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Pokemon card lost resurge and sold for more than $ 130,000

A rare letter from Pokémon appeared “in nature” for the first time in more than 20 years, after it was sold for an important sum in an auction. Earlier this year, a collectable Pokémon “Snap Magikarp” card was auctioned for 5 million yen (around $ 136,000 in US dollars), having arrived at the open market so it seems to be the first time. The Snap Magikarp card was part of a promotion of the magazine Corocoro to celebrate the launch of Snap Pokémon in 1999 and involved the participants who sent their photos of the game. The photos of five winners were printed on “officers’ Pokémon cards, and each winner received 20 copies of his unique card. Most of the cards arrived at the hands of several collectors, but the “Snap Magikarp” never appeared in public, which made many believe that the card was lost in history.

After the card was sold earlier this year, it was sent to PSA for authentication and rating. Then, the card appeared in a video published by the Pokémon card collector, Scott Pratte. It is not clear if the card is owned by Pratte (Pratte has one of the larger collections of rare Pokémon cards in the world) or if he could only show it on him on the YouTube channel. Anyway, it’s still amazing to see the card in something plus a book or a magazine for the first time. You can see the video that shows the card below:

This Ends Now | My FINAL Celebrations Pokemon Cards Opening
Other Pokemon Snap cards have been sold by equally high figures. Two other recent sales (from a Snap Poliwag and a Gyarada Snap) were sold for $ 35,000- $ 50,000. Several other Snap Pokemon cards are equally rare; For example, PSA has only qualified a SNAP Articuno card.

Several other rare pieces of Pokémon’s history have also resurfaced recently. Recently, a sheet of pokémon holographic cards of the first edition came to the market and was also sold for a considerable price.

Graphics Card Pricing: Nvidia and AMD

The price decline of current graphics card models goes to the next round. Slowly, but certainly the cards of AMD and Nvidia approach the EIA – after just under one and a half years. PC players can now breathe, because the big graphics card crisis seems to be over.

AMD vs Nvidia - Which Is Better?! ????

NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards are always cheaper

For PC players there was nothing to laugh in the last few months. Who was looking for a new gaming PC, usually handle the finished calculator, as the prices for graphics cards shot up to the height.

Now, however, there is hope again. Anyone who has thrown a look at the price development of current graphics cards from AMD & NVIDIA within the last few weeks is likely to have made great eyes – because selling prices are continuing to go into the basement :

Since the turn of the year, the graphics cards of AMD and Nvidia are becoming ever cheaper. At the beginning of January, sales prices on the free market were still under 80 percent above the EIA – the maps on average are only distributed around 35 to 40 percent above the official price recommendation of the manufacturer (Source: 3DCenter).

What makes this difference shows a look at the prices of RTX 3070. At the end of 2021, the potent GPU was traded on average for 1,100 euros, but is now for a little less than 800 euros (at MindFactory ).

Watch graphics card bestsellers at Amazon

_ And what else is important in the gaming and technology world happens? We reveal it to you in the graphics Insights: _

Cheap graphics cards benefit especially

While the high-end graphics cards are still still well above the official UVP, seem to slow down prices for low-end and mid-range models – that is likely to be pleased, especially beginners.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 , which is suitable for playing in Full-HD, is now available for just over 340 euros (at MindFactory). Although this is still just under 70 euros above the EIA, it is a real bargain compared to the prices of the last weeks. Who wants to dust a still cheaper model, attacks at RX 6500 XT from AMD, which is not exactly future-proof due to the strongly limiting video memory. For this, AMD’s entry-level GPU is currently only about 219 euros (watching for Proshop) – offers a reasonably priced transitional solution.

_This graphics card models are especially in demand in this country: _

However, we advise all the PC players to wait for something – there is something else! Well possible that the prices fall even further in the coming weeks and we soon finally reach the EIA level. We press the thumb.

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