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RB Leipzig: Cup video game in Dessau after attack on arena grass

The execution of the DFB Cup game of the 1st round in between RB Leipzig and Teutonia Ottensen in Dessau is obviously on the edge. As thebildreports, the cops are examining on the pitch because of a suspected assault.

Till the prepared edition on August 30, both groups, the city of Dessau as well as the DFB are working on a solution to the problem.

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Till the prepared edition on August 30, both teams, the city of Dessau and the DFB are working with a service to the trouble. Every person entailed hopes that it will be possible to repair the yard. Particularly since an exchange of residence legal rights is prohibited according to the DFB statutes.

The execution of the DFB Cup game of the 1st round in between RB Leipzig and Teutonia Ottensen in Dessau is evidently at the limit. The factor is the existing state of the lawn in the Paul-Greifu-Stadion. As thebildrecords, the authorities are investigating on the pitch due to the fact that of a believed assault.


A compound was applied in the fine areas as well as on the facility circle that lets the lawn be obtained. We check out due to property damages, an authorities spokesman is priced estimate in the record.

In the search for a venue, the Hamburg district club had joined a basket from FC St. Pauli, which Ottensen had provided a cancellation for challengers RB Leipzig.

Leipzig’s first-round challengers from the Regionalliga Nord had a huge trouble to find a venue in any way. Because the residential arena just has synthetic grass, a step was called for.

The video game will certainly be played with delay due to the fact that Leipzig finished the Supercup against FC Bayern (3: 5) at the end of July. Bayern will start the cup competitors at Viktoria Köln on August 31.

DFB Cup: RB Leipzig is rumbling in the quarterfinals

The Football German Mug (DFB-Pokal) is a direct elimination competitors that separates 1935 and 1943 (named Tschammer-Pokal according to the ReichsLeipzigFührer Hans von Scammer UND Often) and given that DFB-Pokal considering that 1953. Final takes place in Berlin, at the Olympic Arena, since 1985. The owner of the title is the Borussia Dortmund which wins the final 2021 on the 4-1 rating against the RB Leipzig.

The compulsory task fulfilled, in thought already at the final: RB Leipzig has prevailed in the secondary final of the DFB Cup in the gait 2: 0 (1: 0) against the second division FC Hans Rostock.

According to the top clubs from Munich, Dortmund and Leverkusen, in the same period of the previous year, only the renewed entry into the final counts anyway. Yusuf Paulsen (6 minutes) with his first gate since the beginning of November, a few minutes before the end, the shortly previously substituted Dani Elmo (82nd) ​​— the few allowed spectators are already skating Berlin, Berlin, we drive to Berlin.

Trainer Domenico Tesco already experienced a premiere before the kick-off. For the first time in his RB career, which has been ongoing since mid-December, the 36-year-old was received by their own fans in the stadium. 1000 spectators had been approved, for Leipzig the first home game before fans since November.

Early gate for RB Leipzig, then nothing for a long time


And the followers, among which some Hans fans had mixed, were pampered on the grandstand.

Lukas Klostermann flanked from the right side on the long post. There Paulsen was completely free and suddenly headed. It should remain one of the few warming scenes of the first half. Leipzig completely took out the pace, Hans was primarily concerned with the defense work anyway.

It was dangerous only if Christopher Skunk was involved. A free kick of the top scorer landed at Will Orbán (28th), the shot of the defense chief on the outer post. Then it made Skunk (39.) times himself. His shot out of turn clapped against the latte. Hansa-Keeper Markus Role would have been changeless. His Leipzig er colleague Peter Gulags was completely busy, thus pleased at least his after Club-Data 250. Compulsory mandatory performance for Leipzig.

Hans coach Jens Cartel had emphasized before the game that the league has priority and rotated accordingly. Top Goal John Heroes was not at all. But at the break of only 0: 1, the former RB youth coach obviously weathered a chance. In Bentley Baxter Railway and Nico Reinhardt came two family forces, to bring Cartel Ryan Malone into play. Tesco switched to high quality level, brought striker André Silva for Paulsen.

a little more momentum on both sides

After all, a little more momentum came on both sides. Klostermann (47th) set a shot of 20 meters just next to the gate and Hans sent two signs of life. First, Street Mamba (49.) met the external network after a counterattack, then a shot of Reinhardt (51.) hissed just on the long post.

Afterwards, however, the game lost again at pace, which was mainly due to the stress slow starting game of RB. Silva (60th) could have headed the second gate, but Role was on the spot. Hans tried it one or the other time with counterattacks, but often failed on its own quality.

The game was finally used when Elmo met with a dry shot upon presentation of Skunk to 2: 0.

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