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Amazon: Exclusive PS4 & PS5

At Amazon, an action is running in which your PS4 and PS5 games get cheaper. The majority of offers are exclusive PlayStation title. The selection is manageable, but some top-class hits are there. Here some examples:

  • Demon’s Souls (PS5) for 44.99 € (RRP: 79.99 €)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) for € 34.99 (RRP: 59.99 €)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (PS5) for € 49.99 (RRP: 79.99 €)
  • The Last of US Part 2 (PS4) instead of 23 € for € 17.99
  • RETURNAL (PS5) for 49,99 € (RRP: 79,99 €)
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5) for 39,99 € (RRP: 69,99 €)
  • Ghost of Tsushima Standard Edition (PS4) instead of 44.99 € for 19.99 €
  • GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Director’s Cut (PS4) for 44,99 € (RRP: 69,99 €)
  • Days Gone Standard Edition (PS4) instead of 20,02 € for 14,99 €

The offers theoretically run until the 24th of April, but some of the deals are likely to be sold out not sooner earlier. Here you come to the overview of the action:

PS4 and PS5 games on offer at Amazon

7 NEW PS4/PS5 Games Out THIS WEEK! New Samurai Game, New Assassin RPG, Survival Horror RPG+ More!

3 for 2 at MediaMarkt & Saturn

Before you buy at Amazon, you should remember that Saturn and Mediamarkt is currently running a 3-for-2 action with games for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. As usual, you will get the cheapest for the purchase of 3 games. As a result, partly much cheaper price than Amazon possible, especially as a few of the games here are already just as cheap as in Amazon Sale. This applies, for example, for Ghost of Tsushima , Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Demon’s Souls . The actions can be found here:

  • 3 for 2 with games for PS4, PS5, Xbox & PC at MediaMarkt
  • 3 for 2 with games for PS4, PS5, Xbox & PC at Saturn

Incidentally, theoretically, Amazon is just such a 3-for2 action. While this applies to media market and Saturn but for the entire range, Amazon’s selection is severely limited. The above-mentioned PlayStation exclusive hits are not included here. If you still want to browse the offers, you can do this here:

3 for 2 with games for PS4, PS5, Xbox & PC at Amazon

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PlayStation 5 filled one year Sony revealed the device s most popular games

Sony has revealed the most popular games of PlayStation 5 in its blog.

Sony invests heavily in its conjunction rights, but this was not directly reflected in the list of ten most popular games in the device. The only PlayStation exclusions are immediately released by the marvel s spider-man: Miles Morales and Demon s Souls. Otherwise, the games have worn most well with the old familiar game series (and Fortnite ).

The future of PlayStation 5 looks bright from the blog text. The PlayStation Studio tells you to have more than 25 games under the work, and Sony will do everything to improve access to the console in the future.

Learn more about the PlayStation Blog site, here.

Under the most popular games list with your reviews:

CALL OF DUTY: Black Ops Cold War
NBA 2k21
Assassin s Creed Valhalla
Detesting 2
MLB the show 21
Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Demon s Souls
NBA 2k22

Skyrim Zelda and Co 13 games that can gamble for over 100 hours

Devil s Souls is an action parlor game created by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 3 under the guidance of Japan Studio. It was published in Japan by Sony Computer System Amusement in February 2009, in North America by Atlus U.S.A. in October 2009, and also in chum territories by Namco Bandai Games in June 2010. The game is referred to as a spiritual follower to FromSoftware s King s Area collection.
The very first installation of the Hearts series, Devil s Souls is established in Boletaria, a kingdom consumed by a dark being called the Old One, following its launch through using forbidden Soul Arts. Players tackle the role of a hero brought to Boletaria to eliminate its dropped king Allant and also pacify the Old One. Gameplay has gamers browsing 5 various worlds from a center called the Nexus, with a heavy emphasis on difficult combat as well as mechanics bordering player death as well as respawning. On-line multiplayer allows both gamer teamwork and also world invasions featuring gamer versus player battle.
The game s very early growth was troubled as a result of an absence of systematic vision. Despite such concerns, FromSoftware personnel Hidetaka Miyazaki had the ability to take control of the task as well as aided to transform the title right into what it at some point became. The video game s problem was intended to both stimulate timeless video games and provide a sense of challenge and achievement for players. This aspect confirmed demanding for Miyazaki, partly as a result of his concern that Sony would ask the team to lower the difficulty in order to make the video game much more obtainable. The multiplayer components were influenced by occasions in Miyazaki s life.
Declared in 2008, very early responses to Demon s Spirits demonstration were viewed as adverse, and the game s high difficulty triggered Sony to hand down releasing the title beyond Japan. While the video game met middling reception as well as sales in Japan, it ended up being an industrial and essential success in the West. The game was praised for its difficult fight and also habit forming gameplay, ultimately winning numerous honors. Its success began a collection of Souls games beginning with Dark Souls in 2011. A remake by Bluepoint Games as well as Japan Studio was launched as a launch title for the PlayStation 5 in November 2020.

These are real time-eaters: We show you a few games in which you can immerse yourself.

13 Games for which you need a particularly long breath

28 hours for Demon s Souls, 30 for Assassin s Creed: Valhalla and 40 hours for Cyberpunk 2077 – Most games can be easily played through in a few days or weeks. But there are also some video games that do not press in such a narrow time frame – so, especially RPG fans are used to invest more than 100 hours in their virtual excursions.

PlayStation clock

Now from 18,49 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 27.10.2021 14:49

But there is still a crass: for some video games, you even need the 400 to 3,000 hours to completion. With the help of we have made you a picture line, which shows you in which games you can linger very long.

First Time Playing A Souls Game!!! | Demon's Souls Remake | Part 1 ( IT BROKE ME!!!!)

Click here for 13 video games for which you should plan extra a lot of time:

And, how many of the mentioned games have you already been through? Preferably your shorter games or time-conserving adventure? Write us your opinion in the comments on Facebook.

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