Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 4th that it has launched a global update of Arcana Tactics: Revolbus.

In this update, we opened the real-time PVP content ‘Arena’. Unlike general PVP content, the Arena is not growth, but only with brain strategies and skills.

If you enter the arena, you will be randomly selected Arcana, and the two matched users will face the same rules and conditions. At the time of entry, the number of battles can be changed according to the goods consumption, and depending on the multiplier, there is abundant rewards such as ‘Ruby’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘5-star hero soul’.

In addition, the first five-star hidden hero, Uros, first appeared. Uros is a fighter’s steel attribute hero, providing strong defense from the forefront based on his strong stamina. He is also a character with high versatility because he can assist the attack with a skill that reflects his damage to the enemy.

In commemoration of the update, a variety of events are held. The Hidden Hero Special Dungeon All Open Event will be held until the 25th of next month. The new hidden hero’s pickup summons and special dungeons change every day, making it easy to obtain the desired hero.