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Guardian Tales Update, a new hero, Valencia, Captain Valencia

Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) announced on the 19th that it has updated the new hero of the new hero of the mobile RPG ‘Guardian Tales’ developed by US developer Kong Studio (CEO Won).

The new hero, Valencia, is a vampire female prosecutor who is proud of his sword and combat ability.

At the same time, we unveiled a special cartoon of wealthy manga, Daemon Share. In this special cartoon, you can enjoy the different stories of the Captain Valencia, who is proud of being good at swordsmanship and battle.

In addition, the guild members have updated the new season of the Guild occupation, where the guild members work together to fight the final boss. The new season’s Guild occupation will be held from 20th to September 2. In addition, four users have changed the mode of Cooperation where dungeon missions together. In addition, the number of floors of the ‘Wide Labyrinth’ dungeon was expanded to the 90th floor to add fun of adventure.

Kakao Games will hold a new roadmap event, ‘Demon Share,’ until September 1, and will hold a ‘Hero Pickup’ event for the same period.

Meanwhile, ‘Guardian Tales’ is gaining popularity with retro-style graphics, inhalation of story development, unique humor code in the game, and exciting gameplay.

For more information about this update of the exploration RPG ‘Guardian Tales’, please visit the brand page and the official community.

Com2us HoldingsArcana Tactics Revolus, a real -time arena opened

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 4th that it has launched a global update of Arcana Tactics: Revolbus.

In this update, we opened the real-time PVP content ‘Arena’. Unlike general PVP content, the Arena is not growth, but only with brain strategies and skills.

If you enter the arena, you will be randomly selected Arcana, and the two matched users will face the same rules and conditions. At the time of entry, the number of battles can be changed according to the goods consumption, and depending on the multiplier, there is abundant rewards such as ‘Ruby’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘5-star hero soul’.

In addition, the first five-star hidden hero, Uros, first appeared. Uros is a fighter’s steel attribute hero, providing strong defense from the forefront based on his strong stamina. He is also a character with high versatility because he can assist the attack with a skill that reflects his damage to the enemy.

In commemoration of the update, a variety of events are held. The Hidden Hero Special Dungeon All Open Event will be held until the 25th of next month. The new hidden hero’s pickup summons and special dungeons change every day, making it easy to obtain the desired hero.

Nexon Networks, large -scale recruitment -linked internships in the second half of this year

Nexon Networks (CEO Moon Sae-Byong) is recruiting large-scale linked interns in the second half of this year.

Nexon Networks is the largest game service company in Korea, which is responsible for the operation and quality control of all games developed and published by Nexon.

The documents will be accepted on the official Nexon Networks website from 20th to August 3rd. Support is available to anyone interested in the field without age, educational background, credit, majors, and career limitations.

Nexon Networks will be interviewed with personality tests for the successful candidates for the successful candidates. Successful candidates work as an intern at the Nexon Networks Pangyo Center for six months from the end of September and are eligible to convert full-time jobs according to their evaluation.

According to the company, salary and welfare benefits paid during the internship period are the same as regular workers. Representative welfare systems include 2.5 million won welfare points per year, optional working hours, 369 rechargeable leave and in-house daycare centers.

Shin Choong-seok, head of the management support department at Nexon Networks, said, We have prepared a variety of programs so that applicants can effectively experience game QA jobs through internships. Said.

Nexon Networks, meanwhile, is in the second half of this year, including 1-2 times a year.

More than 1 200 employees of Activision Blizzard Wall Streetk for the head of Bobby Kotick

Something smells rotten at Activision Blizzard, although the company seems not to be for the work of getting rid of the dead one. Bobby Kick, CEO of the company, hWall Street been fancied before the revealing information that hWall Street uncovered The Wall Street Journal on the Hanging cWall Streetes within the company. After directly pointed out, the Board of Directors hWall Street reinforced its confidence in it, although the criticisms of PlayStation and Microsoft have joined the voices of employees: more than 1,200 workers have requested the executive resignation.

We, the signatories, we no longer have confidence in the leadership of Bobby Kick Wall Street CEO of Activision Blizzard, emphWall Streetize the employees in the letter. The information that hWall Streete to light on the behavior of him and practices of him in the direction of our companies are against culture and the integrity that our leadership requires, held.

According to these employees, Bobby Kick must resign Wall Street CEO of Activision Blizzard and allow the choice of the successor to be carried out without the participation of Kick himself, because they know that he hWall Street great ability to influence In the vote.

Can you interest you: What hWall Street happened with Bobby Kick and Activision?

more critical voices within Activision Blizzard

The ABK Workers Alliance Union hWall Street initiated a public request in solidarity with the Activision Blizzard signatory workers, who have already signed more than 11,000 people: Bobby Kick hWall Street shown that does not care about its employees and that is not adequate To be the CEO of Activision Blizzard. While they recognize that this letter will not guarantee the dismissal of it, it will show you that people do not agree with the practices of it. He hWall Street taken advantage of his employees for years and this request is only the tip of the iceberg.

Activision Blizzard Workers Walk Out, Demand CEO Bobby Kotick Resign After Bombshell WSJ Article

They qualify about Absolutely horrendous the fact that someone with so much power ignores help calls. This request will show that he hWall Street already enjoyed his time Wall Street a delegated adviser and that he clearly hWall Street not done well. He hWall Street to be replaced.

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