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Call of Duty Warzone: a monstrous video of season 3 confirms Godzilla, and it will not be alone!

Recently, the news around Call of Duty only knew by the upcoming arrival of season 3. To give a new impetus to its last two productions, namely Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard, the giant Activision reflected on a new collaboration, just as gigantic as Shingeki’s Titans No Kyojin. After a teasing that invited players to do intensive research and decryptions, the American publisher has formalized the arrival of not one, but of two colossy!

The WARZONE SEASON 3 Teasers Are Getting Bigger... (Warzone Season 3 Events)


J-20 before the Monarch Operation

The arrival of Snoop Dogg, ready to pork his opponents and to defrave his big pests, will not have obscured one of the biggest rumors about season 3, “weapons top secret”, from Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard . Last week, the new season of the Royal Battle of Activision was revealed through a small trailer that concluded on a strange discovery. From, Activision tilted the curiosity of players in publishing audio extract as terrifying as intrigaging! It did not take long for players to point a crossover potential with one of the most iconic cinema monsters, namely Godzilla.

The more the activism communication multiplied, especially through a handful of visuals , the more the players seemed to see their impressions confirmed. But, quickly, a clue did not agree with the only arrival of the famous Kaijū since a message indicated that “ the monsters exist” while another mentioned the fact “s they arrive“. Of course, in the latest productions around the huge lizard, he was not the only head of poster since a certain King Kong came to give him a hard time. In short, to believe, the trailer broadcast by Activision, the Map of Caldera will be well and the theater of their new confrontation, which will only add more chaos in the parts of the players! **

on cod, the time of the battle of the monsters rang

While an airplane flies over a jungle species, the atmosphere seems sticky, lugubre or even terrifying, and the sudden arrival of King Kong confirms the cataclysm that is preparing on Call of Duty: Warzone . The King of Primates is ready to fight, and he will have an opponent at his waist since off Caldera emerges his biggest rival, Godzilla. Call of Duty soldiers are therefore called for reinforcement to carry out “monarch_operation”.

This will begin with a slight offset compared to the launch of the Decall of Duty season: Warzone since the duel at the top between the two monsters will take place as from May 11 . In the meantime, players can enjoy the coming of an exceptional operational , confirming the rumors that we had heard about it a few weeks before, armed with his own arsenal.


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1 hour ago

I’m just not believing that we go from Verdansk who had everything to please this shit of Caldera, and now King Kong and Godzila, what I loved Warzone it was precisely his side “Realist” more soil Earth Kong and Godzilla Cest Tolerable in Fortnite, not Warzone.

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Godzilla as well as King Kong in Cod Warzone: Expert awakens hope for totally crazy occasions

According to the record of the well-known leaker “Tom Henderson” (formerly longsensation), the occasions in Warzone might be higher quickly. Much bigger. King Kong and Godzilla Groß.

Call of Duty: Warzone has actually rarely observed by special events. The Halloween spectacles are rather amusing as well as also the Ingame news of the new cods make certain an unique variety.

An expert report of the notorious leaker “Tom Henderson” suggests that Call of Duty: Warzone should function on occasions with exaggerated major monsters – King Kong and Godzilla are called. What lags, we show you on Meinmmo.

But these are 2 consultations a year. Otherwise, Warzone stayed here instead weak – or angry players despite an aggravating Xmas monster.

Kaijū strike on Caldera? Leaker keeps it feasible

Thus, the Leacer clarifies that he is stumbled over Concept-type of King Kong and Godzilla associated to the existing Season 2 of Warzone.

Due to the fact that the photos remained in a context with Period 2. His experience in the viewing of the lactic photos informs him: there could probably be much more.

Henderson states that he has seen numerous such outgoing principle arts throughout the years as well as hardly ever there is a magazine. Nonetheless, in the present case, the facts are somewhat various.

What remained in his report? Henderson composed an unique record for the US-American page (through

The complying with pictures are obviously:

Exactly how risk-free is Henderson? In the record on Xfire, the leader looks rather confident:

According to the record of the well-known leaker “Tom Henderson” (formerly longsensation), the occasions in Warzone can be better quickly. King Kong and Godzilla Groß.

It is uncertain whether the current Warzone title can support such strong strategies. If that’s the instance, we can soon see 120-meter beast in Caldera.

The leader makes the occasion start relying on the method of the Warz1. If the graphics engine passes, large monsters for Henderson are really conceivable.

Let us like a remark on whether you would certainly celebrate such huge events or what beasts would like to see you in the warzone.

Too much collaboration with “Assault on Titans” would neighbor. There are already Cosmetic packages of the popular anime in the video game and the Titans also offer superb large monsters.

An expert report of the infamous leaker “Tom Henderson” suggests that Call of Duty: Warzone ought to work on occasions with exaggerated major monsters – King Kong and Godzilla are called. What’s behind, we reveal you on Meinmmo.

You will certainly find the best weapons of the Warzone right here if you want to lie the appropriate beast killing till after that.

In the report, he additionally states that the currently revealed “Warzone 2” might produce a much bigger concentrate on occasions than the existing precursor. Henderson expects MEGA occasions at the most recent, which are based upon Fortnite.

The expert additionally brings a “Jurassic Park” occasion for the current warz1. Possibly something is intended below for the summertime.

All details here is here in the article about Leaks and also None of this is officially validated. The view of more and larger events in Warzone is a good one.

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