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All daily instructions to the punch associated with achievements in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact daily commissions can add an undesirable random number to achievements. This is due to the nature of the appointment of daily commissions. You have no influence on when you can take on which commission. Nevertheless, we can help you by warning you when the commission you take will open an achievement in a certain way. Read on to find out more.

All daily prayer instructions associated with achievements in Genshin Impact


Here are daily instructions in Summer that you are looking for to unlock the achievements:

Academy questions and answers *: You can be asked six different questions, and every time you receive this commission, you will be asked three. There is no guarantee what questions you get. Answer them correctly at least once, and you will earn a scientist in a pile .
Attaché in another country : In this task, you are instructed to find a mushroom. If you collect more than one mushroom and return to it, you unlock This is my job.
Dr.’s orders : You will need to get this commission at least three times. Give the medicine to each NPC, Jürgen, Aura and Altaba. But Before you report to the doctor, Bavaria, give them a dose, exactly the same as the doctor said. No need and also: Destroy the Jürgen bushes, give Aura sugar and give a steak AFT AB. This should unlock relaxation therapy .
Eat and study *: you will need to try all three dishes of Afar, peppermint soup, Manipur and shawarma wrapping to achieve what’s the matter? . Unfortunately, what dish you try depends on the State Medical University.
Mean Garcia : To unlock this commission chain, complete the local assignment of Garcia Mean . The subsequent commission chain consists of five parts, but you must achieve principles of arithmetic * at the end.

Gold absorption and collection of moral *: This is a commission network that asks you to cook food for Hakim for good luck on the exchange. You will reach Kali mi mushroom if everything is fine with him. This is based on luck, but try to give Fatima tasty to put them in a pile to improve your chances. You achieve when wealth comes if things are not so good, and he needs a little apple cider to get courage to buy at the bottom.
Meow meow meow? Meow! Meow : Help Sarah find her cats three times. Make sure that you correctly call their names, otherwise it will not be counted! This will unlock Catch me if you can! .
Transformation of the problem : successfully complete this chain of instructions to help Radio build a ship and achieve the ship has this .
Project Baby : Gulag will ask you to find food for his snakes of five different accidentally selected camps. After you found food, Piano can tell you that there is a snake toy nearby. Collect three toys to achieve optional request .

Supreme hook shot *: Having completed this task three times (it doesn’t matter which version), you unlock Economical hook World quest. Follow this local task to get yeah! What’s on the hook?
Measure the world : There is nothing special here. Follow the commission twice to achieve the sky is huge; Earth…
When the flowers are blooming : you need to perform flowers that do not grow daily commission at least twice to unlock this. After you finish when the flowers bloom, find a vopperflaueer who escaped to the opposite bank of the river to unlock it. up the roots .

Looking for additional information about the pounder? Find out how to unlock the Old Banana in Summer in Genshin Impact and the location of all outstanding chests in Summer in Genshin Impact, here in Pro GAME Guides.

Where to find a fishing pile and get the end of the Line on Genshin Impact

Piamond feeding is not the only reason to go fishing at Genshin Impact. There are also amazing awards if you know the right people with whom you can talk. Here you can get a rewards for fishing in a pounder, including a free four-star bow End of the Line.


Where is Lumlat, the seller of the fishing association to the Genshin Impact pill

To the north of the port of Ormos, at the end of the Western Doc. . She will tell you a whole story if you ask about her Rashid. Or you can buy fishing supplies, including cool rewards, for the fish caught.

Что я могу получить в Рыболовной ассоциации Сумеру в Genshin Impact

A lot of goodies. But keep in mind that fishing associations are engaged in fish, not a mora. That’s how many fish you need to exchange for rewards:

Statistics of weapons for onions End of the Line in Genshin Impact

Do you want to know about another weapon in Genshin Impact? Check out the sacrificial sword of Genshin Impact-the best characters, characteristics and how to get it, as well as why the 5-star sword Haran geppaku Futsu is the best DPS weapon in Genshin Impact here in the game manuals.

The trailer for the new character Genshin Impact named Sikanoin Hazezo

Today, the developer of Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse, introduced a new version of version 2.8 dedicated to a new character named Sikanoin Haydzo.

Sikanoin Heidzo will appear in prayers on July 13, 2022. The video tells the background of a new character, which is the most successful and insightful detective of the Tenre Commission, and also demonstrate the gameplay. Although as for gameplay, the video with it will have to appear a little later.

Genshin Impact is a free Action-RPG in the style of style, developed and published by Mihoyo. The game is available on PC, PlayStation consoles and mobile devices for iOS and Android.

The authors of Genshin Impact showed gameplay for e doctors and Cookies Sinobu

The developers of the game Genshin Impact showed fresh gameplay for two new characters – E Lan and Cooky Sinobu. Both heroines will become available with the release of the next update.

Kuki Shinobu Official Trailer Genshin Impact
E Lan is a 5-star character, in battle she owns onions, and her skills are charged with an element of hydraulicity. Cooking Sinobu has 4 stars of rarity, uses a sword and skills with an electrical element. Both heroines will be an excellent addition to your detachment if you are looking for someone to the position of the main or secondary Damagar.

Together with the characters, new tasks and events will appear in Genshin Impact with the release of Patch 2.7. The renewal release is scheduled for May 31.

How to unlock the inverted point of the teleport in the underground shaft “The abyss” in Genshin Impact

The underground shaft of the abyss is full of riddles, from the long -lost secrets of the fallen Kaenri’a to the existence of oozing alias. One of the most striking attractions of this area is the inverted track point of the teleport, which is not displayed on the map of the world until you unlock it.

This leadership will tell you how to find an inverted track point of a teleport and unlock it. Keep in mind that you need to initiate The Chasm Spelunkers to get access to Underground Mine.

where to find an inverted teleport point in Genshin Impact

Go to the area circled in the image above. To get there, start from the waybill of the teleport in the stone halls and move up. You can also fulfill the quest of the archont’s quest “Requiem of a booby depths” (the grave of the guarded), which will bring you to the same place.

How to activate the inverted teleport point in Genshin Impact

bwaap plays The Chasm Archon Quest in Genshin Impact
Having headed to the place indicated above, you will find yourself in a clearing with an inverted track point of a teleport. Climb the column next to the track point of the teleport ** until you touch the ceiling. This will allow you to interact with the track point of the teleport to unlock it. Consider the possibility of using a tall character so that he can reach the top.

As an alternative, you can use the gadget “Wind Polter” or the skill of the element of the valve to create a stream of wind that will raise you high enough to reach the track point of the teleport.

Take a break and enjoy our quiz Genshin impact: what is you element? To find out what vision you will most likely get.

Genshin Impact 2.6 Phase two banners

THEY TRIED TO RUIN AYAKA'S RERUN BANNER! Full 2.6 Ayaka & Mistsplitter Banner Review - Genshin 2.6
Time really passes as in flight, if you have fun to get lost in The Chasm, because Hoyoverse has announced today that the Banner characters of Genshin Impact 2.6, Phase 2, on the way. In addition to Ayaka, from whom we already knew that she would get two of his own Genshin Impact banner in Phase, there are many first-class four-star units to win, including a certain wolf boy, which we have not seen for some time.

That’s right, Razor is finally seeing for the first time since Kazuha’s release in June 2021 on a banner. Razor Wanters have set their best cosplay by turning wild for the Electro unit in the meantime. To Razor on the Ayaka banner Sayu joined Sayu – most recently in November 2021 on the HU Tao repeat banner – and Rosaria – also last in November to see as EULA was released.

With the five-star options on the weapon banner, this time everything revolves around forging – somehow. Ayaka’s patented mattsplitter reorged sword appears, of course, and the Unforged Claymore is paired. In the four-star department The Bell Claymore is lined up next to the Favonius family – these are the Favonius sword, the Favonius Lance Rod Weapon, the Favonius Codex Catalyst and the Favonius War Bow.

Developer Hoyoverse has also shared details on two new events that come in phase two of Genshin Impact 2.6. At the event “Vibro-Crystal Research” they help a Fontaine researcher who made their way to Liyue to examine “the harmonious movement between gems known as Vibro Crystals”.

“Zephyr of the Violet Garden” Version 2.6 Event Preview – Phase II

There are many new events in the near future, let us take a look at it ~ # Genshinimpact

  • Genshin impact (@Genshinimpact) 13. April 2022

Meanwhile, the “Ley-line overflow” event offers three occasions every day to get double rewards for Ley lines – so if they are starved to Witz or Mora, now is a good time to get in. Vibro-Crystal Research takes place between April 21 and April 28th, while Ley Line Overflow takes place from 28 April to 5 May.

With the new Genshin Impact banner on us we wish you all the best for your trains – unless you accidentally redeemed all your pity with a certificate Venti train, as has a certain employee, and now have to be impatiently on the Genshin Impact Wait Yelan’s release date. It will be worthwhile, we are sure.

GENSHIN IMPACT: HoyOverse assumes its failure with Yae Miko and will reward players for error

Hoyoverse under fire for what they just did to Yae Miko
The community of Genshin Impact spent months waiting for the arrival of yae miko . The character gained protagonism in history for her relationship with Shogun Raiden and the past of Inazuma. However, the arrival of her to the game as good as many expected. It is true that she is still very dear to everyone, but as for her’s playability, she is something confusing her mechanics and her lack of power caused her not to fulfill the expectations. A situation that left her very down in the Tier List for what we expected from her and led to hook again to make a great change with which she did not finish hitting.

the polemic of Yae Miko and its changes

The great adjustment received by Yae Miko with the Update 2.6 that introduced Kamisato Ayato and Sima was related to her elementary ability. In an attempt to improve it, the pursuit system of enemies of ** cherry kitsune annihilator was changed from HoyOverse. The goal was that the ability was easier to predict and attacked the nearest enemies at all times, but the result was not positive for the character. Instead, it prevented from causing great damage to rivals further than, in some cases, tend to be the most dangerous.

Given the circumstances, from HoyOverse you have wanted to apologize for the situation. Developers acknowledge have failed to the goal of it by not taking into account possible results in all combat situations. In this way, in a next update that will arrive on Wednesday, April 6, changes will be reverted to the character . This situation that will not prevent them from remaining looking as to improve it in a subtle way so that she can ascend some other place in the Tier List. This process will be carried out longer and as a result there will be a widespread improvement of the testing phases and decision makers for Genshin Impact.

Finally, from HoyOver know that the apologies are not always enough and will carry out a distribution of 100 free protogems for all players who initiate session since the mentioned patch until Saturday, April 9. A small watcher to compensate for the inconvenience caused by this situation with which the problems are digested in a somewhat sweater. The truth is that we would like Yae Miko to be one of the characters “Top” of Genshin Impact given the importance of it and, although she is viable even in the spiral of the abyss, her improvements will have to wait a little more.

8 secret achievements in Genshin Impact and how you get

Sen shin Impact does not just house tricky puzzles and dangerous monsters, but also achievements. Similar to the PlayStation or Steam, you can collect successes (achievements) by mastering different tasks in the game. ManoMano shows you 8 secret achievements and how you can easily get them.

What do you bring about achievements in Genshin Impact? Achievements give you above all one: virgin. This allows you to draw numerous characters or weapons on the Geisha banners, which provides you with Genshin Impact at this time.

Since the game gives you some rare veterinarian, it can be worthwhile achievements. Overall, you can currently get 530 successes and thus 4,325 virgins (Via Gen shin Wiki).

Where can you find the achievements? On the PC you can get via ESC and the PlayStation via the option butts in the menu in which you can find the sub-item achievements. The successes are divided into different categories.

If you click on a category, you can see details about achievements. However, there are secret achievements that you can see, if you actually have reached them. Before you will not be listed in the list.

We show you in the following list 8 such secret achievements and what you need to do to achieve them.

1. Achievement: A praise to the stomach

How do you get the achievement? You have to have a team from four characters for this achievement. Then you have to full plug them with self-boiled dishes until they are full.

The saturation can be recognized by the smiley under the figures. When he is red, the heroes are filled enough. As soon as you have saturated all 4 characters, you get the achievement.

How many veterans do you receive for the achievement? After receiving the success, you can pick up 10 virgin in the category World of Miracles.

2 . Achievement: Everyone can be a gourmet

How do you get the achievement? You can also achieve this success with food. This time it is true to waste.

Makes it like Maiden Shogun and prepares ten times a failed court. Since it is very simple in Genshin Impact very easy to cook, it could be that you have not unlocked this simple success.

Take a dish best, which costs you too many valuable materials: East fried eggs or steak.

How much veteran do you receive for the achievement? After receipt of success, you can pick you up in the category World of Miracles 5 virgin.

3 . Achievement: penalty

How do you get the achievement? You must make sure that a Hilichurl can not bury a pro mucus. This happens when it stands in knee-deep water.

The easiest way you can teleport to the statue of the seven in Diana Moor in Life. Then you go to the east of the statue, towards Sal Terrace. After the two larger green islands on the map follows a smaller where you find a Hilichurl digs in vain after a pro mucus.

He gives you ease the achievement penalty.

How much veteran do you receive for the achievement? After receipt of success, you can pick you up in the category World of Miracles 5 virgin.

4 . Achievement: All uninvolved machines please leave the terrain immediately!

How do you get the achievement? If your Arrangement of everlasting devices is in Trauma, the boss falls to the ground at some point and calls its ruin soldiers on the field. This should not defeat her.

Normally, it attacks the ruin soldier, which carries a yellow circle around. But not this time. Ignores the ruin soldiers until the boss recovers and can attack him again.

If your arrangement of everlasting devices defeated without destroying a ruin soldier, you get the achievement.

How many veterans do you receive for the achievement? After receiving the success, you can pick up 10 virgin in the category World of Miracles.

5 . Achievement: Hello… Is anyone there?

How do you get the achievement? You must find a hiding door in Rico in Trauma. If you use the middle teleport er in Rico, you run south.

Continue behind the whole houses of the city until you meet a single in the countryside. Behind this house is the secret door, which gives you a quest with the achievement at the same time.

The quest brings you adventure EP, EP cards and 20,000 MORE.

How much veteran do you receive for the achievement? After receipt of success, you can pick you up in the category World of Miracles 5 virgin.

6 . Achievement: That should be one of the four winds?

How do you get the achievement? You have to defeat an AEMO fist striker after you have triggered all its elemental conversions. Sounds complicated, but you only have 4 characters from different elements:


The AEMO fist striker uses an attack sometime, which gives him a shield for a short time. Then attack with an attack that is alimentary damage to destroy the shield.

The whole thing makes her four times with the 4 different characters, after which you can defeat him to get the achievement.

How much veteran do you receive for the achievement? After receipt of success, you can pick you up in the category World of Miracles 5 virgin.

7 . Achievement: Dry cleaning

How do you get the achievement? You must defeat the Hydro hypostases for this achievement without destroying the slim on it.

You may only defeat the slim as soon as the Hydro Hypostases wants to restore life points.

How many veterans do you receive for the achievement? After receiving the success, you can pick up 10 virgin in the category World of Miracles.

8th. Achievement: Smells for animal spirit!

Genshin Impact Secret Achievements Free 200+ Primogems
How do you get the achievement? You have to let you meet three consecutive imitation attacks of pro hypostases and then defeat them. This combination recognizes the following order:

First, Hypostases works a kind of bull,
After that, she disappears in the ground and appears like a dolphin,
Most recently, she becomes a ball that dissolves into a swirl of fire butterflies.

The success counts when you are hit, though you will protect from a sign, as of Zwingli.

If you are not sure how the combination of hypostases looks, runs something around and let it run attacks. You will recognize the station wagon at the latest on the butterfly strudel.

How much veteran do you receive for the achievement? After receipt of success, you can pick you up in the category World of Miracles 5 virgin.

If you farm all the successes in this list, you get a total of 55 virgin as a reward.

Could you discover the list of achievements that you have not received, or you already know all? Let us know in the comments.

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