The resignation of Vespa was found to be true. Vespa is in a position to complete the ‘King’s Raid 1′ service and ‘King’s Raid 2’, which is being developed after large-scale manpower reduction, to strive to normalize the company.

Employees who met at Vespa’s headquarters on the 1st said that it was true that a large-scale recommendation of Vespa, which was raised by anonymous community yesterday (June 30), was true.

Employees A said, Yesterday, Kim Jin-soo gathered most of the employees to the scene and explained that the company was very difficult. Employees B said, It is true that recommended resignation from the anonymous community is true.

Employees C said, Yesterday, Kim Jin-soo called all the employees and said, ‘I tried to attract a lot, but it was difficult, he said. In response to the salary raised in some parts, Mr. C said, The salary in May was properly in May. I came.

The core of Vespa, who met with the reporters, also admitted that Kim Jin-soo announced his executive resignation to employees. A key official said, I explained to 105 employees yesterday that the company had no choice but to resign a recommendation. At the end of the year, it will be completed and released early next year.

A key official said, Vespa has invested a lot of investment last year, and the company’s situation has not improved, so it is necessary to adjust a large-scale manpower. It was not easy to attract due to the game situation. As a result, the final investment attraction plan was withdrawn, and large-scale personnel were reduced.

Some of the core officials said, It’s not true. The official said, What Kim Jin-soo said yesterday is a situation where he needs a recommendation, and he will receive a retirement application from employees today (1). The salary in June will inevitably delay, but we will make the best efforts such as the sale of assets and provide all severance pay.

A key official said that Vespa will continue to operate ‘Kings Raid’ and ‘Time Defendance’ with the minimum workforce and maintain the company with the profits earned from the two game services. The minimum of the company’s expected personnel is about 10% to 20%. The next film, King’s Raid 2, is about 70% completed, and will be completed with the remaining manpower.

The sale of ‘Shining Force’ IP mentioned during the March general shareholders’ meeting was not made. It has been developed for more than three years, but it has been completed without any cost recovery.

A Vespa official said, We will try to resume stock transactions, and we will succeed in ‘Kings Raid 2’. We will do our best to escape the risk of delisting. We had no choice but to reduce our business to reduce costs, he said.

He also dismissed the possibility of selling the ‘Kings Raid’ IP IP, saying, The act means that the company will soon abolish the listing.