Team17 has announced a collaboration with Reality Gaming Group to publish a series of Worms based NFTs.

According to the British company, these NFTs of “limited edition” are “friendly with the environment” and part of the benefits of their sale will be allocated to the Sustainability Company NFT COIN 4 Planet.

Team17 Cancel Worms NFTs After Devs & Studios Revolt, Troy Baker Apologizes, EA Now Scared Of NFTs

At the moment there are not many images of these NFTs, except for a web,, in which a windy wind was shown. There is also the Metaworms Discord, but everything seems to be still under construction and points to a hurried ad.

However, the announcement has been wrapped from a certain controversy. According to Company NFT, many of the employees of the company did not know anything about the plans for this controversial initiative, and have been listed at the same time as the media. Others, who did know of these plans (but only after the signing of the collaboration agreement), they showed their disconformity, but they were ignored by the Directive.

The response in social networks has been mostly negative by fans, which has forced Team17 to send a new statement in which he has assured that “we are licensed by the Worms brand to our new Third-Party partner so that they can produce art Digital collectable based on one of the most beloved IPS of independent games, similar to merchandising already available in physical “.

They have also clarified that “Team17 has no plans to introduce NFTS or mechanical play-to-earn NFT into any of the independent titles.”