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Clover Games 2021 sales of W27.7bn. Increased by 30%

The Entertainment Venture Corporate Clover Games recorded a total of 27.7 billion won in 2021, and about 30% compared to 2020 was increased. Sales losses and net losses declined 27% and 15% on 2020, respectively, and operating performance, including deferred sales in accounting policies, have improved significant achievements such as reaching profit and loss.

Large-scale operating losses are analyzed by the loss of RCPs (RCPS) evaluation (RCPS) evaluation due to the rise in stock value rising.

Clover Games is a 2020 mobile game ‘Road of Heroes’, as well as the orders of the long-term launch, as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia and Thailand, including Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia and Thailand, and earnings Explained that it was a great help to improvement.


A clover game official said, “The Road of Heroes can be set up with the user with the user with the user with the user with the last year’s continuous game updates and various contents as a subject.” This year, Immigration Service ‘Itsumi’ is expected to be able to create earnest revenue through North America and European seating. “

On the other hand, Clover Games launched the first mobile game ‘Road of Heroes’ in March 20, 20, recorded a significant growth of about W21bn and has been a remarkable growth. In 2021, a K-Unicorn project for a venture powered by a small and medium-sized company is selected as a participant in the two-stage business of the second stage of K-Unicon Project, and was recognized as a final reserve recommendation. In March, there is a way to expand its business expansion, starting a pre-reservation service in 135 countries, including North America and Europe, including South Korea and Asia.

Corona blocking to unlocked movement. 1Q11 Mobile Game Revenue 7% Decrease

Mobile game sales around the world decreased by 7% on the same time. Corona 19 As a result of the vertex, the analysis of the game market, which has specialized in the middle of the daily recovery,

According to the Market Research Sensor Tower of the 5th, mobile game sales decreased by 7.1% YoY to $ 21 billion (about 25 trillion won) (about 25 trillion won) (about 25 trillion won). By platform, Google Play is $ 8.1 billion (about 9,820 billion won), and the Apple App Store is 12.8 billion (about 15.477 billion won), and 13.8% and 2.3% reduction occurred, respectively.

“Compared to the two-digit growth rate in 2021, the consumption of consumption in the first quarter of 2022 was slowed in the first quarter of 2022,” means that the expenditure is slowing due to the normalization of the market due to Corona 19 seconds. ” And analyzed.

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However, the number of mobile game downloads worldwide has increased by 2.1% to 144 billion. Google Play has grown 2.5 percent compared to 12.1 billion years, and Apple App Store was similar to that of 2.3 billion copies in preparation for last year.

Tencent’s ‘Prince Young’ and ‘Battle Ground Mobile’ were ranked first and second in the first quarter of sales. In Google Play, Domestic NCsoft’s Mobile MMORPG ‘Lineage W’ ranked first, and in the Apple App Store, the ‘Prince Young Yo’ was first-ranked in the first place.

Super Creative Operating Profit W26.4bn, 34% Decrease

‘Epic Seven’ Developer Super Creative has been shown to have been reduced last year. Super Creative earns profit from parent company Smile Gate Mega Port. When the Smile Gate MegaPort serves Epic Seven, the developer super creative is an expression that receives a certain part of a subclass. Smile Gate MegaPort secured Super Creative Management Agreement to W119.4bn.

According to the Super Creative Audit Report on the 1st, the company’s 2021 sales declined 17.6% YoY to W48.4bn. The same standard operating profit is 26.4 billion won decreased by 34.8%. Net profit is 2.8.2% on 2.2.5 billion won. Epic Seven has decreased.

Operating profit has been reduced, but major management rewards increased to 5.4 billion won in 2020 to 95 billion won in 2021. Super Creative binds key executives, and internal auditors, and internal audit responsibilities, and internal auditors, and internal auditors, and internal auditors, and internal auditors, and internal auditors, and internal auditors,

Super Creative increased labor costs last year. Usually game developers increase labor costs for new and existing works. Super Creative Increase increased by 38% from W6.8bn to W6.8bn in 2020. The number of super creative employees increased from 155 to 185 in 155 in 2020.

The cash of super creative has increased by 52.5% from W4.6bn in early 2021 to W12.3bn. In early 2020, cash 34.5 billion won is less than 57.6% to W4.6bn in the end of the year. Usually, cash reduction is invested in investment and increase in the future.

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Currently, Super Creative is developing a new mobile project with ‘Epic Seven’. If you comprehensively comprehensive, you will see a new mobile game that uses a card system, which looks at the card system, and puts a subcultural element in the SF Fantasy Worldview and puts a subcultural element in the SF Fantasy Worldview, character conversation The method is expected to be introduced.

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