APEX Legends Season 14: Hunted includes a combat pass on the topic of survival with many awards, including exclusive legendary skins. There are no free legendary skins in the combat passage of the 14th season in awards, but there are three epic skins and two legendary skin in premium combat passage. Here are all the legendary skins that you can earn in combat pass, and at what level you unlock them.

The combat pass of the 14th season contains fewer skins than usual, but adds more emotions, parachute jumps, holographic sprays and jokes. Battle Pass weekly tests have also been expanded, which gives players freedom to fulfill each of them in the modes of Battle Royale or Non-Battle Royale.

Sandswatt (Epic Vantage Skin)

The Sandwept Vantage skin open in premium combat passage of 1st level and has a blue-haired Vantage with dynamic stickers with feathers.

Survival Sharp (Epic Bangalore Bangalore)

The Survival Shaarp skin is unlocked in premium combat passage 1 level and has a bangalor with a clawed eye and dynamic decals with a cheetah.

Armor Ani (skin Epic Horizon)

Ani armor opens in premium combat passage of 1st level and includes Horizon, dressed in equipment in the style of safari with dynamic stickers in stripes of the tiger.

traveler-veteran (legendary skin of a ghost)


The skin of Vetran Voyager Wraith opens in premium combat passage 25 level and has unique clothes, hairstyles and color scheme for the ghost.

field research (legendary caustic skin)

Field research kaustik opens in premium combat passage of the 50th level with a bald kaustik dressed in hunting equipment.

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