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Totw 31 FIFA 22 with Ledesma, Carvajal and Cristiano Ronaldo Available

FIFA 22 Confirms all players that are part of the team of the week 31 . The new Totw arrives another edition more to exalt the performance of the most outstanding players in the lConan Ledesmat strip of official parties. Remember that they are already available by opening envelopes for limited time or in the transferable market.

Equipment of week 31 in FIFA 22: All elected


Who's in FIFA 22 TOTW 31? ???? #Shorts

  • PT: Ledesma, 86, Cádiz FC
  • Li: Carvajal, 86, Real Madrid
  • LD: Kalulu, 84, AC Milan
  • MCD: Kimmich, 92, Bayern Munich
  • MI: Goodwin, 84, Adelaide United
  • MC: Torreira, 83, Fiorentina
  • MC: Bruno Guimaraes, 82, NewcConan Ledesmatle
  • DC: Christian Ronaldo, 93, Manchester United
  • DC: Haaland, 89, Borussia Dortmund
  • DC: Lautaro Martínez, 88, Inter de Milan

Substitutes and Reservations

  • PT: Forster, 84
  • CT: ThomConan Ledesma, 81
  • Ct: hacko, 81
  • MD: Sallai, 81
  • MI: Kainz, 81
  • EI: Taremi, 86
  • DC: Dembééé, 84
  • CT: Beckles, 75
  • MCO: Wales, 73
  • SD: Bülter, 78
  • DC: CConan Ledesmatellanos, 78
  • EI: ilie, 70

The team of the week 31 stands out by two players from Laliga Santander. The first is Conan Ledesma, the goalkeeper of Cádiz FC . The Argentine wConan Ledesma key to him that he would achieve the victory for the minimum against FC Barcelona. On the other hand, Carvajal also curdled a great match in front of Seville.

Conan Ledesma for the most valued about the selection, the throne is offered exclusively for Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to its 93 average Conan Ledesmasessment . It follows another usual of the Totw: Kimmich, with 92. The next step is distributed between Haaland, with 89, and Lautaro Martínez, with 88.

But the most interesting item is goodwin . Although it is difficult to fit by the league and nationality of it, the mediocentro hConan Ledesma 94 rhythm and 85 both in physicist and rue. You can already find them in FIFA 22.

Future FIFA Games should adopt the name of EA Sports FC

No surprise, the “EA Sports FC” brand filed last fall by Electronic Arts will be the future name of the football games known as “FIFA” for decades, according to the information obtained by Journalist Jeff Grubb.

“_Ea sports football club, ea sports fc, it’s the name of the game. I have seen the registered trademarks and I thought it’s just that it could just be a functionality as an online fashion, but I learned myself On this subject and that’s it, it’s the name, “said Jeff Grubb into his podcast. According to him, this great change of identity could take place this year, even if the contract between EA and FIFA is supposed to expire only at the end of the World 2022 in Qatar, which would allow EA to use the four magic letters One last time for FIFA 23.

Four emblematic letters but cost expensive for finally not much, deplore the direction of Electronic Arts. In terms of license, the Alliance with FIFA only covers the official use of the World Cup, all other licenses (players, clubs, stadiums, championships) being the fruit of hundreds of other partnerships that do not will not vanish at the same time as relations with FIFA.

The Electronic Arts bet may seem to risk at first sight, especially since other publishers will have the freedom to resume the name FIFA for their football games if they pose the price, but the publisher is convinced (probably to Reason) that his fame does not rest on the present name on the jacket and that his experience in football games will be immediately recognized by the public even after this future change of name. A name change that could disorient part of the public, which is used to “se make a small FIFA” since the 1990s, but probably temporarily and finally negligible.

What The Hell Is Happening Between EA And FIFA?
According to the information previously reported by the New York Times, the FIFA would have tried to negotiate an increase in prices for the use of its name, passing the bill to $ 2.5 billion for a new 10-year contract. Behind the divorce, the divorce seems already pronounced, while CEO Andrew Wilson explained to the staff that the FIFA license became “an obstacle” to the football ambitions of EA. According to Wilson, the instance of football prevents from developing the contents of his game as he sees fit, to the point of qualifying the intake of FIFA as “ a simple name on a box.“.

UFL: Gameplay for FIFAs new competitor

It was yesterday the great oral time for UFL, who after a large Flex session at the last Gamescom shows which wood he warms up. For the record, the game presents itself as the answer free-to-play at Mastodon FIFA, a simulation thought “par players, for the players“, Dixit.

The communication plan seems in any case already well-honed, far from the torments of a certain efootball, with the premium the support of the Idol Cristiano Ronaldo as an ambassador – in the same way as Oleksandr Zinchenko, Romelu Lukaku, Roberto Firmino and Kevin de Bruyne. The presentation provided by Eugene Nashilov, the CEO of Strikerz Inc., Studio based in the United Kingdom since 2016, insists on the need for change: “Our objective, with UFL, is to create a game that is safe problems that hinder the progression of the genus “. And seen how ultimate Team dies on FIFA’s realism ambitions, it is a finding that seems shared by the community.

In fact, the successful economic model closer to UFL of a FIFA Ultimate Team which would not say its name. The victories obtained at the strength of the MatchMaking will allow to transfer new elements, and to adapt the tactic accordingly, with the possibility of course to play online or ofline according to the events, challenges and tournaments that the studio provides for implement. 2V2 and 3V3 matches are also planned for those who favor the coop.

Another idea that underlies the experience: to create an ecosystem persist which evolves according to the updates, without the need to go to the box at each updating of staff – no annuals, your trophies will remain acquired until the Game service continues. Rather than embarking on the acquisition of the slightest license, UFL will also try to build partnerships with some leading clubs on the license side. Monaco, Besiktas, Mönchengladbach, Celtic, Rangers, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sporting Portugal and West Ham are the first to have joined the adventure. It is reminded that the agreement concluded with FIFPRO guarantees the exploitation of the rights of athletes.

As for the gameplay, it will be necessary for the moment to be satisfied with these few clipped extracts to make a first idea. And as long as we will not have a controller in hand, it will be difficult to check the investment issues and the transitions between the animations, which will therefore be refrained from commenting at this stage – that’s it, the professionalism. Still, UFL makes us furiously think of FIFA, and that it will undoubtedly roll up the sleeves until navel to compete illico with a strong license of more than thirty years of experience. It is all the harm that we want to ufl, which will only come out when the developers feel ready.



UFL – Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 22, Potm, the player of the month for January in Bundesliga

As every month, EA is preparing to announce the name of the month’s player (Potm of January) from the Bundesliga for the mode was FIFA 22. To make, FIFA offers the possibility to fans to vote for one of the many Players preselected by the publisher. The vote of fans cash for part of the final result. The winning player will get a special card (receiving a boost) available via a DCE for a month.

The list of players selected for the Potm of the Bundesliga

For the month of January, EA has selected six players for this trophy. Here no surprise with stars like Lewandowski, Müller or Hauand. However, the Meta card options that could please the majority of players was evolving within the Bundesliga are limited. The only here can really get an interesting upgrade to become a Meta option would be Gvardiol, the DC already having interesting stats in speed, pass and agility.

You can vote on the official website of the competition (source in English) to influence the final result.

Selected Players

Final and DCE result for the Potm of the month of January

The final result will be unveiled next week (probably on Friday, February 18th) and a Team Creation Challenge (DCE) will be set up in the day to get a special POTM square for the winner. Obviously, you will find our cheap solution for this DCE immediately after the publication of this challenge on month player.

In your opinion, who will be elected the player of the month (POTM) for January in the Bundesliga?

Potm and investment on was

The DCE Bundesliga are generally fairly correct in terms of price (at least on FIFA 21) even though many players invest on these challenges. Indeed, it is recommended to buy the Bundesliga players’ cards as regularly possible, including Bayern and Dortmund, in order to sell them the day of the release of the DCE.

BUNDESLIGA POTM *January* ???? FIFA 22 POTM PREDICTIONS ???? Lewandowski, Haaland, Nkunku...
If you discover the world of FIFA 22, do not hesitate to consult all of our guides was. You can also find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE).

Infantino advertises again for World Cup in the two year

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has again pronounced himself for the discharge of the World Cup in the Two-Year Rhythm. The possibility of a reform of the calendar with a World Championship every two years was analyzed from the point of view of football – and it is possible, said the World Association Boss at a press conference in Venezuela s capital Caracas.

When it was decided about 100 years ago that the Football World Cup should take place every four years, the FIFA had 40 member states. It is now time to analyze the matter, said Infantino and reaffirmed that a decision was still in to be taken this year.

The task of FIFA is, according to the 51-year-old Swiss, to ensure that football is really global . The President of FIFA is after understanding Infantinos The President of 211 countries – and each of them has the right to dream. But the dream must have the prospect of becoming true. Because if you have to dream of eternally, one will end up Make other.

The orientation of a world championship in higher timing in connection with the increase in the number of participants from 32 to 48 selection teams from 2026 would be the previously insignificant football nations more options for participation , so Infantino.

The resistance to the FIFA plan is great. Only on Friday, the chairmen of the football associations from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland brand are the project as harmful to soccer . Cycling World Association President David Lappartent expressed in the interview with the French news agency AFP, he was concerned about the consequences for the cycling world and our flagship, the Tour de France. The German Football Association had repeatedly compromised to the FIFA plans.

A World Cup Every TWO Years? | FIFA’s Proposal & Timeline Explained
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