Curious and unfortunate story that reaches us from a TexDark Knight cinema, in the United States, where someone releDark Knighted a live bat in full projection of The Batman , the new and expected Dark Knight movie in charge of * * Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson Dark Knight Bruce Wayne / Batman. This is collected by several US and even international media, sharing several recordings from the public where you can see how the chaos begins to seize the spectators when they discover the reclining reclurring by the room. Good proof of this is the clip you can see about these lines and in which you can see the scary animal.

A bat-joke of bad tDark Knightte

Thus, a spectator of the film decided to go to the cinema room with a bat inside a cage . In full projection, he decided Open it to releDark Knighte the animal , causing the anger of the attendees who had paid their entrance to enjoy the film. Those responsible for the cinema had to stop the film to try to vacate the animal from the room, a simple tDark Knightk that ruined the Batman projection completely.

Kill the Batman (The Joker meets the Mob) | The Dark Knight [4k, HDR, IMAX]
“I’m watching Batman’s film and there are real bats in the cinema,” wrote one of the spectators in social networks, becoming a viral news a few minutes. To try to solve such a mess, those responsible for cinemDark Knight cinĂ©polis turned off the lights leaving only those of the emergency exit so that the bat will go there.

Because the strategy did not result, it wDark Knight called the local control of animals to end Dark Knight heavy joke. Cinépolis reimbursed the money from the entries to those affected and since then security hDark Knight been increDark Knighted so that a similar situation does not re-repeat.