who seems to be looking for a person in a badly enlightened cave. Square Enix specifies that it is a new bow, and so a whole new story titled “Lost Master Arc” for the time, no platform or release date has been announced, but according to recent Rumors, Kingdom Hearts 4 will not happen if early.

New Kingdom Hearts III DLC Trailer has been revealed for TGS; Coming this winter

A new trailer for the next Kingdom Hearts III RE MIND DLC has been unveiled.

Kingdom Hearts III is released in January of this year, after more than a decade of anticipation of fans. The game has received positive reviews, fans and criticisms praising its presentation. However, some people have had problems with intrigue, especially since some elements of the plot have been left open.

The game director, Tetsuya Nomura, promised to solve some of these history problems in a future downloadable content. A trailer for a downloadable content pack called Re Mind has been revealed for the first time in Kingdom Hear Orchestra – World of Tres – in June, shortly before E3.

This initial trailer showed a new Keyblade for the protagonist that Sora could handle in the match. The trailer also showed new sections of the game that players can play under the names of Roxas, Riku and Aqua. New enticing cinematographic scenes were also presented in the trailer, leaving fans speculate.

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Trailer

Last week, Square Enix, the developers of Kingdom Hearts, revealed that they would leave Monday a new trailer of the DLC Re Mind for TGS.

The new trailer can now be viewed on YouTube.

The new trailer offers new information about downloadable content, adding new cinematics to history. What is interesting about cinematics is that they seem to take place during the last part of the main story of the game. Some of them even seemed to be extensions of previous cinematics of the game.

The new cinematic scenes include Kairi and Axel confronted with an encapuchoned Xion, aqua to a terra possessed by Xehanort, Sora speaking in Namine in person, a young Xehanort speaking to the master of the masters, and the final scene of the trailer shows a terra. possessed on the verge of confronting the persistent will.

The new game elements include Sorta using Oathkeeper, a keyblade that will be part of the DLC. It is shown to fight what seems to be Vanitas and Xigbar antagonists in a new mysterious place. Other new game features include a new combined attack including Roxas, Axel and Xion. An Aqua and Ventus combo is also presented in the trailer.

KINGDOM Hearts III RE MIND DLC is always mentioned for the winter, but no official release date has been revealed in the trailer.

Kingdom Hearts Games for Nintendo Switch could still be behaved natively

Last week, Square Enix finally revealed that it would essentially take all the games of the Kingdom Hearts series to Nintendo Switch. Although this news was received with generally joy by many fans, the warning of this launch is that each title had the form of a version in the cloud, which means that games themselves could only be played through the Internet instead of natively on the switch. Fortunately, according to some recent comments from Square Enix, the company could still choose to take these Kingdom Hearts games to switch natively in the future.

In a new conversation with Nintendo Life, Ichiro Hazama de Square Enix, who works as a producer of the Kingdom Hearts Franchise Series, explained why the editor opted to take the games to Nintendo Switch in the form of cloud versions. In summary, Hazama said that the process of carrying the titles to Switch was more difficult than expected. However, using the cloud made this easier, which allowed Square Enix at least to bring the saga to Switch. For some time, our director Tetsuya Nomura had expressed his desire to deliver the Kingdom Hearts series to the players of Nintendo Switch, he had seen and heard the demand, so it was very considered a lot of this, he explained. Carrying these titles to Nintendo Switch turned out to be quite difficult for several reasons, including the hardware storage capacity, but we are excited to have made it a reality for the first time using cloud service.

However, despite using the cloud in this case, Hazama did not close the door completely to take the Kingdom Hearts games to Switch in a native format in the future. At this time, the production of a native version is indecisive, he said on the matter. We believe that the version in the cloud is currently the best way to deliver the Kingdom Heart series to the Nintendo Switch players, but we are always excited to listen to the comments of our fans and we want to thank them for all their support.

Are you someone who would like to see Square Enix portar natively all Kingdom Hearts games to Nintendo Switch at some point in the future? Or are you satisfied with versions in the cloud that have been released? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

Will Kingdom Hearts come natively to Nintendo Switch

As you probably already know, the games Kingdom Hearts will be arriving in the future at Nintendo Switch . But unfortunately, they will only be available through the cloud, as has happened earlier with other titles Third-Party. Obviously, the news was not liked from the fans, however, from Square Enix affirm that they still do not close The door for native versions.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, ichiro hazama , producer of the franchise, said they will be very aware of the reactions of the fans with respect to these games in switch, but interestingly, no He completely denied the possibility of working in native versions for this console.

At this time, a decision has not been made about the production of a native version. We believe that the version in A Cloud is the best way to deliver the Kingdom Heart series to the Nintendo Switch players, but we are always excited to listen to the feedback from our fans and we want to thank them all for their support.

Apparently, take these games at switch It was not an easy task as many assuming it would be, or at least it says hazama:

Carrying these games to Nintendo Switch was a bit difficult for several reasons, including the limited storage capacity of the hardware, but we are very happy that we have been able to achieve it for the first time using cloud service.

So there you have it, it s still possible that the saga of Kingdom Hearts gets natively to switch , but for now we will have to settle for your versions in the cloud.

Editor s note: The truth is that when it comes to ports, remakes or remasters, Square Enix is usually very inconsistent with the results. If something like The Witcher 3 could run on the small hybrid console, how is it possible that the games of Kingdom Hearts are going to require a version in the cloud?

Source: Nintendo Life

Kingdom Hearts HD Collections now available on Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts (Japanese: キングダム ハーツ, Hepburn: Kingudamu Hātsu) is a series of activity parlor games created and published by Square Enix (originally by Square). It is a partnership in between Square Enix and The Walt Disney Firm and also is under the instructions of Tetsuya Nomura, a long time Square Enix employee.
Kingdom Hearts is a crossover of various Disney properties based in an initial fictional universe. The collection fixate the primary character, Sora, and his journey and also experiences with numerous Disney and Pixar characters, as well as some from Square Enix residential or commercial properties, such as Final Dream, The Globe Ends With You and also Einhänder, along with original personalities and also locations created especially for the series. The primary plotline of the series sees the lead characters clash versus the numerous manifestations of Xehanort, the primary antagonist.
The series contains thirteen games offered for numerous systems and also future titles are planned. Most of the video games in the collection have been favorably received and also commercially effective. Since June 2019, the Kingdom Hearts collection has actually delivered more than 32 million duplicates worldwide. A wide range of related product has been released along with the games, consisting of soundtracks, porcelain figurines, companion publications, light novels, a collectible card game, and also a manga series.

We need to talk about Kingdom Hearts and Nintendo Switch Cloud Games.... | MVG
From nothing are the Xbox One ports here.

Despite the fact that no one Kingdom Hearts title had released on an Xbox platform, the Xbox One version of Kingdom Hearts 3 day and date with the PS4 published a last year. It was a bit strange, but the power of Disney was probably considered more powerful than the need to follow the tedious and confused plot of Disney Kingdom Hearts . Well, for Xbox players who want to make this leap, you can now.

Without real announcement The two Kingdom HEARTS HD-Collections , HD REMIX 1.5 + 2.5 and HD 2.8 FinalSprolog appeared for purchase in the Microsoft Store, which you can check here and here.

Together, the games include the whole Kingdom Hearts Saga. Combined with Kingdom Hearts 3 That is, the whole thing is now playable on Xbox One. Of course, we also know more Kingdom Hearts in the development are two teams that dedicate themselves to pumping out new entries. So you can never finish this franchise, but you can lose yourself at least in the weeds of the series, if you want this.

Marked with: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, Square Enix, Xbox One

Ten Kingdom Hearts

The BIG PROBLEM Of Kingdom Hearts Coming To Nintendo Switch...
Soon there is the entire story of Kingdom Hearts for the switch. On the way it will be difficult with the play.

Square Enix announced yesterday in the presentation of the last fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced that a total of ten games of the Kingdom Hearts series will soon be released for the Nintendo Switch. However, these are not download versions or games on a module, instead you get all titles as cloud versions. A constant internet connection is therefore a prerequisite to dive into the Disney worlds.

The ten games are offered in three different packages or as a complete experience called Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece. The individual titles are shared as follows:

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (HD Remastered Cinematics)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Remix

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (HD Remastered Cinematics)

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -a Fragmentary Passage
Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover (Film)

Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind (DLC)

There is not a release date for the game collections yet, but the publication should be soon . In addition, the Kingdom Hearts series will be 20 years old next year. Of course, this occasion must be celebrated duly and therefore a corresponding event will take place 2022. Further details will follow shortly.

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