Oh boy! History continues to warm up in Destiny 2 and Season of the Haunted. We helped the crow to cope with his injury, saw how the blockage overcame ancient grief, and now we are holding the hand of our beloved cosmic rhino, which defeats the ghost of our former idol. What a strange, stupid and wonderful game.

how to unlock Sever-Resolve in Destiny 2

Resolve is the sixth mission in the Bound In Sorrow series. The sixth week in this common chain of quests begins with a step 40:


  • Return to Eris in the crown of sorrow in the helmet.
  • Collect 500 horror residues to strengthen your Koshmara combine.
  • Complete the levels of the public event Lining the nightmares in the abandoned Leviathan and tie your remnants of horror to the nightmares collector after the end of the last level to create a bound presence.
  • Join the Empress Kayatl and go to Leviathan’s underbuilding to fight the nightmare of Gole.
  • Private gear awaits you in Helm
  • Talk to Eris in the crown of sorrow in the helmet.

sever-solve the passage

Get ready. We are going to deliver a decisive blow to Kalus and his plans for integration with the pyramid inside the moon.

  • After landing, go forward along the corridors, destroying all the pockets of reinforcements of the bondage you will face.
  • Go down the corridor and meet with a friendly reinforcement of Babala.
  • Destroy the combined forces of bondage and contempt to continue
  • Install the first ritual amplifier
  • Pass through the doorway and listen to how Caiatle speaks crazy nonsense with Gaul.
  • Instead of going forward with your allies from the bondage, go right and jump into the doorway.
  • When the trap works in the next room, look right and shoot into the blue light to open the door.
  • Pull the lever right inside the hall to open the burning corridor.
  • Turn around and shoot in blue again to leave the room.
  • Returning to the main room, make sure that the indestructible bondage is focused on you, and head in the opposite direction of the room in which you just have been.
  • Follow the corridor and jump onto the platform.
  • Pull the switch to light the hall for sacrifices and kill the indestructible.
  • Free the isolation and meet your friends from the bondage.
  • Install the banner of the rally and put Gola in place.

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