Woeoo! The season pass from Destiny 2, hand on the heart, is not the most lucrative and most attractive season pass, which there is in the world of online shooters. What is that? As we recorded in detail, this is mainly because it is that you can not get silver over the season pass, but only gloss dust . That’s a bit sobering.

And then the developers of Destiny 2 had still decided to remove the armor druts from the season pass for year 4 – another Downner for the keepers. But at least with this valley of tears is from season 16 with the release of the witch king again: bungie donates over the season pass again high-stat arms of the season.

Armor Drops come between Rank 57 and 87

As is known, the release of Destiny 2: The witch king on 22.02.2022 ( Here you can give you an overview of the timetable for maintenance ). This starts on the evening of 22.02. Also Season 16 and you will receive as a holder of a seasonal pass between 57 and 87 again high-stat season armor. This is pleasing insofar as it may be a bit better with good armor with high attribute values. Why the Bungista restarts at the point, do not say. However, that should be mentioned, these drops make the season pass at least a little bit more attractive.

What happens with the season pass from Destiny 2?

There are still a few other adjustments that affect the drop bonuses in certain activities as well as the legendary engrams over the season pass. You can read the original in the TWab of 17.02.2022, below the translation of us.

Changes on the season pass

  • High-stage seasonal armor will be introduced again. Individual parts are awarded between the ranks 57 and 87.
  • Legendary Engrams are replaced by focused Umbral Engrams. Overall, there are five of them. Each focuses on another armor (arms, legs, chest, class and head). All Umbral Engrams are Level 2.
  • The emblem of the season pass was removed, but there is a seasonal pass sparrow.
  • The Season Pass Activities Bonuses (bonuses that increase the chances of raising and armor taxes in activities). The Waffenschnorrer bonuses are no longer separated after weapon type or activity. They are now valid for the legendary weapons of the seasonal pass as well as for all activities at once. There is then two weapon bonuses instead of six. The first bonus gives the player a little chance to get the weapons of ritual activities. The second bonus offers a greater chance. The drop chance remains unchanged compared to the previous seasons.

Best Umbral Engram Focus - Easty High Stat (60+) Armor - Destiny 2 - Season of the Lost - Override

  • The bonuses for armaments are no longer separated to ritual activities. You are now valid for all activities at once. An armor’s bonus instead of three. As with the weapon, the total bondage opportunity is unchanged for each armor.
  • Apart from the emblem, no objects from the season pass were removed, but only added.
  • A set of rewards such as shimmer and legendary splinters were summarized to provide space for armor with high stats.
  • A small number of upgrade modules has been added.
  • The order in which some rewards are acquired has been adapted to consider the abovementioned changes.

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