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Corona blocking to unlocked movement. 1Q11 Mobile Game Revenue 7% Decrease

Mobile game sales around the world decreased by 7% on the same time. Corona 19 As a result of the vertex, the analysis of the game market, which has specialized in the middle of the daily recovery,

According to the Market Research Sensor Tower of the 5th, mobile game sales decreased by 7.1% YoY to $ 21 billion (about 25 trillion won) (about 25 trillion won) (about 25 trillion won). By platform, Google Play is $ 8.1 billion (about 9,820 billion won), and the Apple App Store is 12.8 billion (about 15.477 billion won), and 13.8% and 2.3% reduction occurred, respectively.

“Compared to the two-digit growth rate in 2021, the consumption of consumption in the first quarter of 2022 was slowed in the first quarter of 2022,” means that the expenditure is slowing due to the normalization of the market due to Corona 19 seconds. ” And analyzed.

25 Best OPEN WORLD Games For Android & iPhone (2019)

However, the number of mobile game downloads worldwide has increased by 2.1% to 144 billion. Google Play has grown 2.5 percent compared to 12.1 billion years, and Apple App Store was similar to that of 2.3 billion copies in preparation for last year.

Tencent’s ‘Prince Young’ and ‘Battle Ground Mobile’ were ranked first and second in the first quarter of sales. In Google Play, Domestic NCsoft’s Mobile MMORPG ‘Lineage W’ ranked first, and in the Apple App Store, the ‘Prince Young Yo’ was first-ranked in the first place.

Corona warning app receives update

IN FULL: Queensland records 19 COVID-19 related deaths, check-in app being scaled back | ABC News

The official Corona warning app of the federal government to curb the Corona pandemic has received another update. iPhone users can download the update to Version 2.17.1 from the App Store, while Android users may take a few more hours until the update is available through the Play Store. The reason for the delay at Android is a staggered release in the Google Play Store. “The app is made available to users staggered to immediately react to ad hoc irregularities in functionality with troubleshooting,” says the RKI. * Corona warning app for Android: inform now at chip and download it to the Google Play Store * Corona warning app for iPhone: inform now at chip and download the Apple App Store

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