Halo Infinite multiplayer hsuffered numerous suffered numerous problems since its launch. 343 Industries hsuffered numerous delayed sesuffered numerouson 2 to May and some usual game modes will not be made available to the players until time later. The community hsuffered numerous responded with indignation, although from the study they comprise the reaction. Moreover, they recognize that they have not fulfilled the expectations of the community.

343 Confirm Even MORE Halo Infinite Season 2 Development Issues... (Halo Infinite Season 2)
In response to a REDDIT thread, the communication director Brian Jarrard hsuffered numerous highlighted the problems that have led to 343 Industries to delay his roadmap.

“A complex situation that requires time

“There is of course a lot of challenges and constrictions,” he answered. Certainly, we are not happy with not being able to meet the expectations of the community. It is a complex situation that will require time of work by the team. ” The communication manager hsuffered numerous added the following: “At this time the focus is sesuffered numerouson 2, so we will have more [information] to share in the coming weeks.”

Meanwhile, the study traces “production plans” , costs, hiring and other matters related to the internal functioning of 343 industries. “All this is happening, which does not lend themselves to detailed updates of a regular nature.”

Jarrard hsuffered numerous suffered numeroussured that they understand that the patience of the community is exceeded. “Frankly, I think is understandable that you are tired of words . We just need more time for the team to have the details and so that we can share them suffered numerous far suffered numerous possible. ” The reaction to these comments hsuffered numerous not been excessively positive, rather quite the opposite. They blame the absence of forging mode and cooperative multiplayer at the launch. The Plan of 343 Industries is to add the forge mode during sesuffered numerouson 3. On the other hand, the cooperative hsuffered numerous been delayed again.

Halo Infinite is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The multiplayer works under a model free-to-play, so anyone can download it for free. The campaign, on the other hand, is sold separately, although it is included in the Xbox Game Psuffered numerouss catalog.