Danuri experience will be a valuable basis for the development of moon landers in 2031.

Korea’s first moon probe, Danuri, settled in the goal track to go to the moon.

Danuri was launched on the 5th at the SpaceX launch vehicle Falcon 9 at Cape Kerra, Florida, USA. Subsequently, the company successfully completed the construction of the projectile, the communication of the ground country, and the entry of orbit to go to the moon by the BLT method.

When the four-and-a-half-month journey toward the moon is successfully completed, and entering the moon’s target orbit, Korea becomes the world’s seventh seventh country to explore the moon.


Oh Tae-seok, the first vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication, said in a press briefing related to Danuri on the 5th, In the process of developing Danuri, there were three major core competencies, including orbital design, control, and heartworm telecommunications. It will be the basis for the universe exploration prepared by Korea in the future, such as the launch of the moon landing.

Danuri flies a cumulative 5.95 million km by BLT. This is the basis for designing the optimal route when exploring the heartworms beyond the moon in the future. It also secured control technologies that control the probe at each major hump during the long flight. Simpuist antenna, which was built in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do, becomes a foundation infrastructure for Shimu-ju communication for communication and control between the earth and the exploration line.

The government aims to carry out the development of the next-generation projectile connecting the Nuri Lake smoothly, and send the moon probe line developed in 2031 to Korea. We are preparing to apply for a preliminary feasibility study for the development of the moon lander, Oh said. I think it will be able to enter the deliberation by 2024.

Mr. Oh said, Danuri will be successful only when he enters the moon altitude and the normal exploration of the boards is successful. He said.

Kim Sung-hoon, director of the satellite researcher at the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, said, We track the location of Danuri 24 hours through the world antenna, including Yeoju Shim Woo-ju antenna. We are always waiting with a response manual.

In addition, Kim said, It was the most difficult process to increase the mission of Danuri and reduce the weight.